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Classic cover for one racket for people who value functionality.

The use of high quality materials fully protects the missile against impacts and the operation of atmospheric conditions.

The cover was additionally equipped with a convenient pocket located at the front.


Dimensions-30.5 x 21 cm


Brand: Spokey


2-Player Ping Pong Paddle Set, Aoneky Wood Kids Table Tennis Racket Pack with Cover, Best Outdoor Official Replacement Professional Women Pingpong Racquet Bat, Tennis Game Equipment, BlackRubber Face

player ping pong paddle set aoneky wood kids table tennis racket pack with cover

  1. Each table tennis racket is made from the highest quality wood and rubber.
  2. We don’t mind the two different surfaces (one is smooth, the other dotted).
  3. We have had them for a couple of months now and they haven’t shown any wear and that includes an occasional 6 year old playing with them.
  4. When they did arrive, there was a slight peeling of plastic on the smooth side on the very edge.
  5. It was not a big deal for me as the peeling was only slight, only no the edge, and was not going to be impacting my play too much.
  6. The only thing I was concerned about if the red surface is glossy and I thought that might not grip the ball well but it works well.
  7. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that the balls are heavy and dead.
  8. Make sure you get a set of decent balls when you order.
  9. The glossy surface is a protective film that needs to be removed!
  10. They perform great and with more practice I’ll soon be able to perform some sweet top spins.
  11. They are capable as I have spinned the ball a couple of times but I’m just a beginner so I don’t know how to do it all the time.
  12. The black texture is perfect for my defensive strategy while the red side feels ideal for offensive power strikes.
  13. This is what I want in order to grip the ball especially if I am trying to put a spin on the ball.
  14. It met the price expectations but not my personal ones.
  15. I was excited once I got them but ran into an issue when the plastic used to protect the paddle came off in pieces like an old sticker that only partially comes off.
  16. They were 0 star balls (if there is a zero) and so I tossed them away.
  17. The padding was warped a little to the shape of ping pong balls and still hasn’t come out.
  18. The finish is slick on the red side unlike other higher quality paddles where there is some good grip.
  19. And while the black side is slightly better than the cheapest of cheap, it provided little more spin ability than the standard ones.
  20. I think they are also suitable to meet the needs of intermediate players.
  21. Pros usually custom build their own rackets so they probably wouldn’t be looking for a set like this.
  22. Here are my thoughts about the rackets:

    01 Shakehand Grip – There are two main grip types in table tennis, the shakehand grip and the penhold grip.

  23. The blade on these rackets are for players that use the shakehand grip which makes sense since the set is aimed at beginners and the shakehand grip is the most common and easiest to master.
  24. Ply Blades – Players that do a lot of blocking and driving should probably look elsewhere for blades with seven plies.
  25. The blades on these rackets have five plies which is ideal if your playing style involves a lot of heavy looping.
  26. It is also ideal for beginners because you have a little more control than you do with 7 ply blades.
  27. Two Sided Blades – I love that the blades on these rackets are designed so that both of the sides can be used.
  28. I also love that Aoneky chose to place different rubbers on each side of the blade.
  29. The Rubbers – The rackets have one smooth red side and one bumpy black side.
  30. I love that the racket has two different surfaces on the rubbers for versatility in my play.
  31. The surface of the black side has short pips facing outwards and is good for fast blocking and hitting through spin.
  32. The smooth surface of the red side has the pips inverted and is the side that beginners and intermediate players should use.
  33. The thickness of the rubbers on both sides of the racket are most suitable for an offensive style of playing.
  34. Bonus Stuff – The rackets come packaged with three balls in a zippered storage case.
  35. I wish that the storage case didn’t have a clear side because, over time, light can deteriorate the rubbers on the rackets.
  36. I just make sure to store mine in a closet with the clear side down.
  37. The red side on these paddles have a very slick shiny surface.

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STIGA Table Tennis Racket Cover

stiga table tennis racket cover

  1. Whether you play table tennis on the go or only use your paddle at home, the durable vinyl cover is designed to guard the racket from damage.
  2. Using a racket cover decreases the build-up of dust on the face of your paddle and increases the tack life of the rubber.
  3. The oversized design of the STIGA racket cover allows for easy opening and closing, and depending on the size of your rackets, can hold 1-2 rackets.
  4. This cover is approved by USA Table Tennis (USATT) and will extend the life of your paddle.
  5. The zipper should begin and end away from the handle to make getting the paddle out less awkward.
  6. It’s also a very snug fit which if you’re not careful can damage the rubber.
  7. Wish it has a zipper down the side so you don’t have to touch the paddle surface.
  8. To me if you are going to spend the money on good rackets, you might as well spend a few dollars on a solid case.
  9. This case provides thick cover and feels very well made.
  10. Nice looking with a heavy canvas exterior to protect my paddle.
  11. Note: I am not a professional ping pong player or anything close, so I am not too particular about how I treat my racket.
  12. The racquet needs to be kept in a warm environment so the rubber does not crack.
  13. Wash hand after handling, geez, why can’t we all just use the safer material?<
  14. It is just a plain cover with no padding or protection.

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