scooter ybike kicker orange

scooter ybike kicker orange 1
Small bicycle scooter from Ybike.

This scooter has bigger wheels than others of this type, thanks to which the platform was placed below the axis of the wheel which facilitates the ride. It also has a reduced center of gravity and a very attractive appearance.

Scooter provides safety, easy ride and hours of great fun.


Recommended age-2-5 years

Maximum load-20 kg

Maximum height of the child-110 cm

Height-52 cm

The length of the platform-26 cm<
Length-80 cm

Width-30 cm

Circle diameter-22 cm

Weight-4,7 kg





Brand: YBike


YBIKE “Kicker” My First Scooter (Red)

ybike kicker first scooter red

  1. A footplate situated below the axle height creates a lower centre of gravity, thus making the Kicker – Scooter safer to ride for very young children.
  2. Larger wheels also allow for a safer ride on uneven surfaces.
  3. The Kicker’s sharp look will make all the other kids on the block envious.
  4. A footplate situated below the axle height creates a lower centre of gravity, thus making the Kicker – Scooter safer to ride for very young children.
  5. I walked over and looked at the brand as my grandson’s 3rd birthday was coming up.
  6. My grandson already has the YBIKE bicycle and his balance skills are extraordinary.
  7. As this product was a bit beyond my ability to pay, I offered to go in on it with the other grandma who agreed.
  8. Our grandson’s birthday was yesterday and he and his friends loved the scooter and took to it immediately.
  9. The thing is that you HAVE to be a bigger kid to ride this.
  10. Balance is really hard and the Scooter does not stand on its own.
  11. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t be buying this scooter.
  12. Maybe when my son gets a bit older but for now not so much.
  13. I really like that the tires have good tread & are solid (no flats or air to add).
  14. Low center of gravity, wide deck to stand on, low handle bars with thinner grips for small hands.
  15. UPDATE:
    2 years later, my son has put some serious miles on this little thing.
  16. From learning to balance, to riding through dirt, mud, & rain.
  17. The tires are still great (hooray for no air filled), the frame, deck, everything is still solid.
  18. I’m confident this thing will make it another 2 years easy.

Buy YBIKE “Kicker” My First Scooter (Red) here $64.53

YBIKE Kids GLX Cruze 3-Wheel Kick Scooter

ybike kids glx cruze wheel kick scooter

  1. The bright colors of this attractive toddler scooter are sure to appeal to any young boy and girl.
  2. The CRUZE features a new curved handlebar providing more room while shifting the child’s weight back towards a better balanced center of gravity for increased control and performance.
  3. Kids will enjoy a smooth ride enhanced by the practical lean-and-steer function and a super wide rear wheel, for extra stability.
  4. Scooters are used to develop better coordination, endurance, and overall strength.
  5. A great way for kids to get fresh air surfing down the pavement enjoying a fun and wholesome outdoor activity!
  6. The YBIKE CRUZE Scooter is recommended for children ages 2 to 5, with a 44 lbs.

Buy YBIKE Kids GLX Cruze 3-Wheel Kick Scooter here $69.97

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