butyl to run Adidas galaxy af

butyl to run Adidas galaxy af 1
Adidas Galaxy 2 M shoes are made of textile and synthetic materials. Footwear laced.

Outsole of the outer rubber-adiWEAR is a permanent type of rubber used to complement the outer soles of shoes in the most common contact with the ground.

The shoes have a system AdiPRENE-is a material material that is located in the front of the shoe. It allows better knocking out and gives more dynamics to the next step.

– men’s running shoes

– upper made of breathable mesh

– reinforced toe area

– inner sole with adiprene system-shock absorbing shock

– outsole made of abrasion-resistant rubber adiwear

– Supercloud midsole provides extra cushioning and comfort at every step

– breathable mesh ensuring adequate ventilation of the foot

– sides reinforced with synthetic leather panels for a better fit of the uppers tofeet

– reinforced tab for better stability



Model-Galaxy 2 M

Color-blue and navy (AF6690)

TECHNOLOGIES: AdiPRENE-Very system a calming material, used to cushion the anterior part of the foot, providing a responsive, dynamic reflection of the tip of the foot. adiPRENE-is a lightweight, smashing impact material with excellent elasticity, used in the front of adidas footwear for shock absorption and for a dynamic, responsive feeling. adiPRENE-can be used as the midsole or as a separate front part of the shoe.

– Supports the natural movement of the foot

– It allows better knocking out

– Minimizes the risk of injuries to the anterior part of the foot

AdiWEAR system.

Extraordinary permanent, non-marking

type of rubber, mainly used as a supplement to the outer sole, protects the sole against abrasion and excessive wear.

The AdiWEAR system provides:

– Adequate shoe adhesion

– The elasticity of the shoe

– The weight of the shoe

Brand: Adidas


adidas Men’s Galaxy 3 m Running Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 7.5 Medium US

adidas men galaxy running shoe black black black medium us

  1. A breathable air mesh upper stretches around the foot, while cloudfoam gives you ultra cushioning.
  2. It’s light and comfortable except the plastic part is giving me a sore on the top of my foot.
  3. The textile so thin at the front part that my big toe made a hole thru the fabric.
  4. Nice and comfortable shoes for a few months, if you are ok with this, go for it.
  5. In case you looking shoes for longer time period, pick a more durable Adidas.
  6. This is what they said: I am sorry to hear that the shoes you purchased were not suitable for balance and agility on all court surfaces, however, the Barricade, Adizero, and Novak shoes are.
  7. Despite this, I may still keep them because they are lightweight and comfortable for general walking.
  8. I will stick with ultraboost for running and Galaxy3 for walking!!<
  9. Bought for family member who has painful feet and these are the most comfortable shoes he has owned.
  10. Added to which, although they are a running shoe, they are all black and don’t look out of place in social settings.
  11. This one fits like it should and doesn’t leak water in from the bottom when raining (yes that was an actual issue I found with some).
  12. It’s also very breathable but contrary to what the photos might look like the bottom is not ventilated (that’s what I thought).
  13. I’ll probably order another pair and just size down by a half size (they are a little longer than expected).
  14. You have to pull back a piece of cheap fabric to lace the shoes, and the fabric looks like it would rip with any amount of effort.

Buy adidas Men’s Galaxy 3 m Running Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 7.5 Medium US here $40.92 – $155.00

adidas Men’s Galaxy M Trail Runner

adidas men galaxy trail runner

  1. Breathable uppers are reinforced for rugged trail conditions and traxion outsole grips dirt, rock and roots, so you can hit the trail with confidence.
  2. Not much cushioning in the front, not great for high impacts in the front and back.
  3. While they do have plenty of grip for trails, the sole is a harder rubber which makes them slippery on solid, smooth indoor surfaces.
  4. And I don’t know if it’s the materials used, but these make my feet STINK!!!!
  5. Never had smelly feet till these, right from the start.At least they look nice.
  6. These benefit from having the vinyl/plastic reinforcement near the outside of the shoe that prevents the scuffing and tearing a kid normally does to the shoe.
  7. They’re comfortable and he loves the coudfoam inside for comfort.
  8. I wont purchase this model again for those reasons but will stay with Adidas over all.
  9. They did not hold my foot inside, heel would slip out and lateral stability was not so good.
  10. Maybe good for trail walking but not running or more demanding terrain.
  11. But as I haven’t broken it in and haven’t time to test it I can’t rate it properly.
  12. Otherwise these are of the good quality of fit and finish I’ve come to expect from Adidas.
  13. They’re light weight with a tread that feels secure on even the loosest trails.
  14. It’s almost part of my routine wear now due to the comfort level.

Buy adidas Men’s Galaxy M Trail Runner here $40.14 – $125.99

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