set fitness shaker contigo shake it fit ml black towel cm

set fitness shaker contigo shake it fit ml black towel cm 1
Transparent shaker with a precise measuring cup for measuring ingredients A special ball with a patented shape for mixing any kind of nutrients.

A solid seal that guarantees tightness. It does not carry or keep odors. Made of BPA-free material The nut, ball and body can be washed in the dishwasher Convenient carrying handle. Before training, this shaker fits most car holders. Buying Contigo each time you get a unique product, refined to the smallest detail.


Model-Shake Go FIT


Dimensions-22.5 x 11 cm

Weight-185 g



Towel Towels Dr. Bacty are suitable for every athlete and for every sport discipline.

They are soft, they absorb water and sweat without the need for earlier washing.

The Polygiene antibacterial technology guarantees that the towel will never smell bad, even if you forget to remove it after training. If this happens, simply dry it well, or in extreme cases, wash and dry the dimensions of the towel-40 x 90 cm

Brand: Contigo


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