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The Super Select ball for playing league games and a training game.

Excellent parameters, durability and stability in flight are the features that make it suitable for every level of advancement.

Select Brilliant Super designed for playing on the pitch with natural and artificial grass.?



Material-durable synthetic leather FPUS 1900


Patented detector-Zero Wing

Vent-Double Lock

Working pressure-0 , 8-1.0 bar

Purpose-grassy fields, artificial grass

Brand: Select


Select FIFA 2016 Ball [White]

select fifa ball white

  1. Please note: As with all premium soccer balls, ball should be topped off with air every few days for best results.

Buy Select FIFA 2016 Ball [White] here $82.22

Select Sport America Royale Soccer Ball

select sport america royale soccer ball

  1. I have had about 25 different kinds of balls over the years.
  2. They make a great match ball, and are a bargain at this price.
  3. They feel good on the foot because of the slightly soft cover, but are durable and play like match balls.
  4. These are the balls we purchase on a consistent basis.I just wish my son wouldn’t lose them as quickly as he does so I wouldn’t have to buy them so often.
  5. Yes, it does require a bit of air most weeks, but the play of the ball and comfortable touch make this an absolutely great ball.
  6. You want a mach ball, buy this one and don’t look back.
  7. Very dissappointed as child was hoping to use in tournament at the weekend.
  8. I think it’s a superb ball – good weight, good flight, easy to control, holds air as well as any other ball I’ve owned.

Buy Select Sport America Royale Soccer Ball here $60.95

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