scooter Worx elite series gp mm
Competition scooter equipped with a 200mm diameter circle.


Deck-extruded and milled aluminum with exchangeable grindplate, width 115mm / 4.52″, steering wheel at 82o, polished steel brake

Steering wheel-enlarged and reinforced steering column, rubber handles, height 580mm, width 480mm, Two-sided system with M5 screws

Fork-milled and pressed from the mold, maximum size 110mmx24mm collector

Reverse folding system –


Lozyska-Abec 5

Brand: SMJ


EPIKGO Premier Series Hover Self Balancing Board Scooter w/ Bluetooth Speaker 8.5″ All-Weather Tire Hover Through Tough Road Condition [Premier Series, Model: EL-ES03R]

epikgo premier series hover self balancing board scooter bluetooth speaker all w

  1. Underwent and passed 159 tests regarding safety regulations, meaning no potential fire hazards.
  2. Equipped with 400W Dual Motor that can power through any road condition and easily handles road bumps, harzards and slope as steep as 18 degree.
  3. With our main concern being the safety and user experience of our customers, we did a complete overhaul focusing on the hardware and software within our boards, making the EPIKGO Self-balance board 100% certified for safety.
  4. Our EPIKGO self-balancing board is expertly designed using dual gyroscopic digital sensors which seamlessly adjust the ride to your body’s weight and natural movements.
  5. The EPIKGO Premier is sleek and smart construction ensures durability and safety on every type of terrain.
  6. It has performed better than expected, taking hills I did not think it would be able to with a 200lb man riding it.
  7. Overall, the premier model is great for a mature individual.
  8. The wife bikes while I ride and it works out wonderfully.
  9. I really can’t say anything bad about it, but would have like to have seen a removable cover for the power plug receptacle, but that is extremely minor, and easily solved as a small cap can fit it.
  10. My parent ordered this high-end premier version from Epikgo since it comes with bluetooth and pretty fast speed.
  11. The board itself looks really solid and bigger than I expected.
  12. It took less than 10 mins for me to learn how to ride, my goal is to become a professional rider in next few weeks then I will upload a video!
  13. I had a lot of fun just riding this around the park today!
  14. I hope the Epikgo manufacturer comes with some wearable safety gears in the future, it will help a lot!
  15. Please check the board’s serial and info to ensure you get what you ordered b4 unwrapping.
  16. As for the board, it’s awesome and haven’t had any issues yet.
  17. My son is 8 and finds it pretty easy to maneuver, albeit at lower speeds.
  18. The riders position makes for a little problem with high center of gravity so he squats a bit to better counter the effects.
  19. If he were a little older, I would have gotten him the Skateboard version this same company offers.
  20. Seems like it would be a blast to ride and the high center of gravity wouldn’t be much of an issue.
  21. I normally don’t rate like this but others must be warned.
  22. So says my son, who received this as a Christmas gift from me.
  23. The greatest thing about this model seems to be the sheer ease of learning curve, that is, in about 10 minutes he was riding it like a pro!
  24. By the way he is an adult, of average size and weight, with normal athletic ability).
  25. Within about 30 minutes of the first battery charge, I did see him “wipe out” one time, though it was likely the fault of his balance and not the hoverboard, so no harm done, and he was unhurt.
  26. Also, the board simply slid a few feet, stopping almost instantly which I’m happy to report, as who wants to have to go CHASING the thing down the street?
  27. It has been more than a month now, with no reportable malfunctions, the battery charges well, no “scary overheating” etc.
  28. I’m anxious to find out how my 6 year old granddaughter does with it, and who knows–Santa may slide a pink one under the tree for her next Christmas?
  29. Just in case, I purchased the extended warranty to make sure.
  30. To be fair to the company, now that I have many boards (I like to evaluate things – lol) the Epikgo boards do perform better than any others I’ve tried; even the Halo and GT8 which claim similar specs.
  31. The Epikgo act as expected and I can ride either of them with confidence.
  32. Every other board I own or have ridden has surprised me at one time or another by a tire stalling on hitting a rock or difficulty on uneven ground.
  33. The Epikgo boards never fail me and hitting rocks or bumps do not stop the these boards from maintaining balance.
  34. Racing another board uphill I foolishly looked back to see far ahead I was and the weight shift sent me on my ass; but proved the unit had more speed to offer for it took off ahead of me.
