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For all types of games and activities. Universal football for children and youth. Made of a soft and aesthetic material with a smooth surface.

A new, colorful design with 3 variants. Machine-sewn.

Brand: Select


Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball

select numero soccer ball

  1. A ball pump is required to inflate the ball before use.
  2. Please note: As with all premium soccer balls, the ball should be topped off with air every few days for best results.
  3. The yellow and orange versions were created for high visibility.
  4. The high visibility balls also have a texture structure that is very suitable for turf.
  5. The specific design allows for these great features, but you will have to inflate your ball more regularly.
  6. Perfect for any budget and almost impossible to wear out, Numero 10 is extremely popular and suitable for all playing conditions.
  7. I coach U9 travel soccer and the players like the Select balls the best once they try kicking, passing and trapping the Select balls versus the Nike, adidas and Under Armour balls they bring to practice.
  8. I recommend these balls prior to starting a season for every one of my players.
  9. Yes the trim colors may wear down if played on hard surfaces.
  10. These are match quality balls, they stay round, the don’t hold water, these are high quality balls for a great price.
  11. FYI, I have 2 Numero 10s that have been in representative play and tournaments for 4 years from u9 through u12, they are still round and the skin is still in good condition.
  12. Again these are not balls made to be bounced or kicked on the road or hard surface, I have select turf balls specifically to be used on turf days.
  13. Yes these balls have a latex bladder, that means a little more pumping than the heavier butyl balls.
  14. The ball has a slight pattern or texture to it but it makes grip better and it retains air well.
  15. I got a size four for my little guy and a size five for his older sister.
  16. The surface of this Numero 10 is different from previous models – it is slightly textured, as opposed to smooth and glossy.
  17. It is our first Select brand soccer ball and out of the box and inflated appears to be very nice; maybe nicer than the ball she was using previously.
  18. My oldest son requested this for his birthday and says it is amazing!
  19. Used for one season at practice and in games in my adult summer league.
  20. Loose air a little over a week, but nothing a pump can’t solve.
  21. Had one instance where they were a little flat but have since inflated and brought out of the car with no problems!<
  22. I ordered two times and ball was substituted with same inexpensive club ball both times !<
  23. I am on my 2nd one now (the first was lost in game play – that is a story in itself)…
  24. I received a used soccer-ball scuffed up and last name of “white” written with a marker.
  25. Unfortunately it would not fully fill to pressure (air would leak out nozzle once air pressure was close).

Buy Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball here $32.42 – $47.99

Select Sport America Strike Soccer Ball

select sport america strike soccer ball

  1. It has a special PU cover with great vibrant colors and a butyl bladder for the best possible air retention.
  2. But after having played with it for some time, I can see it is not perfectly round and when kicked hard you can see it wobbling as it is flying towards you (the goalie).
  3. Also, it is way too light in my opinion – with this in mind, it is probably okay ball for the early ages (5,6 etc) REC leagues etc.
  4. My boy is 9 years (playing in U10 this season) and this ball just flies so high compared to other balls to the point where we are not taking it to practice.
  5. I had high hopes for “Select” brand for soccer balls, but this ball is not up to par for me.
  6. The color options are fun and choosing a bright color makes it much easier to find your child’s ball in a mix of several.
  7. We do have to pump it back up a bit from time to time but this is not often.
  8. The ball is fairly light but it is a size 3 so that is going to be the case with most soccer balls.
  9. You don’t want, nor would you expect, this ball to be very heavy in weight.
  10. This soccer ball has been one we have been able to hand down from child to child .
  11. I would buy this soccer ball again and recommend to others.
  12. The reason for it popping was no fault of its own, the soccer field that he usually plays on has a lot of briers behind the goals and the ball had received multiple tiny puncture wounds during one particular game where the soccer players were kicking it over the goal too many times (he states the league he is in is hard on their balls).
  13. Prior to that it was a great ball and was used many times during practices.
  14. Players love them and they look and play great but I find myself having to reinflate half of them every practice.
  15. Don’t keep air as well as the Select balls I had bought previously.
  16. Not the best ball for a coach as I don’t like having to top off balls every practice and game (we practice 3x per week).
  17. Sadly the first weekend we brought the ball to a tournament someone snagged it.
  18. My kids love them and my husband who played through college likes it as well.
  19. Had difficulty inflating and actually bought another ball to replace.
  20. It seemed, after a night, not to deflate so I filled further.
  21. I kick this ball against the wall of the indoor field until the patches fall off and the thing still will not pop.
  22. My daughter is in travel soccer, so she has 3 hours of practice every week all year and weekly games, and it has been durable through a lot of action.
  23. She loves this color, too, because her soccer team colors are royal blue and white.
  24. My 4yo son just signed up for micro soccer for the first time and I went with the Select Strike.
  25. Its a lime green that doesn’t ever get dirty and its never had any problems at all.
  26. We use it on turf only and save premium match balls for grass.
  27. Light weight enough so you don’t have to worry so much about accidental head balls at a young age.
  28. We have another Select Strike from a sporting goods store and this one looks and feels identical.

Buy Select Sport America Strike Soccer Ball here $16.22 – $37.93

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