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GILBERT balls are designed to ensure optimal use in all conditions.

The Gilbert OMEGA football is suitable for every level of advancement: club, training and recreation.

– standard grip

– Truflight ™ valve Valve

– 3-ply made of polibawelny and cotton laminate

– durable rubber plating surface

– hand sewn




Brand: Gilbert


Gilbert Photon Match Rugby Ball (Size 5)

gilbert photon match rugby ball size

  1. Perfect for game play or elite-level training that requires perfect accuracy.
  2. I was very happy to get it, i have been looking for a good rugby ball for a while and the shipping is always ridiculous on them.
  3. Finally got it and it is hand made and the craftsmanship is great and this ball has incredible grip.
  4. On top of all that it came in earlier than the date which is always good!<
  5. And the ball lost its shape by the time it got to my home.
  6. It looks like it will stand up to the punishment ahead.
  7. If used it one time and it’s almost no paint in the ball.

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Gilbert Omega Rugby Ball

gilbert omega rugby ball

  1. The Omega Rugby Ball from Gilbert is a size 5 ball ideal for club, schools and junior rugby.
  2. Kick-off ready as soon as you take it out the box the hand-stitched design conforms to all World Rugby specifications.
  3. The 3 ply polyester laminate maximises energy transfer between the boot and ball for an added boost to your game.
  4. A unique Ellipse Truflight Valve redistributes weight along the seams for greater rotational stability and accuracy.
  5. I use it any time I play rugby, and it does a great job of being the ball.
  6. It can’t be easy being kicked around like it does, but like a true champion it continues to ball.

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