set replica ronaldo real Madrid violet

set replica ronaldo real Madrid violet 1
A set of replica Ronaldo football outfit in the colors of Real Madrid


Raw material-100% polyester

Brand: Reda

2016 UEFA Euro #7 Ronaldo Green Away Kids Soccer Jersey & Short Kit Set

uefa euro ronaldo green away kids soccer jersey amp short kit set

    Buy 2016 UEFA Euro #7 Ronaldo Green Away Kids Soccer Jersey & Short Kit Set here $69.99

    Soccer Ball Size 5 Official – Knuckle-It Pro Match Ball

    soccer ball size official knuckle pro match ball

    1. It’s specifically designed to help you visually track knuckle ball movement through the air, & help you perfect the knuckle ball freekick.
    2. Our exclusive VPM (Valve Position Marker) technology show you the precise foot placement—the “sweet-spot” position—on the ball, to help you generate additional pop off the ball with more explosive knuckle movement.
    3. VALVE POSITION MARKER TECHNOLOGY: Our VPM technology show you the precise foot placement—the “sweet-spot” position—on a ball for the most responsiveness off the foot.
    4. VPM™ reminds professional soccer players to contact the valve, the hardest part of a ball, in order to maximize power & rebound off of the ball when taking a freekick or kicking a ball from set piece play.
    5. VPM is exclusive to Bend-It, so buy this affordable thermally fused official match ball with confidence that it’ll be loved.
    6. UNRIVALED AIR RETENTION: It’s no fluke that very expensive soccer balls get flat quickly because they use natural latex bladders.
    7. When buying matchballs you should expect more, which is why we use high-performance butyl bladders that hold air for months, but perform at the same level as latex bladders.
    8. However, after months when your ball does need a top up, fear not, Bend-It sell dual action pumps to get your soccer ball inflated once more.
    9. SOCCER FOOTBALL COACH: The price that you pay for a good soccer ball is worth the money, as it’ll last longer than cheaper best price balls bought at department stores.
    10. For football coaches using an expensive matchball for training, pick-up games, soccer league games or tournament matches, we have an affordable quality match ball option that competes with the very best.
    11. Our seamless surface thermal bonded construction ensures we have the most spherical shape possible out of any match quality football; it’s loved by ballers, freestylers & football golf players.
    12. This ball ships inflated in an eco friendly box with a no questions asked replacement guarantee, so order now!
    13. Tried outdoor soccer ball replicas from a sport store & been disappointed?
    14. Looking for an excellent-priced top tier quality ball with perfect rebound performance to add to your soccer backpack or string bag?
    15. Price-compare our thermally fused soccer ball to other official match soccer balls; we are one-third of the price.
    16. Our thermal fused soccer ball is the FIFA Quality Programme highest standard possible.
    17. Our high-performance butyl bladder has the best air retention possible in soccer football balls, plus its rebound test performance is equal to that of carbon-latex bladders.
    18. Our soft touch Polyurethane PU material surface has latex textured material to increase ball control & better grip into the keeper’s hand.
    19. Our bend soccer ball valve, the VPM® Valve Position Marker technology shows you precise foot placement, the sweet-spot position, on a ball.
    20. To maximize kicking power kick the valve, the hardest part of the ball.
    21. High-contrast visibility design VRC, Visual Response Color technology to help you see a Bend-It ball bend, move & rotate against any background through the air, so you can clearly see your kicking improve.
    22. Our soccer balls ship inflated ready to go in an eco friendly box, so order now!
    23. VPM(Valve Position Marker) technology and VRC(Visual Response Color) technology.
    24. VPM (Valve Position Marker) technology shows precise foot placement, the sweet-spot position, on an inflation soccer football.
    25. Our Valve Position Marker visually reminds you to contact our high-performance valve, the hardest part of our ball, in order to maximize power & rebound when taking free kicks, place kicks, penalties or corners during matchplay.
    26. VRC (Visual Response Color) technology features high-visibility, kick-specific designs to enhance visual trackingas a ball bends, move and rotates against any background through the air.
    27. The Bend-It brand has VPM (Valve Position Marker) technology and VRC (Visual Response Color) technology manufactured on every one of our soccer ball designs.
    28. As a result Bend-It currently and in the future has all exclusive rightsin relation to these features throughout the world, and our rights are reserved.
    29. No other brand, retail or online store is allowed to manufacture our designs, copy our designs, or sell our designs.
    30. Purchase of our soccer matchballs are intended for matchplay, training and personal play use only, not for commercial purposes such as resale, promotions, copying of and then remanufacturing of our exclusive designs for your own re-branding purposes.
