protectors rollerblade blade gear jr

protectors rollerblade blade gear jr 1
A set of anatomically fitting baby pads for wrists, locks and knees.

They were made of breathable and abrasion-resistant material.

Brand: Rollerblade


Rollerblade Flash Plus Junior Three Pad Pack 2016

rollerblade flash plus junior three pad pack

  1. No matter how experienced you are at inline skating, you never know when you may take a tumble.
  2. To be protected from the unexpected, the Flash Plus 3 pack provides 1 pair of wrist, knee, and elbow pads.
  3. Each pad is anatomically designed and crafted with anti-abrasion material and shock-absorbing gel inserts.
  4. This, combined with Coolmax mesh materials, will give you the perfect combination of style, protection, and breathability for any casual skate or fitness skating session.
  5. Hard to know when buying wether they will fit right or not.
  6. The straps do not allow to tighten more so they won’t stay in place as they are too loose.

Buy Rollerblade Flash Plus Junior Three Pad Pack 2016 here $19.99

K2 SPORTS Junior Skating Pad Set

k sports junior skating pad set

  1. They are much higher quality than I expected, they have the same level of protection as adult pads just sized for kids.
  2. The xs fit perfectly for my daughter so I think if you have six or seven year old you may want to go a size up.
  3. It is hard to tell knee from elbow pads, in fact I don’t know if there is a difference between the two.
  4. They are a little big but still wearable so some room to grow into.
  5. Hard to tell knee pads from elbow pads and children will have a difficult time putting them on themselves.
  6. They do, however, offer excellent protection when worn properly.

Buy K2 SPORTS Junior Skating Pad Set here $17.95 – $35.95

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