pad lock climbing technology rollnlock

pad lock climbing technology rollnlock 1
The new RollnLock Climbing Technology blade is used in many situations in which it previously required the use of more than one instrument. RollnLock fulfills the functions of both a single block and a self-locking device.

Areas of application of the RollnLock block:

– as a normal single block after blocking the locking cam;

– line approach (together with the second clamping device)

– rescuing the victim, e.g. from the ice gap;

– pulling up the cargo;

– positioning on a rope, loops or daisy chain lenzy.

Weight: 80 g

Strength: kN 20.

Strength in blocking mode with a lock: 4 kN EN 12278 EN 567 CE: 0333 For ropes: 8-13 mm EN: 12278 : 2007; 567: 1997 Individual test: yes Bearing: Self-lubricating bushings Material: UIAA light alloys: yes Weight: 80g Dimensions: 69 x 35 mm Strength: 20 kN

Brand: Climbing Technology

FMS Cyberian Cord Lock End – Plastic Spring Stop Toggle Stoppers for Backpacks, Tactical Bags, Drawstrings, Bungee Cord, Shock Cord and Paracord

fms cyberian cord lock end plastic spring stop toggle stoppers for backpacks tac

  1. Choose from 6 Packs, 10 Packs, 25 Packs, 50 Packs, 100 Packs, 500 Packs or 1000 Packs.
  2. DESIGNED FOR THE TOUGHEST ENVIRONMENTS including salt water, dirt, mud, indoor / outdoor use and temperatures from -50 degrees F to 150 degrees F.
  3. FMS Cord Locks are made from virgin Delrin, the same tough material used in vehicle engines.
  4. The cord lock spring is made from stainless steel and will not lose its memory.
  5. These cord locks fit a variety of cords and fabric materials.
  6. Commonly used on gloves and in bug out bags due to their light weight as an emergency tool in camping, backpacking, drawstrings for clothing, pants and jackets, shoe strings and laces and are also seen in arts and crafts projects.
  7. Rounded edges allow for smooth operation and activation and provides standard holding strength.
  8. Frontier Market Solutions is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned American Small Business that backs all of its’ products.
  9. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll get your money back.
  10. These latest cord lock toggles introduce a “pull to loosen, pull to tighten” technology for tethered Cord Lock applications.
  11. The tether slot with your web attached can be used to actuate the “loosen” function, or as an alternative, the flair shape design allows “loosen” actuation by gripping the part alone.
  12. Pull on the distinctive flair shape or tether to loosen – no small plunger to activate.
  13. The Cyberian Cord Lock is perfect for gloves, hats and any other application requiring pull to loosen technology.
  14. Can be used on everything from shoelaces, pack drawstrings, pants closures, Paracord products, backpacks and a variety of outdoor and gym products.
  15. Suitable for uses involving exposure to the elements and temperature extremes.
  16. Applications include apparel, sporting goods, and industrial uses.
  17. I will still give it 4 stars because they’re awesome, but just don’t get these thinking they’re the larger ones for backpacks.
  18. Updade 6/29: Contacted FMS, they reported that they are working with their marketing department to get the correct description in there as well as ordering the larger version as well.
  19. They are quick to follow up and seem to be very good to deal with when there is a problem.
  20. Actually cord lock is much much smaller then the advertised size.
  21. However it’s so small that I can’t think of anything to use it for really.
  22. This is not the fault of the product, just need some creative ideas to use this for.
  23. The only thing I could imagine that would fit in here is a very thin bungee type string or a very small ribbon.
  24. I have taken a picture so you can see the size in relation to my hand.
  25. I purchased this because I do alot of triathlons and need some quick ways to tie my shoes or lock the string around my ankles for swimming buoy.
  26. If you find an application for this, please comment below and share.

Buy FMS Cyberian Cord Lock End – Plastic Spring Stop Toggle Stoppers for Backpacks, Tactical Bags, Drawstrings, Bungee Cord, Shock Cord and Paracord here $9.15 – $199.99

Climbing Technology CT Rollnlock Ascender/Pulley

climbing technology rollnlock ascender pulley

  1. Main technical features aremoving side plates foreasy rope entry.
  2. There are teeth that aren’t shown in any of the pictures, the ribbed part doesn’t even touch the rope on 11mm, just that sharp v groove; Smaller ropes are engaged by the ribs.
  3. After filing the teeth down, I must say that this device is amazing.
  4. Be aware that for TR solo, the cam will disengage if it hooks on an edge.
  5. If you use a pear shape carabiner, it won’t go around the tight bend.
  6. Otherwise, it operates smoothly and does what it is supposed to do.
  7. I have also used it as a normal pulley as you can lock it into normal pulley mode.
  8. It seems really well made and is pretty light so you can carry it with you.
  9. I also use this as a lanyard adjust instead of a prusik knot.
  10. Loss of one star has to do with is operational performance.
  11. You need to use an oval or a pear ring style carabiner.
  12. If you use a D shaped carabiner, the rollnlock will sit at an angel when under load, causing your rope to jump slightly out of the sheave( pulley wheel).
  13. If you have the cleat in an ‘bite’ position, this can cause your rope to pull the cleat around and can lock the cleat in the open position.
  14. You also can not side load the the rollnlock, or else the above will occur.
  15. It is also difficult to release the cleat from the open position when under load.
  16. Even if you quickly take the load off with one hand, trying to release the cleat so it can grab the rope can be difficult.
  17. If you relocate frequently, this extra step may become annoying.
  18. You just need to make sure you don’t side load it and use a correct carabiner.
  19. Takes the rope solo game to the next level and has so many extra functions!<

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