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100% efficient power supply After repairing the service, the Cooler Master V650S power supply is a modular solution enriched with advanced solutions such as a 3D circuit offering increased efficiency and better heat dissipation. Reducing the number of cables also affects the fewer disruptions affecting the work of the power supply.

Efficiency at the level of 92% at a typical load is confirmed by the 80 PLUS Gold certificate.

– The unique design of 3D circuits will provide even better performance and heat emission, reducing the number of cables at the same time, which means less interference on the lines

– The powerful-12V line will satisfy even higher demand while maintaining stability and compatibility with VGA cards.

– The modular cabling system only uses those cables you need, thanks to the smaller amount of unnecessary cables inside the housing you get better airflow

– A specially designed DC-DC module will ensure higher efficiency and stability of voltage.

– 80 PLUS Gold Certificate.


Power [W] – 650

Certificate of Fitness-80 Plus Gold

PFC System-Active

Efficiency [%] – 92

Cooling-Fan 120 mm

Security –







– Modular wiring: Yes

Modular wiring-Yes

Brand: Cooler Master

Cooler Master Elite Power – 460W Power Supply (RS460-PSARI3-US)

cooler master elite power power supply psari us

  1. Using high performance components, Elite power supplies are compliant with most international standards including ATX 12V V2.3.
  2. High performance components design for better reliability.
  3. Green power design to meet Energy Star and Blue Angel requirements.
  4. These increased in frequency until now, in which there is no power up at all.
  5. I understand that not every unit is perfect, and some will fail.
  6. My complaint is the long, arduous process to get a replacement.
  7. I have to send the PSU back, after they receive it, it will take 7-14 days to get a replacement, so no computer for up to 3 weeks, unless I buy another PSU, so what’s the point of a warranty?
  8. Other companies I have dealt with have much better warranty processes, ensuring that you are not without a computer for weeks.
  9. But if the power output is adequate for your needs, this is really a good choice.
  10. Cooler Master is an actual name brand, and this thing is shockingly quiet.
  11. I got the 460 watt version, which has one string of old Molex connectors (three larger 4-pin connections and one smaller floppy connector) and two sets of SATA power connectors, two connecters each (for a total of 4 SATA connectors).
  12. It’s got a couple of the 4-pin 12V connections and a 20/24 pin ATX motherboard connector.
  13. All of the individual harnesses have a zip tie roughly midway between the ends (and, on the multi-terminated sections, a zip tie between the connectors), which is a cheap way to keep the wires in a nicer bundle.
  14. Has more power outlets for SATA devices than I needed, since I’m still using a PATA-based system.
  15. Those are pretty minor things, though, since the wires shouldn’t really ever be moving around (so abrasion against the PS case isn’t a big deal), and you only hook the motherboard up once (maybe 2-3 times if you upgrade a lot).
  16. And the efficiency, while not awesome, is probably better than whatever came in your generic case or most supplies more than a few years old.
  17. Overall, given how quiet this supply is and how well-constructed it feels, I think it’s a very good bargain, and will be getting a couple more of these for some computers I have with loud fans and even less efficient no-name power supplies.
  18. I’d personally suggest putting your optical drive on one harness, your hard drive on another, and fans on the third old-style harness.
  19. I would push the on button & nothing would happen sometimes several minutes later it would slowly start up.
  20. After doing some research determining it was more than likely the power supply going bad I took a chance and order a new one.
  21. I was not sure this one would work due to the placement of the fan on top as shown in picture but the photo is upside down and the fan is one the bottom inside the cabinet and fit perfectly in an HP Pavilion Elite.
  22. Now the 6 year old computer starts like when it was new and is quite as ever.
  23. The inevitable freezes and quirks were causing the owner to consider a new PC.
  24. Some manufactures of PCs design a power supply mount that may have an extra pin.
  25. You feel obligated to buy their over-priced, under-performing replacement power supply.
  26. Their flimsy cases allow you to bend the pins out of the way and yes, even drill a new hole to accept a likely not needed sheet metal screw.
  27. There is nothing fancy about this Cooler Master unit except its reasonable price to power performance.
  28. The PC and new video card it now supports is not left on constantly; so power efficiency was not a consideration.
  29. With a case modification, it installed just fine and had the appropriate power connectors.
  30. Still running like a champ months later and new PC expense avoided for a few bucks.
  31. Had to use a Y Sata adapter because of the very short distance between the Sata connectors on each leg-when hooking up dual Hard Drives.
  32. For the price and the connectors that come with it-That is not a problem.
  33. But, suggest anyone buying this power supply-consider getting a Y Sata adapter with it.
  34. Am not impressed with the 2nd one as much as I was with the first one.
  35. It doesn’t seem to even have the punch as the 350 watt it replaced.
  36. Didn’t expect there to be a big difference but did not expect to “Feel” that my computer decreased in performance.

