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UMTELE Fitbit Blaze Bands, Sport Silicone Replacement Strap with Rose Gold/Gunmetal Frame for Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, 15 Colors Available

umtele fitbit blaze bands sport silicone replacement strap with rose gold gunmet

  1. This is a very nice band, soft and comfortable, but definitely NOT cheaply made.
  2. Sizing is not an issues as there are holes all the way around the band so no matter your wrist size, you will be able to wear this comfortably.
  3. After having this product for a couple months, I only recently found out that the white part of the band glows in the dark, very cool.
  4. It is very easy to attach to your wrist, just find the hole you want to put the little nub through, and then push the rest of the band through the big hole, takes like 2 seconds.
  5. I was worried that it would be bulky and kind of uncomfortable like the original.
  6. This band is much more comfortable and I think I’ll have an easier time sleeping in it then I did the original.
  7. I would, most times, not sleep in my original Blaze band because it was uncomfortable but then I wouldn’t get my sleep information.
  8. I almost went with the metal muli color band because is very cute in the picture, I was used to not sleeping in it anyway but because of my work I figured this would be more durable.
  9. I opted for this over the one that comes with the watch.
  10. Seems pretty rugged considering I work in a warehouse and seems to be holding up very well.
  11. I do wonder though where the band slips under itself if it will break which im sure with use it will eventually.
  12. For the price though you can grab a few of these for the price of one at that big yellow tag retail store.
  13. The Fitbit fits snug in the frame and is easily removable.
  14. For the price I recommend it and I plan to grab probably two more.
  15. It would get 5 out of 5 but the little metal part where you fasten it rusts underneath.
  16. I don’t do anything crazy with it on when working with water.
  17. So I have to put a little band aid in the metal part, otherwise I get a rust circle on my wrist.
  18. Doesn’t collect gook and crud after a few days of wear, and washes off very easily with nothing more than water.
  19. I was a little wary of the attachment system, but it’s proven itself time and again.
  20. The excess strap doesn’t get caught on things, such as my dog’s leash, because of the way it threads through the other side of the band, and you have almost unlimited adjust-ability with the design.
  21. The description wasn’t accurate, as it said the bezel was Rose Gold, but I wanted the black bezel anyways.
  22. I can’t think of a reason why the company would want to use a metal finish on gold, and I couldn’t figure out what sort of finish they may have used, but I’m pretty sure it’s not rose gold.
  23. It comes with the black metal frame, which is nice to have as I only had the silver frame before.
  24. The rubber of the band is very flexible and comfortable, I would not be able to distinguish this band from the rubber used on the band that came with the watch.
  25. I was a bit skeptical before I ordered it, but I actually like it better than the traditonal clasp that comes with the watch.
  26. It does take a little practice to get the feel for how to secure it at first, but it is not too dificult at all.
  27. Once it is clasped, the loose end then just slides through the slot and goes under the outer band.
  28. It is nice to have different straps for different uses, and this allows me to quicky pop the watch out of another band and put it into this band or other bands depending on what look I want to achieve.
  29. CONS:
    – All the extra holes mean a little more thorough cleanup after intense workout
    – small learning/manual dexterity curve to fasten it, but once you’re used to it this will not affect you.
  30. Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical about buying another one, even though it was a different seller.
  31. This band fits into my original Fitbit frame with no problem.
  32. It is nice and soft so I don’t even notice my Fitbit while wearing it.
  33. It is a bit of an adjustment trying to put it on since it’s not made like a regular watch band but it’s not hard to get on.
  34. Looks just like the picture and has held up well over the past month.
  35. I’m very active so it takes a good beating and seems to be hanging tough.
  36. I don’t like that the disc on the back leaves a rust mark on my wrist.
  37. It also has openings in the band to let air in so that your wrist doesn’t get sweaty when working out.
  38. The following Sunday (yesterday) the power button fell off.
  39. I love the band itself but this product only lasted three days before it broke.

Buy UMTELE Fitbit Blaze Bands, Sport Silicone Replacement Strap with Rose Gold/Gunmetal Frame for Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, 15 Colors Available here $13.90

Simpeak Fitbit Blaze Bands with Frame, Simpeak Silicone Replacement Band Strap with Frame Case for Fit bit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Small/Large

simpeak fitbit blaze bands with frame simpeak silicone replacement band strap wi

  1. Worry-free after-sales service: We provide a 5 years warranty and free lifetime technical support globally.
  2. You can get an exchange or refund if your band has any quality issues within 5 years.
  3. No problems with this band and the Blaze fits nice and snug.
  4. This band is great and looks exactly like the original band.
  5. I’ll probably buy another one so I have another color option.
  6. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice packaging and quality of the band.
  7. I love that I was given the option of purchasing a small size, which not all vendors offer.
  8. I believe this will extend the life of this black band, since I have no reason to remove it from the frame.
  9. The box that this band comes in is very similar to the box that a Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in.
  10. Simple & black creating a stylish appearance of elegance.
  11. The black frame is made of metal and send to be off solid construction.
  12. From every angle, it it’s extremely difficult to tell whether it is painted or anodized black.
  13. The Fitbit itself fits tightly and perfectly into the frame with no perceptible gaps.
  14. The band is already attached to the frame so you can use it right out of the box.
  15. It is soft and supple with the right amount of bend in the right spot.
  16. Should you ever need to change bands, just like an original band, the pins have a handy knob on the side that makes it much easier to depress.
  17. I ordered the small and although it fits, it is a little smaller than the original bands are.
  18. The band is really soft and I’m a little concerned that it may tear at the pin.
  19. I’m not going to test it today since this is for my everyday wear.
  20. If it was just a little longer, this would get a 6 out of 5!<
  21. Mine caught on something, and where the silicone attaches to the metal, it came apart.
  22. Just pop the watch from the band and place in the new one, and done.
  23. I wear a small and I like it loose, this band is just right for that.
  24. I thought I was getting a non-textured band though so I was a little disappointed when I saw it was textured like OEM one.
  25. However my Blaze unit pops in and out just the way it should.
  26. It’s a bit lighter than the original and feels pretty good against my wrist.
  27. Fair warning, if you get just the band, you’ll spend a good 15 minutes trying to coax the pins into place.
  28. It’s not a big deal and it obviously fits alright, it’s just a bit of a pain.
  29. Update: Worn for 2 months, and a part fell off, but I’m kind of tough on watches, as a dog trainer it seems someone is always bumping my arm or worse.
  30. This is an exact replica of the original at a great price.
  31. Next time I buy a band I’m looking at your items first!!<

Buy Simpeak Fitbit Blaze Bands with Frame, Simpeak Silicone Replacement Band Strap with Frame Case for Fit bit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Small/Large here $7.00 – $13.90

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