scooter SMJ gs red black

scooter SMJ gs red black 1
The SMJ scooter on large, pumped wheels, which makes it easier to ride on an unhealthy ground and well absorb vibrations.

The scooter has steel structures with a comfortable platform, it is equipped with a manual front and rear brake.

The foldable foot allows you to park your scooter.


– Frame: steel

– Dimensions (split): 88 x 125 x 60 cm

(height x length x width)

– Platform: plastic

– Platform: 32 x 11 cm

– Usable area of ​​the platform: 28 x 11 cm

– Weight: approx. 7 kg

– Max user’s weight: 63.5 kg

– Pumped wheels

– Col size: 14″(front), 12" (back)

– Front brake

– Rear brake

– Foldaway footer

– Comfortable handlebar grips

– Gabka securing the steering wheel bar

– Purpose: children over 5 years of age

– EN14619

Brand: SMJ


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