protectors sk hero pro jr pad set black

protectors sk hero pro jr pad set black 1
K2 SK8 Hero Pro Jr Pad set is a set of knee pads, locks and wrists providing basic protection while riding on skates, skateboards or scooters. Perfectly protects against injuries and abrasions caused by falling while driving.

A set of protectors is a necessary addition to any set of skates or skateboards to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.


– 2 wrist protectors

– 2 wrist protectors

– 2 knee protectors

– strong, durable covers with high damage resistance

– wrist protectors stiffened on both sides of the hand

– elastic material allows tight fitting of the protector

– fastening straps with velcro stabilizing the protector during movement

– mesh and perforated foam ensure adequate ventilation

– delicate, soft, do not cause a wipe

– provide protection against injuries during possible falls

– in accordance with PN-EN 14120

– level of protection: 1-protectors intended for practicing ordinary roller-blading sports

– packaging: mesh cover

– color: black

– Available sizes:

– XS-for children weighing less than 25 kg

– S-for children weighing 25-50 kg

Dimensions-size XS: wrist protectors-approx. 14 x 6.5 cm

protectors on the wrist-approx. 13 x 9 cm

knee protectors-okay. 14 x 9.5 cm

Dimensions-size S: wrist protectors-approx. 16.5 x 8 cm

protectors on the door-approx. 13.5 x 9.5 cm

knee protectors-approx. 14.5 x 10 cm

Brand: K2 Skate

K2 Skate Boy’s Sk8 Hero X Pro Inline Skates

k skate boy hero pro inline skates

  1. He also likes it because they are much easier to take on and off.
  2. The “bungee” type lace means no time tying and no laces coming untied.
  3. Adjustable size is a great feature and lacing system provides excellent support.
  4. I found them easy to adjust so I think they are great too!<
  5. Thought they would be to bright but in fact, the opposite.
  6. Very adjustable, most skates do not adjust to the sizes this one does.
  7. The only flaw I have found is the draw string for the tongue.
  8. Best part is my kid and put them on and take them off by himself.

Buy K2 Skate Boy’s Sk8 Hero X Pro Inline Skates here $79.99 – $99.99

K2 Sk8 Hero Boa ALU Adjustable Kids Inline Skates

k hero boa alu adjustable kids inline skates

  1. Offering stability and control, excellent fit and feel, these Sk8 Hero X Skates are unbeatable.
  2. Designed with the Boa Closure System, your child can get right into these skates and dial in their desired fit.
  3. They can make adjustments easily and get in and out quickly.
  4. The Youth Hi-Lo Frame takes advantage of the smaller wheels up front and higher wheels in back to maximize performance and maneuverability.
  5. By bringing down the center of gravity, your child will feel more stable and thus more confident in their skating.
  6. Boa Cuff ensures they have lots of support and comfort throughout.
  7. With the 76mm wheels in back and 72mm wheels up front, they’ll be able to continually progress like a pro.
  8. Since kids grow quickly, you’ll be able to increase the size of the boot up to five sizes so that they can ride on these skates for a long time.
  9. Epic Super Nitro Rainbow Indoor / Outdoor Quad Roller Speed Skate 4 Pc.

Buy K2 Sk8 Hero Boa ALU Adjustable Kids Inline Skates here $139.95 – $164.65

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