wheel scooter Tbar purple

wheel scooter Tbar purple 1

– Aluminum steering wheel for a scooter.

– Height 58cm

– Width 43 cm

Brand: SMJ


Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

globber primo wheel adjustable height scooter

  1. On their scooters, kids can take back the neighborhood, connect with peers/neighbors, and stay physically active.
  2. Globber Scooters products showcase just how easy and fun it is to use a scooter through their sleek design and unmatched function.
  3. Globber believes that safety can never be undervalued and all products meet or exceed worldwide safety certifications.
  4. Thank you for your interest in the Globber Scooter experience!<
  5. The child must lean with the handlebars to steer, which engages the pivot with ball bearings that turn the front 2 wheels.
  6. Larger wheels in the front offer greater stability, especially when rolling over sidewalk cracks or rougher surfaces.
  7. High-rebound PU material and ABEC 5 bearings create an extremely smooth ride and lasts longer than other wheel materials.
  8. This scooter is nice and quiet, music to parent’s ears!
  9. Aluminum T-bar handlebars have either a matte or chrome finish, giving the scooter a brilliant look.
  10. Colorful TPR handlebar grips provide maximum comfort and will not wear out quickly.
  11. The handlebars can be easily removed from the deck by the push of a button.
  12. The scooter comes apart into 2 pieces, making it easy to travel with, carry into a restaurant or place in the car.
  13. The steering lock mechanism (button on the face of the deck) locks the steering so the scooter moves in a straight line.
  14. This allows the child to learn to balance before they need to steer.
  15. Unlock the steering by easily pressing the red button on the bottom of the deck.
  16. Globber Scooters is the only brand on the market that offers this feature!
  17. The deck is made up of hi-impact PP with an anti-slip texture, a fancy name for a durable hard plastic material that will withstand the gentle play of a child.
  18. The PP material is high end (made to last) and has a clean and sleek look when compared to other children’s outdoor toys.
  19. The deck is also reinforced with a steel plate to give it strength and durability.
  20. She is very nervous to try new things and we thought something like this scooter would help build her confidence.
  21. We live on a gravel road and it is a 1/4 mile walk to get to a paved street.
  22. The scooter did great on the gravel and once we got to the paved street my daughter was flying!
  23. She was so proud of herself and figured out how to steer and stop very quickly.
  24. The scooter is smaller than I had hoped at the top setting, but that was my mistake and there is nothing at all to complain about.
  25. I haven’t seen my daughter take to something with confidence this quickly before!
  26. If you are researching scooters, stop now and buy this one!
  27. We explained the steering feature to him, so he first tried it with it disengaged and able to steer by leaning.
  28. This is all indoors, by the way, as we’ll have snow until April.) He came back and asked that we lock the front, which is easy to do, and then he went back and forth and around for quite a while.
  29. A short time after he went home with his mom and dad and little sister, I received a text letting me know that he was wearing a path in their hallway.
  30. Later, I received another text telling me that his little sister, three and a half, was now having a great time with it.
  31. Before buying it, I read reviews for hours and days, and I’m certainly glad I chose this one.
  32. It seems very well made, the handle is adjustable, and it will fit him for some time to come.
  33. There is nothing about this that I don’t like, and if anyone has questions or concerns, I’ll ask my daughter if I don’t have the answer.
  34. Purchased a Razor scooter for an older child at the same time, and while the razor is fine, the quality of this scooter over that one is noticeably better.
  35. The wheels on the Globber do not transmit the amount of vibration up through the handle as the razor.
  36. Watching them side by side, it takes about 5 minutes to begin to notice the difference in quality.
  37. It’s not so much that I’m unhappy with the razor as I’m just really impressed with the Globber.
  38. He originally wanted a micro but they were a little too pricey for our budget.
  39. He LOVES his new scooter, said it was the best gift ever!
  40. Easy to lean, the wheels are great on our hard floors, works well.
  41. And I can say that is even better than the Micro which most of her friends has.
  42. I was hesitant because reviews were not all positive (as usual for anything, really) but I am very happy to say they are totally awesome!
  43. I wasn’t sold on spending a ton of money on the “high end” scooters so I went with these.
  44. Its a very easy and smooth ride from what I see my kids riding.
  45. We read a million reviews and this one seemed to be the best for not just a beginner but also as they grow and learn.
  46. You can turn the steering on and off so that when they are beginners it’s easier to keep your balance.
  47. My son is almost 5 now and is becoming quite the pro and still loves this scooter!
  48. It has held up to lots of bangs and falls and the brake works well even at a high speed down a hill.
  49. We are so impressed with it and plan to get another for our other son soon.
  50. In no time I had to have a little jog going to keep up with her.
  51. Had all the features we wanted for a fraction of the cost.
  52. They loved them and rode them quickly and effortlessly.
  53. We bought 3 scooters and they all seem to have the same problems.

