frame protection for samsung galaxy edge plus qoltec gold
Protective frame on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus gold aluminum The aluminum frame for the QOLTEC smartphone is a very good solution for those who appreciate elegance and simplicity.

The special construction ensures protection of the edges of the device. Designed to guarantee protection against scratches and other everyday damage.

The case ensures the use of all the function keys of the ports and the smartphone sockets.



Screen convertible-5.7 ”

Compatible with-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge –



Weight-10 g

Other parameters –
– Protects the corners and edges of the phone against damage

– Perfectly matched to the phone

– No phone thickening

– It provides full access to all keys and connectors of the phone

Brand: Qoltec

Generic Backplate Rear Back Bezel Frame Housing Part for Samsung Galaxy S4

generic backplate rear back bezel frame housing part for samsung galaxy s

  1. Relatively close, but there are a few components and formations in the plastic that indicate it is actually for a slightly different model.
  2. If it fit the quality would be fine, but this is definately not a universal frame for all galaxy S4’s.
  3. Maybe there is a newer model or some variation that this fits.
  4. If they took the picture off from the inside bezel it would be a perfect prescription of the product.
  5. That was my fault, I didn’t research what this part would fix – however this backplate fit perfectly with absolutely no issues whatsoever.
  6. Good price and great fit, doesn’t even look like the phone was modified in the slightest.
  7. I had to revert to my old backplate since I needed the GPS functionality.
  8. Several nicks in the chrome, nail polish in several places.
  9. I had to put my phone back together with my original parts because of these people.
  10. The housing cracked in many places where the frame snaps together with the front.
  11. I tried using on a Verizon one but it does not line up.

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Samsung Fast Charger EP-TA20JBE and USB Type C Cable EP-DG950CBE for Galaxy S8

samsung fast charger ta jbe and usb type cable dg cbe for galaxy s

  1. Connect to existing USB house plugs or Car USB adapters for charging.
  2. Lettering on the brand is blurry so is on the description label.
  3. Probably best to stay away if you are looking for the real thing.
  4. In both my photos, the authentic charger is on the left.
  5. UPDATE: The seller refunded my order and shipped me an OEM Samsung charger and cable.
  6. The OEM Samsung charger is great and does a great job at fast charging.
  7. Phone was no longer charging and when I unplugged the cable from the USB port it definitely smelled like something had burnt inside the charging block.
  8. This may be an anomaly but my best guess is this is due to poor quality controls and inferior parts.
  9. I was excited to see an OEM replacement for such a new phone for such a reasonable price.
  10. It looks like samsung charger but if u look close enough u can see the difference.
  11. The cord, though, that came with this charger was not fast charging compliant.
  12. My phone would still charge in normal mode, but not in fast mode.
  13. When I swapped out the cable that came with this charger with the cable that came with my phone, the charger worked as expected in fast charging mode.
  14. Considering the price paid, and the fact that this was a fast adaptive charger (the same that came with the Galaxy S8) I had no issue getting another cord to allow the charger to work as designed.
  15. Maybe it was a fluke I received a non-compliant fast charging cable, yet the charger when paired with the correct cord is the real deal.
  16. I get the message in the picture and out says it will take about 4 hours too fully charge compared to 1 hour with the charger that came with the phone.
  17. Don’t trust it, bad quality materials and completely different looking than an actual samsung charger.

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