Rockland mat self inflating one man

Rockland mat self inflating one man 1
The Rockland self-inflating mat is an excellent alternative to hard, cold mattresses and large, heavy inflatable mattresses.

The mat is self-pumping when unfolded! Gabka located in her interior rozpreza and the mat automatically fill up with air. It is stable, safe for the spine, perfectly insulates from the cold ground and provides a comfortable rest after a day’s wandering. It is additionally equipped with ABS-a surface layer that prevents the mat from moving, which significantly increases sleep comfort. The whole set has rubber clamping straps for better compression.


Size after spreading-183 cm (length), 51 cm (width), 2.5 cm (thickness)

Dimensions after packing-13 cm x 51 cm





Semoo Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Mat/pad, 190T Polyester, Water Repellent Coating, with Attached Inflatable Pillow

semoo self inflating camping sleeping mat pad polyester water repellent coating

  1. DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Waterproof polyester taffeta, ABS quick flow valve, high-resilience sponge filling.
  2. For increased firmness, pad can be manually inflated by blowing into the valve.
  3. CAN BE A DOUBLE SLEEPING PAD: TWO Mats can be buckled together to make an extra large sleeping space.
  4. LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: Compression straps for compact storage and easy transport.
  5. We aim to provide the best customer experience possible.
  6. For the MATCHED sleeping bag, please search “B077HVGD4T”.
  7. E26 Base Soft White Lamp Bulb with Backup Battery for Power Outage Emergency Lighting – AIR GAP U.S.
  8. However, this mat can be buckled together to make an extra large one that allow more person to enjoy great lives indoors or outdoors.
  9. You will never see the padded mat like this that also easy to carry and compress, we wish this is your favorite mat.
  10. We provide optimal products aimed at satisfying our clients’ needs, as well as their interactions and relationships with nature.
  11. We devote ourselves to the improvement of our clients’ enjoyment of their lives in the outdoors.
  12. Super high quality material, fashionable designs, competitive prices and a solid reputation have made our products popular the world over.
  13. Since I was a little boy, my father and grandfather would take me on backwoods adventures to spend time with Mother Nature.
  14. Camping often led us out into the wilderness or down by a lake.
  15. Setting up camp or cooking food, it was important to have the proper equipment.
  16. Semoo has designed a Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat that enables you to sleep under the stars and enjoy camping adventures with great technology.
  17. Contents Included: Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat, Carrying Bag and User Instructions

    The Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat is perfect if you are going camping, hiking, traveling, or plan to have company over as it is simple and easy to use.

  18. All you do is open the quick flow valve and the mat self-inflates in a few short minutes.
  19. Once inflated, you close the quick flow valve, blow up the separate inflatable pillow and you have a fully functional bed.
  20. Once you are done using it easily deflates, rolls and buckles into a compact size for easy carrying and storage.
  21. It even allows you to buckle it together with a second mat to create an extra large one for more space.
  22. With many camping adventures still ahead, I am excited to use my new Semoo Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat.
  23. It is a portable and convenient solution for any camping trip or outdoor adventure.
  24. For a price that’s under budget and on point, you won’t be disappointed.
  25. This is the perfect size for my daughter which u see in the pictures i think for adult it would have to be maybe just a little bit wider .
  26. Now if you’re like me, you probably skipped over that part in the description.
  27. What that means is that you do not have to manually inflate the “bed” section of this.
  28. You do, however, need to manually inflate the pillow portion that’s built in (which is very smart because this way you won’t have to lug around an extra item).
  29. It’s actually quite comfortable, surprisingly, considering the size of the thing.
  30. Now, this is definitely for one person (maybe a person that doesn’t really do karate moves in their sleep), but there are buttons on each side that allows you to connect it to another one and so on.
  31. But here’s the thing, because this is self-inflating, you need to twist the cap back on immediately otherwise it will start pulling air again.
  32. I will never understand.) After a recent visit he was talking about wanting a little mattress to put in the back of his truck bed for an upcoming overnight excursion.
  33. Obviously, he’s getting “soft” in his years, but I thought I’d look into something for him.
  34. The criteria for me was simple: find something lightweight, small enough to keep in his truck, and simple enough that he would actually use it.
  35. After the mat arrived I decided to give it a test run with my kids.
  36. If it could take a beating from them, it should be able to take one from my brother.
  37. Inflating it was so simple: just turn the valve until you hear air.
  38. I listened to two Cake songs while it was inflating and by the end it seemed full to me.
  39. I blew the pillow up and shut that valve, too, then tossed the mat on the floor and let my toddler inspect it.
  40. This “may” have included some jumping, sliding, bouncing her head on the pillow (A LOT), and eating a bunch of crackers while lying on it like she was Cleopatra.
  41. I decided to give it a try, too, and though I’m pregnant and always prefer soft and squishy, my hips didn’t hurt and I found myself getting comfortable on it rather quickly.
  42. I am fairly tall (5’11”) and thought the length worked for me.
  43. I took the mat outside and threw it on the grass so my son could take a stab at it and he loved it, too.
  44. He apparently thought it was for him so I guess I’ll have to get him one now.
  45. He deflated the pillow to his liking and relaxed on that thing for a long time.
  46. I think he was pretending he was camping in our backyard.
  47. He liked how the green color blended into the “environment.”