Buy Cooler Master Elite Power – 460W Power Supply (RS460-PSARI3-US) here $41.11

Cooler Master V750 – 750W Compact Fully Modular 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply RS750-AFBAG1-US

cooler master w compact fully modular plus gold power supply afbag us

  1. Our innovative cooling solutions and better components yield quieter and more reliable power supplies.
  2. Maintain whisper-quiet operation through the addition of the high performance Silencio FP fan and 100% Japanese capacitors for a power package that lets you build with total confidence.
  3. The sickle blade design can generate 25% higher air pressure to reduce thermal de-rating on power components improving efficiency.
  4. Clean stable voltages contribute to less stress on valuable components extending system life and reducing system instability.
  5. Maintain whisper-quiet operation through the addition of the high performance Silencio FP fan and 100% Japanese capacitors for a power package that lets you build with total confidence.
  6. A Cooler Master exclusive 3D circuit design delivers more power in a smaller package.
  7. Any returned computer that is damaged through customer misuse, is missing parts, or is in unsellable condition due to customer tampering will result in the customer being charged a higher restocking fee based on the condition of the product.
  8. New, used, and refurbished products purchased from Marketplace vendors are subject to the returns policy of the individual vendor.
  9. First off, the components they use are some of the best, made by Seasonic.
  10. Second, the cables are FLAT BLACK ribbon cables; no more ketchup and mustard!
  11. If you have a window on your PC and want to make it something beautiful, these cables make all the difference.
  12. The ribbon cables also make cable management super easy, now I don’t have to use two people to close the back side of my PC!
  13. XD

    Some things I think Cooler Master can do better.

  14. They will fit any mid tower easily but bigger than that you may want to check and make sure you have enough to plug everything in.
  15. This is a great PSU and I’m looking forward to using this thing for years and years to come!<
  16. Keep in mind, the CM V series is made by Seasonic, one of the top PSU OEMs.
  17. I always but Seasonic or Silverstone PSU’s for my machines as well as customers.
  18. I couldn’t find it on the pics provided but this, iirc, was rated for 47 amps on the 12v line alone so I’m assuming the 550w rating is for continuos load.Don’t hold me to that but I know it had a really solid, single rail 12v line, I look forward to actually using one of these.
  19. Highly recommended by Jguru if I recall as well, search johnny guru and you’ll find his review.
  20. This also comes with snap-in wires, so you only install the wires that you need for YOUR motherboard.
  21. I used 4 of the cables, the others are still in the box, in case I add more SATA drives or case fans.
  22. There’s a cloth drawstring bag that contains all the cables, and the PSU itself comes in another ‘case’, which is completely useless.
  23. They could probably shave a buck or two off the price, and you’d still know it was a high-end PSU.
  24. If that cable was strictly modular, meaning you can unplug it if not desired, it would be great.
  25. Super quiet, fully modular cables with the capability of more connectors than anyone should actually ever need in a home gaming system.
  26. The modular cables means you only put in the power wiring that you currently need, eliminating excess wires hanging around in the case.
  27. I researched PSUs for my new computer build pretty extensively before settling on this one.
  28. There are a lot of brands out there that put out a good product but in the last year or two Cooler Master has really stepped up their game with their PSU lines, especially with this one.
  29. This truly is Gold standard and will handle pretty much whatever you throw at it without complaint.
  30. The logos on the side of the PSU are written so that they are right side up with the fan on the top, ie mounted in the bottom of your case.
  31. However on the outside of the PSU next to the master power switch and AC input the company name is upside down.
  32. Who spends time looking at the back panel of their computer.
  33. But I know it is there and for the life of me I can’t figure out why CM would write it that way.
  34. So if you are looking to build a moderately hight end gaming PC this is the perfect PSU line for you.
  35. The cables come in a great bag and so does the battery.
  36. This was a replacement for another Cool Master, but I found out that the other battery was still working.
  37. But decided to keep the old one as a back up and use the new battery with the new motherboard.
  38. I’m a gamer and need the reliability and power to run a gaming computer.
  39. Very reliable so far, powering a heavily OC CPU, 2 high end GPUs and custom water cooling loop.
  40. Comes with a nice bag for the PSU and cables for storage.
  41. This is a Seasonic platform, and one of the best in the business.
  42. The cons: Ribboned cables can be difficult to work with in tight spaces.
  43. SATA and Molex cables are short for full towers or super towers.
  44. The SATA get where they need to go, but just barely in a large case, and the molex cables were just too short, period.
  45. It took a bit of work to get the MB cables connected, it didn’t just snap in place.
  46. The included cables with this PSU are ribbon style and VERY cheaply made.
  47. Just plug in what cables you need, and save the ones you don’t in case you need them in the future!

Buy Cooler Master V750 – 750W Compact Fully Modular 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply RS750-AFBAG1-US here $130.09

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