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SG5 Bearings Recreactional bearings were designed based on high-quality materials, which made it possible to create a more durable and shock-resistant product. Poor quality of the road, on which we ride on rollers, causes greater friction while driving.

The SG5 Rollerblade bearings reduce friction, allowing maximum driving speed and comfort. Description:

– 16 pieces of bearings

– material: chromed steel 52100, silicon gel

– quiet turnover

– reduction of friction while driving

Brand: Rollerblade


Rollerblade Macroblade 80 Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate, Black and Orange, Performance Inline Skates

rollerblade macroblade men adult fitness inline skate black and orange performan

  1. Great overall support and comfort in a entry level “upgrade” skate.
  2. FLEX AND LATERAL SUPPORT The Macroblade structure has an ideal mix of flex and lateral support.
  3. TWINBLADE ALUMINUM FRAME is durable and helps keep skaters closer to the ground with its low profile design for enhanced balance and stability.
  4. ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS 80mm/82A wheels blend speed and control perfectly.
  5. SG5 bearings spin helps to provide the appropriate speed.
  6. It has the ideal mix of flex and lateral support to enable longer skating sessions with less foot fatigue.
  7. The buckle fastens the feet with durability while the 45┬░strap and lace system anchors the heels in for the perfect fit to minimize heel lift.
  8. When it was first introduced it created a whole new level of cushioning and fit for inline skates.
  9. The padding in the tongue and ankle areas cushion the feet for more enjoyable and comfortable skating.
  10. They definitely make the difference for beginner and intermediate skaters and also satisfy the fit and comfort needs of experienced skaters.
  11. Being closer to the ground when skating adds more response, makes the skater more confident and gives them more control with their turning and skating abilities.
  12. The SG5 bearings roll smoothly to keep a moderate skate pace with a controllable speed.
  13. It is an ideal wheel and bearing combination because the ride of an 80mm wheel does not make it too intimidating for those wanting a little less velocity.
  14. As skills become more developed, they can also be upgraded to a better wheel, 84mm wheel or faster bearing in the future to enhance performance and speed.
  15. Lux Gear Plus and X-Gear 3-packs (wristguards, knee pads, elbow pads) introduce technical materials and elevated anatomical design for superior protection from the pavement.
  16. Fit, support and comfort are delivered through the Macroblade boot structure and liner.
  17. The shell is designed to provide great lateral support while the liner has all the cushioning one could need to make learning how to skate or just improving basic skills much more pleasant.
  18. The more comfortable the feet are, the longer one will want to skate.
  19. The aluminum frame also improves the performance of the Macroblade 80 by adding more power transfer and durability.
  20. The closure system is easy to use and secures the foot to maximize both fit and comfort.
  21. Lastly, the wheel/bearing set up is ideal for skaters to have the right amount of speed and control without going too fast.
  22. A great benefit of this skate is once ones skills advance, the wheels can be upgraded to faster, higher performing 84mm wheels and faster bearings to enhance the ride.
  23. Great skate with exceptional value for those who want to cruise around or get a spirited workout.

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