protective glass on screen EXC safe HTC one
eXc Safe is a high quality tempered glass matched optimally to the display of your phone.

The new generation of hybrid glass (combining the best features of film and glass)

provides resistance to any minor mechanical damage.

Thanks to the use of the best materials and modern technologies, the eXc brand glass creates an invisible protection of your screen without affecting the sensitivity of the touch screen.

A specialized application set enables precise and efficient fast charging on the phone display.The glass adheres perfectly to the screen preventing the formation of air bubbles.


– High quality tempered glass optimally matched to the phone display

– Resistant to mechanical damage

– Easy in application-self-adhesive

– Fully transparent

– Does not affect the phone’s touch control

Brand: Exc

HTC Double Dip Flip Case for HTC One – Retail Packaging – Black/Red

htc double dip flip case for htc one retail packaging black red

  1. Data cord great for Smartphones, Gaming Consoles, Digital Tablets also gaming accessories.
  2. I got the original almost-identical case when I first got my HTC One about a year and a half ago.
  3. The flap on the front was a bit thicker and didn’t have the thinned-out edges this one does.
  4. I don’t like the thinned edges, they don’t aid in anything at all and reduce the impact protection if you drop the phone.
  5. I hate cases with rubbery texture on the outside because I can’t get it quickly in or out of my pocket.
  6. BUT, the plasticy ones are too slick and get dropped much too easily.
  7. This fake leather has a wonderful natural feel to it and isn’t too slippery or too sticky.
  8. The black exterior is professional looking and stays clean– doesn’t absorb moisture or oils from your face.
  9. The red interior is sharp for while until it gets dirty, but I don’t care too much about that, as I am a delivery driver and don’t need to impress anyone with my phone cover.
  10. Your screen will not get all sweaty or oily or(if you wear it), covered in makeup!!!
  11. My biggest pet peeve is a dirty touch screen cause you can’t read anything and constantly wipe the screen off.
  12. Otherwise, holding the case with the cover folded back is fine and the kickstand capability is excellent.
  13. I’ve had the case for a month now and I see no signs of cracking, peeling, or separation of materials.
  14. I keep the phone in my pocket or on a desk and I regularly take the phone in and out of the case so I can use my car mount.
  15. The fact that the front cover doesn’t fasten closed has never been an issue for me.
  16. The one I had from Sprint was made of leather and the cover stayed closed.
  17. THIS POOR BOOTLEG VERSION, is made with cheap plastic and the cover stays open unless you place the phone face down.
  18. I was mistakenly under the impression I purchased the exact same case I previously had from Sprint.
  19. The price is TOO EXPENSIVE for the type of case you will end up receiving.
  20. Design – good quality sleek lightweight design, shows off and compliments what is an expensive premium phone.
  21. Pleasant texture on the exterior and quality suede-like material inside.
  22. Protection – is fine for my needs, protects the back and the corners.
  23. Front of case does not clip shut but you would have to be really unlucky to not get screen protection if you drop it.
  24. As mentioned above I added an invisible Skinomi techskin for a little extra protection all over.
  25. Flip – perfect, great design and angle to view the screen, stays up and holds position really well.
  26. Ideal way to enjoy the screen resolution and those speakers.
  27. This HTC made OEM case is the best design for this phone and solidly made.
  28. Also has HTC logo on the front cover of case and openings for the speakers.
  29. Perfect case so far and the best case I have seen for the HTC One, which is the current king of phones.
  30. Because I wanted a nice tight fit I thought I’d give the HTC branded Double Dip Flip Case a try instead of taking a chance with buying one of the many cheaper third party cases advertised from vendors in Asia.
  31. After placing my phone in this case, I noticed at the top corner on the side where the microphone is that the phone doesn’t seem to fit snugly.
  32. Because I have the silver colored One, I can see some of the backside of the phone when it”s sitting face down.
  33. This isn’t a big deal with me and I intend to hang onto this case but I can’t help wondering if anyone else has run across this.
  34. Other then the fit problem I’m really liking the case and have no other issues with it.
  35. I would not recommend this case if you are looking for something that will protect your phone in-case it is dropped.
  36. It does however have the flip cover, so this is nice to cover your screen and protect from scratches and such.
  37. Beautiful case and the stand capability is also very helpful.
  38. I love how light it is and how perfectly it fits the phone.
  39. The phone battery only lasts 4 hours and It wont focus on text but the case still functions perfectly.
  40. I dropped the phone soon after purchasing the case and it totally protected the phone, but the case cracked in the corner.

Buy HTC Double Dip Flip Case for HTC One – Retail Packaging – Black/Red here $9.49

iPhone 7 Plus Case, Daker Drop Protection Bling Rhinestone [Shock Absorption] 2 IN 1 Armor Defender Shockproof Case Protective for iPhone 7 Plus (Purple Black)

iphone plus case daker drop protection bling rhinestone shock absorption armor d

  1. A soft silicone inner case tightly grips to your phone while absorbing shocks and bumps.

Buy iPhone 7 Plus Case, Daker Drop Protection Bling Rhinestone [Shock Absorption] 2 IN 1 Armor Defender Shockproof Case Protective for iPhone 7 Plus (Purple Black) here $7.49

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