set to clean screens INCORE liquid ml microfibre cm
Cleaning set for TFT / PLAZMA / LCD / LED screens. Carefully removes oily stains and stains, does not leave streaks


Capacity-125 ml

Dimensions of the cloth-30 x 30 cm

Additional information –
– It does not contain alcohol.

– They remove dust and dirt thoroughly

– Does not leave streaks

Brand: Incore


SPUDZ Pro w Sudz – Complete Cleaning Kit for Lenses, Screens, and Optics

spudz pro sudz complete cleaning kit for lenses screens and optics

  1. Featuring a premium 10” x 10” microfiber cloth and Spudz Sudz optics cleaning spray solution, Spudz Pro offers complete professional optics care in the field.
  2. This quick and easy system solves the problem and maintains a clean surface for a good while.
  3. I would buy again for my wife and recommend to others must have.
  4. I really like hang the little spray bottle with me, away from home.
  5. Sometimes there are smudges or fingerprints that a dry cloth alone won’t remove.
  6. So I have bought the little packets of wet wipes at Costco.
  7. They are great except I forget to replace them in the car or after a few weeks in the heat of the summer they dry out.
  8. This is just so convenient because I can attach it right to my pack and always have it handy.
  9. The first few days I had this I went to Grand Teton NP and it worked perfectly and came in handy.
  10. I love the idea of having a “kit” with the proper spray handy, and “storable” in the cloth pouch.
  11. Too often, I wish I had lens cleaner with me, but instead, “blow hot air” on my glasses, and wipe with an eyeglass cleaner cloth.
  12. I used this to clean my eyeglasses and my cell phone screen – both objects that get dirty daily, and it did a nice job!<
  13. This product does a very good job at cleaning the glass and getting into the hard to reach places.
  14. If you use anything with a lens, you need this product.
  15. Microfiber cloth does a great job keeping things clean.
  16. I wasn’t sure about the glass cleaner, but after the mud and wet and muck on the muzzleloader hunt, the glass cleaner was very nice.
  17. I have used the regular spudz before but I really like the fold over pouch on the pro version.

Buy SPUDZ Pro w Sudz – Complete Cleaning Kit for Lenses, Screens, and Optics here $9.99

Carson Stuff-It Microfiber Lens Cloth Cleaner for Eyeglasses, Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Lenses, Optics and More

carson stuff microfiber lens cloth cleaner for eyeglasses smartphones tablets ca

  1. When not in use, pull the drawstring to retract the lens cloth back into the pouch and stuff the remaining cloth in with one finger.
  2. The protective pouch will keep the cloth clean and dry so it will always be ready for use.
  3. The Stuff-It fits easily in your pocket, camera bag, binocular case or use the attached hook to clip it to your jacket.
  4. The Stuff-It is ideal for cleaning binocular lenses, spotting scope lenses, telescope lenses, camera lenses, GPS devices, eyeglasses and more.
  5. From about 0400 to 2200, I am on the go – and my glasses are there with me.
  6. I got this kit because I was tired of unbuttoning my shirt cuff or digging for a handkerchief only to smear the lenses.
  7. Fits in a pocket, though it does have a clip if you want to snap it on to a pocket book, book bag, or case.
  8. Push it the rest of the way with your thumb and it is ready to be deployed once again.
  9. Nested inside an ultra visible orange soft rubber like molded keeper.
  10. The clip may be a good idea, I don’t know, because I would hate to grab for this handy tool only to discover that it is attached to my camera bag.
  11. I just have visions of my bag precipitating it contents all over the floor just because there was a smudge on my lens.
  12. What I like best it the way you can just pull on the cord loop and the cloth scoots right up into the keeper.
  13. You the just mush any loose end in and lock the cord down.
  14. Until now I always worried about having a cleaning cloth in the pocket of my carry bag.
  15. Have you ever seen a pocket of any sort that did not tend to concentrate all available grit in its seams?
  16. Now your lens cloth is always easy to find and always clean.
  17. They don’t last very long because they’re so cool that people steal them.
  18. Only thing I would change if were Mr Carson would be to make the cloth a tad bigger .
  19. I have average sized hands and it is difficult to wrap it around both sides of the lenses of the glasses while you’re driving and texting.
  20. It always gets my glasses completely clean, removing all unwanted substances for a nice clean and clear surface.
  21. After about two weeks of normal use (using 1-2 times a day) one side of the cord that connects the the cloth broke off.
  22. I was able to fasten it back by tying it to the other still attached cord, but the pulling it back in mechanism does not function anymore.
  23. I can still use it by manually pulling out the cloth and stuffing it back in (not using any of the cords).
  24. I’m slightly worried that the other side of the cord will come off too, but so far it has held up.
  25. If you need something to have with you a lot for cleaning, particularly glasses, this will work well.
  26. I thought at first that it would not be anything special because it was an add-on item, but I honestly can not find a microfiber cloth that works better.
  27. Even compared to cloths that claim they are the world’s best microfiber cloths, high quality, 100% money back guarantee, etc, this cloth is a million times more effective, from my experiences.
  28. It is also very easy to clean, as you can hook it to something and let it air dry without the cloth touching anything dirty.
  29. Also, in between the times that it needs to be thoroughly washed, it is very easy and effective to hold the black (or colored) pouch part and whip the cloth back and forth to release some of the dust/dirt that it has picked up.
  30. Overall, this is the best microfiber cleaning cloth I have ever used and I will definitely be purchasing it again in the future!<
  31. We have one on each of our key chains, one on our coffee table and one on our camera bag.
  32. The cloth is so soft and retracts up into the little bag nice and snug.
  33. The tiny corner area isn’t always big enough to even fit around the lenses of my glasses when I need to clean them.
  34. I’ve had better success using the inside of the cloth than the outside part.
  35. It can be a little tricky to handle when wiping at times.
  36. The center has an exposed tether so just make sure you don’t clean using that part.
  37. It’s clipped in my purse and now I know I won’t lose this one!
  38. You can stick one anywhere and always know you have a cleaning cloth.
  39. It really, truly cleans your lenses, unlike some other fabrics.

Buy Carson Stuff-It Microfiber Lens Cloth Cleaner for Eyeglasses, Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Lenses, Optics and More here $3.95 – $39.15

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