swimming trunks Training Shep

swimming trunks Training Shep 1
Amazing swimming shorts! Swimming is a unique sport-at the pool you burn calories, build, perfect figure and condition, and. have fun! If you train swimming, you need a proper outfit-a more professional than usual swimwear.

Shepa Hydrogen 035 shorts are just for you! Thanks to the use of innovative materials, shorts are characterized by high resistance to chlorine.

The material is made of polyester and thermoplastic, insulating PBT.

This composition ensures protection of your skin against chlorine-induced irritation. In addition, the fabric is extremely durable and resistant to the damaging effects of chlorinated water-shorts retain their properties (color, shape)

even after extensive use, so they will serve you for a long time! Shorts provide you with extraordinary comfort.

Thanks to the use of modern technology of flat seams and elastic material-they do not harm and perfectly adapt to your body.

The extended leg, significantly reduces water resistance, so you swim faster and consume less energy! Another advantage of Chloroodfull Shorts is their appearance. They have a fashionable, sporty style, that’s why they look great and underline your dynamic character! Do not wait a second! Order now chlorine-resistant Shorts 035 and increase the effectiveness of your training! When ordering, please give your chosen color, in the absence of such information, the color will be sent randomly.


Color –

– black, gray inserts edged ecri

– black, navy blue inserts edged ecri

– black, black inserts edged ecri

dimension height [cm] belt circumference [cm]

S 164 74-78

M 170 82-86

L 176 90-94

XL 182 98-102

XXL 188 106-110

Brand: Shepa


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