roller controlled Spokey ribon red

roller controlled Spokey ribon red 1

– High technical parameters-82A wheelsperfectly absorbs vibrations even on an uneven ground, ABEC7 bearing guarantees a high precision, thanks to which they are permanently and the wheels are faster.

The use of aluminum stool makes Ribon rolls lighter, very stable and fast.

– Quality-rollers were made with care for every detail.

Extremely accurate stitching and very good materials give a great sense of comfort.

– Design-a roller-shoe stylized on the model of the immortal and extremely fashionable Converse tennis.

– Purpose-recreational and fitness ride (ideal for shaping thigh and butt muscles) Item:



Bearing-ABEC7 2RS

Wheels-82A PU

– 76 mm-size 36-39

– 80 mm-size 40-43


Clasp –

– double-section buckle with protection

– velcro

– laces

Max. user’s weight-100 kg

We encourage you to read the guide-what to choose rolls.

Brand: Spokey


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