Terrain Segway airwheel

Terrain Segway airwheel 1
Airwheel S5 is a segway designed for off-road use, has large 16″wheels with off-road tires and a high suspension to overcome obstacles. Waterproof housing resistant to shocks and impacts and a set of lights allows you to ride in any weather conditions or after dark. Model S5 has a very strong Batteries 680 Wh which allows you to travel distances up to 40m and reach speeds up to 18km / h The device has bluetooth speakers and a built-in display from which we can read the most important parameters such as speed, battery condition, distance covered and temperature The folded and unscrewed steering wheel allows you to transport S5 in Car carrier


Dimensions-1330 x 650 x 660 mm

Tire size-16″

Charging voltage-AC220V 50-60HZ

Recharging time-240 minutes

Battery-680 Wh

Coverage-up to 40 km

Weight of the device-34 kg

Maximum weight-120 kg

Maximum speed – ~ 18km / h

Max yaw elevation – ~ 15 degrees

Working temperature-from -10 to 40 degrees

Brand: Airwheel

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