set cancer Table tennis Spokey

set cancer Table tennis Spokey 1
3 balls and 2 racket with 1.0 mm thick underlays-for novices in the table tennis discipline who prefer the game with the highest control and lower speed.

A set for defensive players who like long exchange of reflections.


– Handles: straight

– Thickness of the sponge: 1 mm

– Speed ​​(1/10): 5

– Rotation (1/10): 5

– Control (1/10): 10

– Racquets: 2 pcs.

– Balls: 3 pcs.

Brand: Spokey


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    Pro Ping Pong Paddle Set – 4 Pack Premium Table Tennis Rackets, 8 Balls, Professional Game, Practice Training, Recreational Home Play, Accessories Bundle Portable Kit Travel Carrying Bag by JP WinLook

    pro ping pong paddle set pack premium table tennis rackets balls professional ga

    1. Beautiful bats attract boys and girls, teens and juniors.
    2. Men and women, parents and grandparents, catch this unique sport gear present for your children, grandchildren, friends, …, for Birthday Party, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, any holidays, reunions, housewarming, graduation, … Make the deal for you!
    3. Our goal is to make table tennis as one of the popular sports in USA.
    4. So, we are in business to provide high-quality affordable ping pong paddles, balls, and nets.
    5. No one has said that shopping ping pong raquet is easy.
    6. In fact, figuring out what raquet is best-fit for you can be complicated.
    7. We know lots of people buy beginners’ or cheap ones then they may have to buy again for a better paddle soon.
    8. We want you have the top-quality at your first try with the price you can afford.
    9. We are manufacture and also table tennis product end-users, so we know what you care and need as an end-user.
    10. We tested and improved our paddles countless times before we launched this product to the market for you.
    11. Once this product hit the market, it soon became very hot by customers’ satisfaction with high feedback rating.
    12. Ping pong supplies are the only a few best fitness items to get Mom, Dad, grandma, grandpa, teenagers, youth, … , all guys involved to play hard or easy inside outside.
    13. Paddles are also the best toy for kids to play on a lightweight mid-size wooden tabletop.
    14. With score-board and trainer, small kids are quick learner and can start playing ping pong from three years old (even from toddler age, not a funny joke) on a little light mini short table in their comfort room.
    15. Very high quality paddles and will satisfy any avid table tennis player.
    16. I got this as a gift for my husband, and now we turn the kitchen table into a ping pong table, together with the awesome net from the same seller.
    17. The paddles are great quality, not like the kind you find in Walmart of even Academy.
    18. Great set to use to improved your skill, easy to make spin, and control the ball very well.
    19. After I put a spanking on my friends (also pros) they asked me where I got them.
    20. I’ve been playing table tennis since I was in middle school.
    21. So, I definitely know what to look for in a good table tennis paddle.
    22. What I love about this set is that it’s everything you need for a one on one or doubles game.
    23. Also, It’s also excellent in the hand, whether you use the West style Grip or the Easter Style grip (as per pictured).
    24. My husband and I enjoyed playing this game and I am very competitive and love winning against him despite my novice skills.
    25. My research led me to this set based on all the 5 star reviews and am so happy I made the right choice.
    26. These paddles are excellent and comes with a carrying case—that is in giftable quality.
    27. Otherwise, the paddles are good quality, just wish better adhesive used to affix them pads to the paddle.
    28. I’d say that’s pretty exceptional customer service that unheard of these days.
    29. Overall, they’re really good paddles and excellent value for money.
    30. I’m a big tennis player so my dad and I brag/battle it out who is the better table tennis player.
    31. We always have really close matches, so I was looking for something to give me the edge.
    32. I really like the weight of the paddle and the grip is comfortable to hold.
    33. My dad didn’t notice what was different, but thought I had really improved.
    34. I love the carrying case too so I can keep the paddle clean and dust free and get continued great quality spin.
    35. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a great quality paddle.
    36. Quality is great so far, the grip of the rubber is nice, overall weight is comfortable and great look.
    37. However, the logo placement on the handle stands out a little when your hands start to get sweaty as if it “sticks”.
    38. Having the bag is super nice except the material is a little thinner than we’d like but it’s ok so far.
    39. Depending on how long this set lasts we’re currently very happy with it!<
    40. They explained we got a batch that came out during the holiday rush and missed a production step.
    41. Then they all started peeling and now, after 4 days of use, the padding has peeled away from the wood on all of the paddles.
    42. I am changing my rating from a 1 star to a 5 star, based on the excellent customer service I received.
    43. Ping sent me a replacement paddle set immediately after I contacted him and he followed up with an email.
    44. He was very concerned that I had experienced a problem with the paddles and asked for a picture and other details.
    45. This is a guy who cares about his product and his customers.
    46. We have used the new paddles for a few days and have not experienced any peeling problems.
    47. Have good weight to them and the padding is not cheap quality either.
    48. Many times the stars are on the ball and not valid to the quality but cannot say either way at this time.
    49. The case that encloses everything is well made and easy to keep things organized.

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