scooter nils hl pink

scooter nils hl pink 1
Children’s scooter NILS HL-100 in pink color. It has a PU 96 mm wheel and a high quality ABEC7 bearing Scooter has a built-in LED


Steering wheel height-62 cm

The maximum height of the steering wheel-70 cm<
The length after folding-54 cm

The width after folding-10 cm

The brake-rear kick

The length of the platform-29 cm

The width of the platform-9 cm

Type of material on the platform-plastic<
Type of grips on the steering wheel-foam

Type of grips on the steering wheel-foam

Maximum load-50 kg

Maximum height after disassembly-77 cm

Wheels-LED PU 96 mm

Bearings-ABEC 7


Net weight-2.2 kg

Brand: Nils

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