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Scooter, Allek 3 Wheel Kick Scooter for Kids Boys Girls Adjustable Height PU Flashing Wheels Best Gifts for Children from 3 to 17 Year-Old

scooter allek wheel kick scooter for kids boys girls adjustable height flashing

  1. T Style Handle Bar and Lifting Lock Which Can Adjust to 4 Heights (24.8in-35.43in).
  2. Easy to Fold and Carry with Its PATENTED Folding System.
  3. The High Quality Aluminum Reinforced Brake Pedal is Easy to Use and Makes Scooting Stable and Safe.
  4. For those little riders who just learning the basics of balance and coordination, the ALLEK scooter is their best choice.
  5. ALLEK scooter gives your child a happy childhood and an outgoing personality, it is good for their physical and mental health.
  6. Keeps your kids from long-playing mobile phones, ipad, laptop and games console, lets them go out and play with others.
  7. Three-wheeled aluminum alloy shock-absorbing and foldable Kick Scooter, folding system, convenient to fold, easy to carry.
  8. Super larger dual wheel design, buffered big spring, effectively reduce the strong vibration caused by uneven ground, it’s much more comfortable.
  9. Comfortable Foldable handle with high-quality and non-slip material.
  10. High strength and wear-resistant PU Flashing wheel with high flexibility and smooth rolling.
  11. Wheel: Front: Elastic 120mm PU Wheel/Rear: Elastic 80mm PU Wheel.
  12. He hasn’t had much luck yet with his balance on a bike, so we wanted him to still be able to get out and have fun.
  13. It comes shipped in a good box, but you do have to put the handlebar post onto the base section of the scooter.
  14. It requires a good amount of force, and I also had to check the red tab to verify it was all the way in.
  15. The handlebar also folds down which makes it easy for me to carry to the park, or for my wife to out it in the back of the car to take to his friend’s house.
  16. The double wheels up front light up when spinning, and assist in balance for steering when leaning.
  17. Breaking is the same as most older scooters, and is a rear fender that you step on.
  18. Within a day or two he was better able to regain his balance.
  19. I would recommend to have kids wear helmets for sure, as it is easy for them to hit their heads in the learning process.
  20. This scooter seems to be built very well, as it more than supported my 180lb weight when I took it for a test drive across the living room floor.
  21. This put my mind at easy, as the price tag was a bit more than many other models out there.
  22. I bought this for my 5-yr-old daughter as a birthday gift and she loves it very much.
  23. The scooter has three wheels – two front wheels and one rear wheel.
  24. The design is conducive of stability so kids can ride and keep balance easily.
  25. The handlebar height is adjustable to be used for kids of different ages.
  26. As long as you maintain it well, it can last until they are teens.
  27. It is cool that the two front wheels can flash colors while spinning.
  28. My daughter really loves it and she rides this scooter nearly everyday.
  29. There is grips on the pedal which protects kids from slipping.
  30. Also thanks to the steering system – as discribed – kids just need to adjust body and handlebar to steer.
  31. My daughter has various toys in her room so it helps us save a lot of space.
  32. Overall, the quality is very nice especially to the price.
  33. It take a little bit of effort to fold it, so kids may not be able to accomplish that without some help.
  34. The wheels are made of a rubber like material so they run smooth and quiet.
  35. My daughter is 5 years old, but with the adjustable handle this scooter would easily fit a kid 3-8 years old.
  36. When she adjusted the height the bulb that locks in the height fell off.
  37. She was so upset that she couldn’t ride her scooter anymore because it doesn’t adjust to her proper height.
  38. Bought it for my 4 year olds birthday he loves it and my 6 year old loves it so much as well so we are going to get one for her birthday.
  39. I actually have ridden it and it’s so smooth you can really get going with it!!!<
  40. My 11 year old loved his so much we bought our 9 year old daughter one is pink.

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