    So basically, the mat fulfilled all the criteria I was hoping for, and the bonus is that it’s easy to clean (okay, the toddler ate yogurt on it, too), and pack away for the next use.

  48. I used air mattress last summer so it was so uncomfortable so I decide to try a pad instead.
  49. I’ve used this twice now and find it to be very warm and comfortable for sleeping.

Buy Semoo Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Mat/pad, 190T Polyester, Water Repellent Coating, with Attached Inflatable Pillow here $29.99

Foxelli Sleeping Pad – Comfortable & Compact Self Inflating Lightweight Moisture-proof Mat, Perfect for Camping, Hiking & Backpacking, Super Durable Foam Padding, Waterproof Air Mattress with Pillow

foxelli sleeping pad comfortable amp compact self inflating lightweight moisture

  1. No matter where you are, you can count on a comfortable night’s sleep with Foxelli Sleeping Pad.
  2. Non-slip surface ensures you do not slide during the night.
  3. Simply twist the valve open, unroll the pad and it will inflate all by itself!
  4. For firmer support, add a few puffs to mattress and you’ll have a pad so comfy and inviting, you’ll forget you’re not in your own bed.
  5. Wake up ready to explore the great outdoors, while being well-rested with Foxelli self-inflating sleeping pad!
  6. Pad compresses to roll up tightly for compact storage or travel.
  7. Each is equipped with a built-in pillow, repair kit and storage bag.
  8. NO AIR LEAKAGE – Military grade, heavy duty, polyester thermal fabric guarantees there is no air leakage and you get a durable, waterproof, insulated, abrasion and tear resistant, all season sleeping pad.
  9. Every one of our mats is thoroughly tested for leakage before shipping.
  10. Our pads are designed to ensure even air distribution inside the padded filling, and are suitable for cold weather, indoor & outdoor use.
  11. One patch kit is included in case your sleeping pad accidentally gets punctured.
  12. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.
  14. If you don’t like your sleeping pad for whatever reason, we will instantly give you your MONEY BACK and you can keep the pad.
  15. My 11 year old is getting ready for a trip and I wanted to make sure he could set this up and be comfortable.
  16. He did it right away, on his own, right out of the bag.
  17. The quality looks very nice, the color is lovely, and it was pretty comfortable laying down as a test on the hard wood floor.
  18. It looks very sturdy and I’m sure we will be using well after the trip for sleep overs and such.
  19. I’ll sleep better knowing my son has a good night’s sleep on his trip!
  20. The ability to snap together is what enticed me about this product.
  21. I bought two right away and snapped them together to create one large sleeping area.
  22. Snapping two pads together keeps them next to each other but does not create one large sleeping area as there is a “crack” between them for the snaps.
  23. The self inflation is fantastic and the built in pillow is very comfortable for a back sleeper.
  24. The plastic/fabric is well constructed and very nice looking.
  25. We haven’t had a chance to field test them but we did test them in the living room and they’re very comfy.
  26. They were easy to inflate and they stayed inflated all night.
  27. The kids slept on these the first night and my husband and I used the air mattress.
  28. I woke up with back and hip pain after sleeping on the air mattress.
  29. The next night I slept on the Foxelli Sleeping pad and woke up feeling great.
  30. There was no pain at all and my pain from the previous night had stopped.
  31. I was concerned about them being comfortable since they are pretty thin but I would definitely get rid of my air mattress and get more of these.
  32. It was used for an indoor retreat under a sleeping bag and provided just enough cushion to not feel the hard floor with every toss or turn.
  33. It takes a few minutes to self inflate and the pillow was a little tricky to blow up, but overall it served its purpose well and I plan to use it next summer in the tent.
  34. I got two and my cousin and I clipped them together to make a queen bed.
  35. Love the snap together feature so wife and I can sleep together without falling into a crack between pads.
  36. These pads, once inflated fit very nicely inside the bag which is awesome as nothing is worse then waking up in the middle of the night to realize you’ve rolled off of your mat.
  37. I read mixed reviews about keeping heat in your bag when putting the pad inside.
  38. We just finished a campout where the temps were below 20, all 3 of my boys were fine and were comfortable.
  39. These were great purchase for us, and would recommend to others as well.
  40. It’s comfortable, neat, rolls up tight and fits my pack as I expected.
  41. I ordered this to use for camping for my bachelor party and I am not upset with it.
  42. It’s extremely comfortable and easy to inflate and deflate when necessary.
  43. Made for a super comfy sleeping surface and takes up such a small space.

Buy Foxelli Sleeping Pad – Comfortable & Compact Self Inflating Lightweight Moisture-proof Mat, Perfect for Camping, Hiking & Backpacking, Super Durable Foam Padding, Waterproof Air Mattress with Pillow here

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