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The Skyline model, which is a lightweight group of climbing helmets, is the perfect choice both for summer trips to the rocks and for the uppermost parts of the mountains.
The Rock Helmets brand is well-known for its high quality helmet designed for various activities.

The biggest choice has, of course, climbing helmets, which belong to the basic equipment of every reasonable hot air enthusiast.

Skyline model is one of the lightest in the manufacturer’s offer.

Extremely low weight was obtained through the use of a suitable design. It consists of a light and relatively thin polycarbonate shell under which there is a foamed polystyrene.

The whole captures a significant part of the impact energy and looks great.

Everything, of course, while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

The shape of the Rock Helmets Skyline helmet is designed for climbers, with very good visibility and well-shielded occiput. In the shell of the helmet there are numerous ventilation openings, so that the whole provides the head with the right climate also during slightly higher temperatures. The helmet’s circumference can be adjusted to the size of the head.

All you need to do is use the backward knob on the back.

The possibility of a slight adjustment up and down the back of the entire system, allows you to perfectly match it to the shape of the head.

This model was of course equipped with attachments to the head, which will allow you to install most of the available models.

– Super light design

– A lot of ventilation openings

– Holders for attaching the head ending

– Convenient circuit regulation system in the range of 54-62 cm

– Made in Italy




Fixing the forehead-Yes

Ventilation holes-13


Shell-Polyweglan / polystyrene


Weight-approx. 250 g

Adjustment range-54-62 cm

Brand: Rock Helmets

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    CamelBak 2016 Skyline 10 LR Hydration Pack

    camelbak skyline hydration pack

    1. Compared to the Mule, my back breathes much more and having the weight lower keeps the pack from flopping around when hitting jumps.
    2. The first one I ordered actually had some torn stitching in the pocket so I exchanged it.
    3. I got the impressing that it would easily hold body armor, as I don’t wear any on the climb, but need it for the ride down.
    4. It does carry all the weight of the pack lower on the back, but I don’t think it made any improvement on my riding with all the “lower center of gravity” hype.
    5. The small zippered side pouch is large enough for my set of multiple keys.
    6. The main pouch ( middle ) is ample for tools and small items like tools, and extra tube, small water bottle securely


      The outboard pouch is almost useless.

    7. It has one strap, and there is very limited adjust ability.
    8. I put in a water bottle and a med hand pump, tossed the pack into the back seat, and the items fell out.
    9. It should have had two straps, and more length to the strap.
    10. I have a size 31 waist, and the waist strap was so snug that i didn’t bother to buckle it.
    11. Anyone with a larger girth will find that strap useless.
    12. One of the pouches on the strap has no zipper, and whatever you put in it will probably disappear on the trail, The gear straps at the bottom of the pack can barely hold a set of pads.
    13. The straps are way too short, they should have been made at least 4-6 inches longer.
    14. I was able to attach 2 soft knee pads and 2 hard shell elbow pads but only by smashing them down and using most of my strength to clip the straps in.
    15. Not to sure if I like the magnetic hose clip, but its no big deal.
    16. Bottom line

      If you are a minimalist and have a slim waist, ride seated most of the time, then this is a great pack and looks stylish.

    17. However, if you need to be prepared for the ride down as well as extra tools and supplies to ensure you arrive on two wheels, then you might want to consider a larger pack.I made a mistake purchasing this, but I’ll make the best of it since I cant return it.
    18. It would get 5 stars if the material was of better quality and/or made in the USA.
    19. Went from an original camelbak from ~2005 with no storage and a 2 litre bag.
    20. New design fits very well and is centered lower on the body.
    21. No bouncing around while riding/racing even with 3 litres of water and tools.
    22. Lots in the bladder, and good amt of space for rest of your kit.

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