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Rockland solar shower is a very comfortable, ingenious and easy-to-use substitute bathroom wherever there is no access to sanitary facilities. It will provide you with a sufficient amount of hot water in a short time to bathe or wash the dishes in field conditions. Made of black polyester, the 20-liter tank is filled with water and exposed to a flat, sunlight. Within two or three hours-depending on the conditions-we can heat the water up to a temperature of over 40 ° C. Using the handle, we hang the tank-eg on a tree. Now all you have to do is connect the tap with the shower tip and enjoy the hot cap to the tap.

The water temperature can be controlled using the built-in thermometer-if necessary, add it to the cold water tank.

On the tank there is a scale, showing the time needed to heat the water to different temperatures during the sunny day and air temperature 21 degrees. Warning! The tank must not be used for transporting water! Before filling, put a plastic reinforcement stiffening the tank in the holder.



Solar Camping Shower Bag – 5 gallons/20L Solar Heating Premium Camping Shower Bag Hot Water with Temperature 50°C Removable Hose on/off Switchable Shower Head Hiking Climbing Summer Shower

solar camping shower bag gallons solar heating premium camping shower bag hot wa

  1. HIGH WATER CAPACITY: This useful bag can easily carry up to 5 GALLONS (20Liters) water for showering at remote areas!
  2. SMART HEAT ABSORBING DESIGN: The PVC material can efficiently absorb the solar energy to heat up the water inside the bag.
  3. PROMISE: If you have any question, please contact us, we will response you in the first time.
  4. And if you are not satisfied with our products by chance, we offer you a full money back guarantee.If you do not want to receive a fake product or a poor quality product, please choose “Wilove”.
  5. Filled with water, black side up on the flat so that the sun can be fully exposed.
  6. You must test water temperature before taking a shower and add some cold water if necessary.
  7. Please don’t heat the water over 50 Degree, or it will shorten the service life of bag.

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KingCamp Solar Shower 20 Litre / 5.28 Gallon

kingcamp solar shower litre gallon

  1. The solar shower is great for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn’t available.
  2. ENJOY YOUR TIME: You don’t have to spare time especially to prepare warm water.
  3. Just fill it with water, lay it on plat surface, and expose it to direct sunlight.
  4. After enjoying your outdoor activities, take a shower or simply wash your hands and face, you will feel the gentle water flow and suddenly relaxed.
  5. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION- Strong handle for reliable hanging and carrying.
  6. EASY OPERATION AND CLEANING: Large filling valve with twist-off cap for easy filling water.
  7. The flexible shower hose with handy on/off valve makes showering a breeze.
  8. You’re supposed to mix baking soda and warm water together and swish it around in the bag/run it through the hose, then hangs it up to dry out.
  9. Ideal for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, barbecues, picnics etc.
  10. Please pay attention to the water temperature before use in order to avoid scald.
  11. Tips: Don’t forget “me” when “I” am out of sun or “I” will be cold!<
  12. Each product design is based on the specific requirements of our clients and the comments from our testers who use the products in extreme outdoor conditions.
  13. There are a few items that you’ll want to know before you take it camping though.
  14. The spigot tends to spin inside the tube when you’re trying to twist it open to use.
  15. Once home, I put gorilla glue on the inside to make it extra secure.
  16. The little velcro straps at the bottom to keep the shower head from dragging on the ground tend to come undone frequently.
  17. Either glue or sew the velcro on the opposite side of the strap and it will stay put.
  18. It worked well for me, but trying to wash a 3 year old that is much closer to the ground was difficult.
  19. I can’t comment on how much it heated the water because we were in a very shady campsite and it was overcast.
  20. It worked just fine to warm the rest of the water to a palatable temp.
  21. The thermometer strip on the back doesn’t work, but I’m not concerned.
  22. You can feel the bag and tell if it’s going to be warm enough to use.
  23. May have been part of the problem with it not heating as well.
  24. This has been extremely helpful while I renovate a place in need of a water heater.
  25. The thermometor read out doesn’t appear to work on mine, but the temperature reached a comfortable degree.
  26. I might suggest the packaging showing how to use the buckles on the bottom, because I couldn’t quite figure it out.
  27. I had success hanging it with a carabiner from the rafters.
  28. Temperature indicator is a waste just feel the bag daaa.
  29. We have not had a lot of real sunny weather but it seems to work real good.
  30. It was never able to get warm due to the fact we were camping in a forest with not much sun.
  31. The only thing I didn’t like is it was hard to unscrew the shower head when trying to rinse.

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