scooter jd bug tc green
Marker Scooter with a Certificate: EN71, Phthalate. Product features:

– plastic platform with a scratch-resistant coating and light effect, – non-slip sticker, – reinforced with an aluminum frame, – aluminum steering wheel, adjustable height (min 59 max 74 cm), – rubber rings on ABEC-5 bearings, – storage with wrenches, – spare wheel, – comfortable foam grips, – pedestal covering the collar.

Brand: Nils

Grand Stander Scooter Stand

grand stander scooter stand

  1. Its perfect design can fit almost any scooter from 100mm to 120mm wheels and all your favorite scooter brands such as Madd Gear, Razor, Phoenix, JD Bug, Grit, Envy etc.
  2. I’ve found that screwing it to a piece of plywood makes it a bit more stable – in a garage full of bikes and other scoots where it’s easily bumped.
  3. We have two scooters that are always thrown about the garage.
  4. Even if we tried to lean them against the wall, they would roll down to the floor.
  5. The glow in the dark aspect is very dim but maybe the room doesn’t get enough light during the day.
  6. Will purchase again and seller delivered promptly and arrived early.
  7. Wish shipping wasn’t so much, and price tag seems high, too, for a little plastic thing.
  8. They work perfect for getting the scooter up off the garage floor and stored in an upright position.

Buy Grand Stander Scooter Stand here $12.95

Vokul Scooter Stand Fit Vokul,Razor,Fuzion,Madd Gear, Lucky, Phoenix, District For Organized Storage and Safety

vokul scooter stand fit vokul razor fuzion madd gear lucky phoenix district for

  1. Fit tightly,avaliable colors,perfect design make the scooter experience more happy and the stored scooter place much more organized.

    The kid scooter should have a considerable space in your garage or home to avoid in a jumbled heap condition which this Scooter stand fit almost any scooter from 95mm to 110mm wheels like Razor, maxi kick,Madd Gear, Lucky, Phoenix, District,radio flyer and all other brands,the scooter stand made of Hard plastic,very sturdy simple to connect together, work just like described.

  3. Use ths stand will make the scooter place much more organized.
  4. Perfect design can fit almost any scooter from 95mm to 120mm wheels.
  5. Fit brands like Vokul,Madd Gear, Razor, Phoenix, Lucky, Grit, Envy etc.
  6. Stop tripping over your child’s scooter in the garage and driveway by providing them with a safe location to leave their ride.
  7. A little on the smaller side so the scooter will fall over if not you don’t set it in straight.
  8. It has holes for screws so if I nail/screw it to a piece of wood a little bigger footprint will help this.
  9. We’ve had other products that we used but this one is by far the best and the stand itself does not take up much space likes others.
  10. There are areas on both ends for the mount to screw it into to something.
  11. My stepson’s scooter does not randomly fall over anymore!<

Buy Vokul Scooter Stand Fit Vokul,Razor,Fuzion,Madd Gear, Lucky, Phoenix, District For Organized Storage and Safety here

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