    31. Infringement of our reserved rights is against the law and will be enforced according to the strictest letter of International law.
    32. To become an authorized online reseller or retail reseller of the Bend-It brand, please contact us to see if you qualify via written permission from the Bend-It licensing legal department to do so.
    33. I have 4 or 5 different styles that have been used and abused during club training and off-season indoor games.
    34. It’s fun watching another coach pick it out of a crowd of balls to check the brand.
    35. I’ve had this ball for just under a week now, and I’m already seeing improvement in my knuckles.
    36. This ball, similarly to official match balls, has thermally fused panels, and doesn’t absorb water.
    37. It has a GREAT texture, and is fun to practice footwork and freestyling with, in addition to shooting.
    38. I looked for weeks to find an affordable match ball, and when I found this, I was thrilled!
    39. I am sort of a soccer nerd, and I spend much of my free time looking at cleats, balls, and shooting techniques, so I sort of know what I’m talking about, and I highly recommend this ball to anyone looking to improve their shooting skills, or anyone who simply wants an affordable match ball to use.
    40. When I asked what he would like for his birthday he had mentioned this ball.
    41. I had never heard of it so I began doing research on the product.
    42. We had at least 4 soccer balls at home at the time so I wasn’t sure I’d go with another ball.
    43. When I started looking into the ball I really enjoyed the website and all of its tutorials.
    44. I figured he’d really like watching the videos and working on the various types of kicks so I went with the ball.
    45. From the moment it arrived he has been obsessed with the ball.
    46. The ball is with him nearly every waking moment whether in the house, backyard, practice, or a game.
    47. The quality is unlike any other ball he has worked with, and as he heads out the door he will pass up all of his others to grab this ball.
    48. When he has had the ball with him at practices or games people are always picking it up and checking it out.
    49. It is also the ball that the coaches or players seem to prefer to use while at practice or a game.
    50. Unfortunately we were at a weekend tournament and had the ball stolen!
    51. There were numerous team balls set down while the team received medals, and somebody stole his ball.
    52. He was absolutely devastated that his favorite ball was gone.
    53. Even though he has so many others he said he realizes how bad their quality is compared to the Knuckle It Pro.
    54. Of course I immediately went online to repurchase another because I felt the product was definitely worth the price.
    55. We are so thankful to have found this product and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the sport of soccer!<
    56. The balls have the same quality as top end models from the big brands like Nike and Adidas which are used in the best leagues all over the world.
    57. The huge advantage about Bend-It Soccer: you will be able to buy these balls for way cheaper than official match balls from Nike or Adidas.
    58. This makes it possible for you to actually train with top end models!<
    59. The Knuckle-it Pro ball features a 8-panel design and a grippy texture for optimal touch and feel for the ball, in all weather conditions.
    60. The panels are thermally-fused, which improves the durability and spherical shape.
    61. But it is not just the lower price that make these balls stand out from the rest.
    62. Bend-It Soccer developped 2 innovative technologies: VPM (Valve Position Marker) and VRC (Visual Response Color).
    63. VPM:
      This technology shows the best position on the ball to hit your perfect strike (also called the sweet-spot).
    64. It’s the hardest part of the ball, where the valve is positioned.
    65. This makes it way easier to put the ball in the right position before kicking it.
    66. VRC:
      This is probably the best feature: the patterns on the ball, in contrast with the air, will show you the exact movements and rotations of the ball.
    67. This is very important as you will be able to improve your free kicks!
    68. For example: When using the Knuckle Pro ball, you have to try to give as little movement to the ball as possible.
    69. In my opinion, this is the best brand at the market to train like a pro.
    70. If you want to knuckle your free kicks like Cristiano Ronaldo, then this is definitely the way to go!<
    71. It’s definitely a “harder” ball, quality stitching, reasonable price.
    72. I still need some help on being able to make it knuckle but overall the ball and quality of the feel and touch is great.
    73. After playing with it, I can say with confidence that it is a top of the line match ball that rewards you with a sweet knuckling effect if stuck properly.
    74. Ball has a great feel, and the players really liked it.
    75. My son plays U14 year round club soccer and his ball gets a LOT of use.

    Buy Soccer Ball Size 5 Official – Knuckle-It Pro Match Ball here $43.97

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