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Badminton set by Sport-Net-ideal for children and youngsters to take their first steps in badminton. It can be used to play on trips or in the garden.

A perfect proposition for all those who like to actively spend time in the open air. Light, durable, metal construction, thanks to which the set is easy to spread.

The kit has folding instructions and numbered tubes.

The mesh is made of high quality materials.

All packed in an aesthetic, durable case with a handle on the frame. The set includes:

– posts together with the winches and sleds,

Brand: Sport-net

BenefitUSA Portable 3-IN-1 Volleyball Tennis Badminton Net Set Training Beach With Carrying Bag 20′ L

benefitusa portable volleyball tennis badminton net set training beach with carr

  1. Training, capacity of the Nylon rope suit for standard badminton yard.
  2. The rope is long and strength enough to tight and keep balance with net post.
  3. Easily tied-on for simple installation Badminton accessory.

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Genji Sports Portable Indoor Badminton, Outdoor Post and Net Set

genji sports portable indoor badminton outdoor post and net set

  1. Portable Indoor and outdoor IBF Standard badminton post and net set.
  2. No need to drill holes on the floor or tight to the wall.
  3. Light weight 13 lb, easy to assembly and dis-assembly within 3 minute.
  4. Comes with a post components organizer and a carrying bag.
  5. Suitable for all sizes of gym, company warehouse, church and high ceiling office.
  6. This package comes with a set of post, a full size (20 feet) standard badminton net and a heavy duty bag.
  7. In normal day the post and net will stand without using ropes and stakes.
  8. Lightweight at only 13 pounds, this full-sized 20-foot net assembles and disassembles in only three minutes.
  9. It’s suitable for all sizes of athletic courts, warehouses, churches, and even offices with high ceilings as there is no need to stake holes in the ground or tie the net to existing structures.
  10. Comes with a tension bar organizer, carrying bag, and double-court net.
  11. We were playing with it outside the RV tonight, and I was thinking about how much I liked the set and thought I should write an overdue review.
  12. As mentioned we’ve been using it for about five years now.
  13. We store it in our RV and have taken it all over the country.
  14. It’s called an “indoor” badminton set, but honestly we have only ever used it outside.
  15. The only possible complaint might be the material where the net slides over the posts.
  16. We made a few small tears in this material when the kids put it together and were not very careful.
  17. We patched it with duct tape, and are still using the original net.
  18. If you are looking for a very portable set which goes together very easily, go for it.
  19. We had it up the whole summer and eventually the rain and wind ruined the net but that was our fault; can’t expect a portable net to last like a permanent installation.
  20. We got another one and now we set it up when we want to play and it’s fast and easy.
  21. Highly recommended for a sturdy portable badminton net.
  22. It’s much better than the cheap net and post you get for outdoor use.
  23. There have been other reviews about the plastic part that the tension bar goes into on the net post.
  24. Ours also broke, but again, not until we had used it several months.
  25. They had me send it in and they repaired it and I had it back in a couple of weeks.
  26. The piece in question would be better if it were steel instead of plastic, but just be careful when you slide the bar in and it will be fine.
  27. The only other comment I would make is the size of the openings in the net are just perfect for the bird to get stuck in.
  28. Other than that, I would not hesitate in buying this system again and I will do so if and when I need to.
  29. If you plan to put it up and leave it up it might be tolerable, but, as others have noted the joints can be so stiff that they are impossible to get apart.
  30. I had to damage one of the joints to repackage it for return.
  31. Also when handing the metal pieces my hands became the same color as the metal.
  32. Since i spent quite some time putting it up and taking it down because of the sticky joints, my hands looked like I had been finger painting.
  33. I think it could be a good product but not as it is now.
  34. If you are particular about 5’1″ height of net at the side-lines and 5’0″ at the center, you will have to improvise to make this work.
  35. It is extremely portable, very easy to assemble and take-down.
  36. Sometimes the tension rods may be harder to pull apart, but nothing you can’t work with.
  37. It is light to carry around and packs in a bag smaller than my tennis bag.
  38. We had to put a brick/bag-of-sand/block of wood under the tension rod at the center to get more tension so that the net won’t droop.
  39. This may not matter to most people, but serious players will see the difference.
  40. Another way to circumvent this problem is to raise the side bars higher than where it snaps.
  41. BTW, the picture shown is probably an older/newer version of the net.
  42. The instruction sheet shown in the set of pictures gives you the right idea of what the net actually looks like.
  43. I have bought two for a tournament initially and my friends have bought more on my recommendation and having played using this net.
  44. Update (30th October, 2015):
    We have used three of these net systems for more than 2 years now, always indoors in a gym.
  45. We have gotten used to putting some blocks to push up on the tensioning mechanism at the bottom.
  46. We have ordered replacement net fabric because we wore off the ones we bought these with.
  47. The replacement nets arrived promptly and they work well.
  48. If in the future a system breaks due to wear, the only system we plan to replace this with is the same.
  49. It is indeed a bit difficult to assemble the tension bar but WD40 till resolve that.
  50. My 10yr old daughter (4ft tall) was able to setup the whole frame by herself; just need my help to put on the net since she is not tall enough.
  51. Over time, the side of the net will wear out since it requires sliding in and out of the pole during assembly but still usable.
  52. Had this for over 2 years now and the net is still in good condition.
  53. I used Vaseline to smoothen the rod coupling and we set it up on a daily basis in a basketball court.
  54. It is very sturdy and fits exactly across a Racket ball court.
  55. All the posts are made out of metal except the parts that holds the lower bar, which are made out of plastic.

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