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Pontoon Challenger 2 from the Sport series offers a wide range of recreational pontoons and kayaks.

All models are made of strong and durable materials.

This series is ideal for fishing and swimming on lakes and mild rivers.


– size: 295 x 137 x 43 cm,

– maximum load 255 kg

– the pontoon has 3 chambers; each separately pumped,

– they have mounts for four paddles,

– pontoons are made of vinyl with a very high strength of 0.50 mm

– they have an inflatable bottom and a safety valve,

– safe pontoon; even after leaving the main air

– Thanks to the additional internal chamber, it allows safe access to the shore

– they have quick valvesfilling and emptying,

– in the set there is also a repair year for a high strength

Brand: Intex


Intex Challenger 3, 3-Person Inflatable Boat

intex challenger person inflatable boat

  1. Use your Challenger boat in your favorite lake or small river for a comfortable ride with upgraded features.
  2. Fun for the whole family, this compact inflatable vessel is the perfect boat for casual excursions on the lake or on your favorite small river.
  3. On the first screen that pops up, select your location.
  4. Click on the “Need a Boat Certificate of Origin?” option under Consumer Information.
  5. Enter the required information and print your certificate.
  6. Recently took it down some whitewater rafting that was a lot more shallow than I had anticipated and it tore a big hole in the front of the boat.
  7. If you have a small girlfriend, then maybe she can sit in the middle, but other than that, I wouldn’t recommend putting more than two people in this boat at a time.
  8. The boat is build for 3 people – but it actually only good to sit two comfortably.
  9. For the lightest and most compact hull (most compact when deflated I mean) this is a good choice.
  10. The reviews we read warned us the oars might be inferior, but, in fact there were no oars at all.) It is flimsy and insubstantial.
  11. We had the one use, it leaked badly, luckily had oars from our old boat to get us out and back in time.
  12. Well be looking to return it when we get home.from the lake.
  13. The paddles can be inefficient at times if there is a slight wind.
  14. It has double chamber so no fear of it getting a hole and sinking.
  15. I was a great product that didn’t tear when hitting the limestone breakdown rocks.
  16. We take it on the Little Spokane River in the summer and have a blast.

Buy Intex Challenger 3, 3-Person Inflatable Boat here $49.99

Intex Challenger 2, 2-Person Inflatable Boat Set with French Oars and High Output Air Pump (Latest Model)

intex challenger person inflatable boat set with french oars and high output air

  1. The inflatable boat, which fits one adult and one child, is made of super-tough 20-gauge PVC vinyl that resists damage from abrasion, impacts, and sunlight, letting you boat with confidence even near rocks or logs.
  2. The PVC is also unaffected by gasoline, oil, or saltwater, so you needn’t take special precautions around a motor or near a saltwater inlet.
  3. Construction-wise, the boat includes two air chambers for safety, an all-around grab line, an inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity, welded oarlocks, oar holders, a U.S.
  4. About Intex

    Helping people have fun for more than 40 years, Intex is the world leader in designing and producing high-quality, innovative products for indoor and outdoor recreation.

  5. During the manufacturing process, highly trained Intex employees continuously monitor a wide range of factors, from the quality of the raw materials and the calibration of the machines to the making and assembly of each product.
  6. The goal is to produce the best possible product at the best possible price.
  7. We’ve used it on four trips so far, with no leaks (though the boat does come with several patches just in case).
  8. The included pump is marvelous in that it fills the boat with air on each up -AND- down stroke.
  9. The instruction booklet also includes a paper guide to insure that you don’t over-inflate the boat.
  10. This, I guess, would stretch out the material and cause it to weaken.
  11. Just line up the guide to the two marks on the boat to show when it’s inflated as it should be.
  12. I think if you really got crankin’ on the oars, you could tear tear the lock from the boat’s surface.
  13. We do a more canoe maneuver and paddle on each side from a more upright position without using the oarlocks.
  14. I take my grandson out on it often and we do a little fishing as well.
  15. Intex is a quality brand and I give this boat my big ol seal of approval.
  16. Not big enough for all three of us at once, obviously, but one of us at a time with my 3 year old son worked great.
  17. Felt very sturdy, and set up very easily out of the box at the lake.
  18. I have not tried fishing with it, so I don’t know if it will hold up to kids with hooks, but just for paddling around, it’s great.
  19. We got in (and out of) some sunken tree branches without any problems.
  20. If you have other oars, you might want to use them instead.
  21. The manual pump that comes with it is surprisingly fast and works with many other inflatable objects as well, obviousy.
  22. I would recommend getting a portable power inflators, although the pump that comes with it works fine, but it gets tiring pumping it up!<
  23. Bought one (and Prime to get it delivered ASAP) and love it.
  24. Three compartments means you won’t sink if you “spring a leak”.
  25. Can get into shallow water that a kayak or canoe can not.
  26. We had an electric pump already — get one of those for sure.
  27. Also, we tie the two together with a 50 foot rope for safety, and convenience of keeping together.
  28. Good size for two adults, or one adult and a bunch of gear.
  29. I was surprised and impressed, which is not easily done.
  30. This is not cheaply made, it is quite durable it seems and well constructed.
  31. I have some back and knee issues and sitting in the same position too long gets painful sometimes.
  32. I sat there fishing for about 11 hours straight and didn’t have any problems.
  33. We went miles from the dock and back stayed dry and comfortable.
  34. We had a large tackle box (smaller would have been better, it sat up so high it interfered with rowing a bit, but that was my fault), one of them keep cool bags to hold some drinks and snacks in, a minnow bucket tied to the side, a fish basket tied to the side, a net, and 5 poles.
  35. It wasn’t no 18′ pontoon boat, but we had no problems at all.
  36. The pump makes blowing it up fairly quick and easy, and deflates fast too, we even put it back in the original box to store.
  37. This has seen the Gulf of Mexico, rivers in North Carolina, and now the waters of MD.

Buy Intex Challenger 2, 2-Person Inflatable Boat Set with French Oars and High Output Air Pump (Latest Model) here $44.99

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