portable light usb media tech mtk white

portable light usb media tech mtk white 1
Media-Tech presents USB LAMP MT5103. It is a flexible USB lamp designed for laptops, computers and many other devices (eg POWERBANK MT6351)

The lamp works well in the evenings or during the trip, it will provide a perfect source of light that will increase the comfort of work or reading. USB LAMP is equipped with 5 LED diodes.

The light does not irritate the eyes.

The flexible frame allows you to turn the light on, for example, the keyboard or the monitor.

The power source is the USB 2.0 port.


– Portable USB diode lamp

– 5 white LEDs

– Flexible silicone frame

– Low energy consumption

– Ideal for use in the office, home and car (using the appropriate power supply)

– Power supply: 5V with USB

– Arm length: 17cm

– Weight: 21g

Brand: media-tech

media tech

Dual Electronics DV604i Multimedia 6.2 inch Digital TFT Touchscreen Double DIN Car Stereo with Built-In CD/DVD, USB, microSD & MP3 Player

dual electronics multimedia inch digital tft touchscreen double din car stereo w

  1. They include your built-in CD Player, USB port which also charges your device, MP3 player with WMA capabilities, AM/FM Radio receiver with 30 station presets, 2 Band Tone Control (Bass/Treble) & MP3 formatted songs for complete control over your music experience.
  2. Your built-in DVD player makes sure that you are able to watch all your favorite movies regardless of where the road might take you.
  3. Your car stereo comes with a detailed instruction manual that will help you get setup and ready to go in no time.
  4. However, we do suggest professional installation to prevent any issues with your new Dual car radio.
  5. We made sure that at the time of installation you had the essential equipment for a smooth upgrade.
  6. All Dual car stereos comes with all the essential hardware required to install them properly in your car.
  7. Built-in Programmable Steering Wheel Control Interface.
  8. Traveling the country is never the same without being able to listen to your favorite tunes so make sure that you are listening to them at the best auditory experience on the planet.
  9. Your double DIN car stereo unit has numerous connections including: 1 Rear audio/video input (RCA), 3 Pairs of audio preamp outputs (F/R/S), 2 Subwoofer outputs (RCA), 2 Composite video outputs (RCA), 1 Rear camera input (RCA) and includes a wiring harness & radio cage for installing the receiver to your car.
  10. Backed by our 1 Year Warranty that guarantees a hassle free experience with excellent customer service.
  11. I hated the the default standard radio/cd player so I upgraded.
  12. Dual DV604I head unit, Dual 10inch sub woofer 300watt integrated amplifier and four Rockford 6 inch speakers replaced the standard door speakers,
    This review is about the Dual DV604I but I wanted to list the full equipment lineup.
  13. It is very easy to learn the features and options to customize everything from dash appearance to most importantly the sound !<
  14. Bluetooth paired immediately to both my phone and tablet.
  15. The DVD screen is beautiful display, which carries over to easy screen controls.
  16. No clipping or buffering when playing either cds or watching DVDs.
  17. The installation was very well documented step by step via the booklet (with large pictures) which I appreciated.
  18. Common tools were used and the trim bezel fit the opening perfectly.

Buy Dual Electronics DV604i Multimedia 6.2 inch Digital TFT Touchscreen Double DIN Car Stereo with Built-In CD/DVD, USB, microSD & MP3 Player here $109.99

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

sandisk sansa clip mp player black discontinued manufacturer

  1. With eight gigabytes of storage, this tiny player lets you listen to up to 2000 songs in stunning audio quality.
  2. It boasts a wide array of outstanding features, including an FM radio, long-life battery, and integrated voice recorder.
  3. Music cards include a full album of your favorite artist and have plenty more room to add music from your own music library.
  4. Each card features handcrafted playlists and hundreds of artists from top music charts.
  5. About the size of a matchbox, it weighs less than an ounce and features an integrated clip that secures firmly to your clothing for easy, hands-free portability, making it the ideal MP3 player to take on your morning runs or afternoon workouts.
  6. It also has a built-in microphone for recording your latest and greatest thoughts on the go.
  7. Approximations: results will vary based on file size, resokution, compression, bit rate, content, host device, pre-loaded files and other factors.
  8. Much like radio, these songs are played in sequence and cannot be rewound or re-arranged, yet individual songs can be skipped as often as you want.
  9. Song and playlist files cannot be copied or viewed (for example on a PC).
  10. Pros:
    – Overall build quality has improved, but especially with the clip mechanism.
  11. The volume and power buttons have more ergonomic placement on the device.
  12. Audiobook files can be sped up slightly to save some “reading” time.
  13. The interface is a little smoother and nicer to move through.
  14. If you don’t need gimmicks such as touch screens and web browsers, then this player is quite possibly the best on the market for value, size, and quality.
  15. UPDATE: Having used the product for a while the one thing I’m disappointed with is battery life.
  16. The meter drains down to 50% at the expected pace, and then goes from 50% to 0 quite fast.
  17. I haven’t timed it but i’m sure the battery life (using all default settings) is quite less than the advertised 14-15 hours.
  18. I used to have a second Clip Zip, but it got fried from a bad usb port (very rare thing).
  19. They all have Rockbox installed, which I think is the best for these players, as it vastly improves the functionality, despite being a bit more complicated.
  20. But Rockbox of course is optional and may not be worth the hassle for most.
  21. Anyway, the players are great, I’ve used them a few years now, but now that they are discontinued, I would not recommend purchasing at the latest prices.
  22. Even though I love these things, it’s still a cheap chinese plastic player.
  23. A few years ago there were not many options for Sansa Clip-like players, but there are more options in 2016-17.
  24. If I was going to spend a hundred bucks, I would look at players by Fiio, for example.
  25. I paid almost seventy for the last one I bought, but only because I already had experience with them.
  26. It was frustrating, annoying and all I wanted to do was plug in my device, drag a recently downloaded song to it and be on my way.
  27. The device came with a disc of Rhapsody that you are encouraged, but not required, to install but I opted to stick with the music player already installed on my PC and it worked just fine.
  28. You plug the device in via the USB cable provided, your computer will recognize it as a flash drive or within the music player you have and you just drop in your mp3s.
  29. Easy peasy and you don’t have to go through all the unnecessary prompts and/or software updates that bother you with Apple products.
  30. The screen is responsive and decent enough quality for what is needed.
  31. I don’t know why I worried about this, but I did initially before purchase.
  32. The clip built on the back is invaluable to me, as I use this purely for the gym and/or running.
  33. Lock Screen – This device has a built in lock functionality that is nice for unintentional song changes and battery saving.
  34. Just need to long-press the home button and away you go.
  35. This is part of the reason I’ve gone a month without charging.
  36. Again, this is a great, no-frills device that is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for something to play music and only play music.
  37. No matter, I used the old-school “click & drag” method and manually added music from my MP3 & CD archives.
  38. This comes with a 9 inch (23 CM) USB to Mini USB cord to attach directly to your PC.
  39. Once attached, it automatically charges and sincs with the PCs’ date & time.
  40. Check out my photo of this compact MP3 player in the palm of my hand.
  41. It comes with standard ear buds, but I prefer larger head phones.
  42. Just for the fun of it, I hooked-up my large Behringer DJ-type headphones and the sound quality was superb.
  43. The built-in FM tuner is a nice feature and seems to work well.
  44. But I really like the ease of using the voice recording option for reminders or ideas that I have.
  45. Each voice recording is automatically labeled with the date and time for the file name – I love it!<
  46. When coupled with a memory card holds a fair bit of music.
  47. It sounded good, it looked good, it was small and easy to hide, and held a lot of songs.

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