  35. So all in all, I hope some how this message gets to the manufacturer of, what I feel, are the best “Hover Boards” available today.
  36. Review Update: I received my second Epikgo hoverboard (Sport Plus) purchased directly from Epikgo.
  37. This model had identical specs to the the Premier (reviewed below) except had racing tires.
  38. The Epikgo mobile app does not work with this model and its sensitivity is as if in beginner mode; compared to the Premier’s which can be adjusted through the mobile app which I’m told by Epikgo has not been released and isn’t supposed to work on their boards.
  39. The manufacturer simply replied that they don’t have an app.
  40. I said that there was one that worked on the Premier board but regardless I’d like to swap out the boards if I couldn’t change the sensitivity of the Sport Plus.
  41. Again I was told that no app existed and that sensitivity can not be changed; even on the Premier.
  42. I was done with the argument and asked again for another off-road Premier swap.
  43. I was told they did not have one and didn’t know when they’d get any.
  44. That question was ignored through another couple emails.
  45. Fed up with their customer service I sent a last message telling them of my dissatisfaction with their service.
  46. I was then asked for my S/N, order number, and warranty info and asked me to send pictures of the DAMAGED board.
  47. I even said how well built it was, I just didn’t like the performance.
  48. I responded just that way and they sent me a message that said attached was a return form to fill out, send it with the board to the company, and they would evaluate the board and decide action.
  49. Oh, did I mention that there wasn’t a return form attached to the mail.
  50. I love the Epikgo off-road Premier and I’m sure the Sport Plus is a good model for some but Epikgo lost my respect and future orders plus three associates had cancelled their Epikgo orders due to this experience.
  51. Off-road Premier review:
    I have never ridden a hover board, I mean “a self-balancing scooter”, before.
  52. I have numerous hobbies and I’m interested in everything hi-tech, and own so many recreational toys I’ve lost count.
  53. I researched for the “best” hover board on the market today and chose one that sounded interesting to me via its specs.
  54. The Epikgo Premier arrived and I was very happy with the quality; although an aluminum underbody may be more rugged.
  55. Also the rubber Fender guards do not stay on; so I glued them.
  56. Initial charge time (and every one since) is very fast.
  57. My first 30 minutes of experimenraltion with the unit, programmed in normal mode, ended in two episodes of my ass hitting the pavement plus a bruised arm and ego.
  58. I quickly learned to man up and just step flatly onto it and stop completely before stepping flatly off.
  59. It did take about two days of practicing to get the feel of it.
  60. One hobby of mine is that I’m a dance instructor so I thought balance would be natural.
  61. It was not at first but ended up being just that after learning to stop thinking about it so much.
  62. My review goes like this: I absolutely love this thing.
  63. I’m on it whenever I have places to go that are nearby or just to race up and down the street listening to my jams through its Bluetooth amp.
  64. Any faster and I get nervous, but it’s only been a few days.
  65. I’m so impressed I just ordered the Epikgo Sport Plus model and two carry cases.
  66. If someone tries to convince you that riding a hoverboard makes you lazy, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been so much more active since riding the Epikgo.
  67. Legs and core are worked quite a bit, plus you are out in the fresh air and not sitting at home on the couch.
  68. This amazing device is a little pricey but my excitement over it has caused three friends to order them as well.
  69. I ordered one week ago and did not get any bonus “stuff”.
  70. I ordered my second unit from another source because of that.
  71. If you made it to the end of this wordy babbling and are looking for the best of the best hover board self-balancing scooter thingy, you owe it to yourself to bite the bullet and buy the Epikgo.
  72. I chose the Premier and Sport plus because I wanted the fastest available with Bluetooth audio and mobile app.
  73. If you are trying to purchase the Epikgo Premium DO NOT select the color BT BLACK as this will get you the Black Epikgo Sport NOT the Epikgo Premium.
  74. My 12 year Old has the best hover board in the neighborhood.

Buy EPIKGO Premier Series Hover Self Balancing Board Scooter w/ Bluetooth Speaker 8.5″ All-Weather Tire Hover Through Tough Road Condition [Premier Series, Model: EL-ES03R] here $799.99

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