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Rock Helmets Pulse Work helmet of a Italian manufacturer with approval for work at heights, it’s reliability in demanding conditions.
Model that is a great offer on the market of helmets with approval for work at heights. Pulse Work is produced on the basis of the Pulse climbing model.

Thanks to the introduced changes, it completely meets the requirements for helmets for work at heights.

An ergonomic, ergonomic shape makes this helmet very comfortable to wear and, above all, extremely safe.

The external shell made of ABS is relatively thin and durable. The interior of extremely light polystyrene provides excellent cushioning during possible bumps in advance.

Such a combination of two materials perfectly suits each other, thanks to which some security and moderate overall importance were obtained.

The inner straps of the Rock Helmets Pulse Work helmet, wrapped around the head, are made of soft foam, which makes the helmet very comfortable and does not bother you even after a day’s work.

The size adjustment is done using the strap on the back of the head, allowing you to choose the right circumference in the range of 54-62 cm.

– A great combination of ABS and polystyrene materials is responsible for high strength

– Easy regulation of the circuit

– Comfortable interior




Fixing forehead-no

Ventilation holes-no



UIAA-not applicable

Weight-375 g

Adjustment range-54-62 cm

Brand: Rock Helmets

Easy Body Shredder Electric Ab Belt (2018 Version – FDA Cleared) Waist Trimming Abdominal Simulator – Flex & Contrast Your Ab Muscles Without Workout – Reduce Belly Fat and Strengthen Six Packs

easy body shredder electric belt version fda cleared waist trimming abdominal si

  1. The Easy Body Shredder uses electric pulses to contract your muscles.
  2. It works your Upper & Lower Abdominal Muscles as well as your Oblique Muscles all at the same time!
  3. You can wear it while watching TV, sitting at work, taking a walk, basically anywhere at anytime!
  4. Combined with a Healthy Diet you can turn this into a perfect waist trimmer!
  5. The FDA has cleared this product as a safe way for toning & strengthens muscles in your abdomen, thighs, biceps, quads, and more!
  6. PERFECT WEIGHT LOSS BELT – When Combined with Diet & Exercise it can help you lose weight and trim belly fat.
  7. Compatible with Abs, Legs, and Arms – The Easy Body Shredder not only gets you rock hard amazing abs, but it can also work on the toning of your Arms and Legs.
  8. Unlike other competitors our strap is fully compatible to fit your legs or arms.
  9. SAVE TIME, MONEY, & YOUR BACK – Get carved ripped trimmed ab muscles without investing in machines or rollers.
  10. No more putting pressure on your back and doing painful sit-ups or crunches.
  11. The Easy Body Shredder assists in developing a strong core.
  12. Lifetime Warranty – 100% Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee.
  13. If at any time you’re not satisfied with the product you’ll get a refund, no questions asked.
  14. Also 24×7 Customer Service – Anytime you have a question our Customer Service Department is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!
  15. I prefer and paid for a 2018, how was I able to peel off the sticker and the box is 2015!!!
  16. This product was sold as a 2018 when really there was just a sticker placed over what it originally was and that’s a 2015 model.
  17. The Icy Hot ones are good but small and they wear out too fast.
  18. The Tony Little was cheaply made and I gave up on using it.
  19. My Slendertone belt is wonderful and never lets me down.
  20. I can turn it up to way too strong, which is good because I’ve had ones where the electric muscle zapping was too weak.
  21. I really appreciate the secondary set of pads which I use to work out my arms, calves, and lower thighs.
  22. This is not a substitute for exercise, but I love using these.
  23. It helps me get the muscle definition I want tons faster than exercise alone.
  24. I’m definitely buying a backup set for myself and getting one for my brother.

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HAD HAD Had Men’s Reflectives 3M Scarf

had had had men reflectives scarf

  1. Versatile as a scarf, bandana, balaclava, cap, mask, scarf, hand warmers, ear warmer, headband, desert scarf, bandana, hairband, bracelet etc.

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