protectors on butyl Shimano classic black
Universal shoe covers provide protection against cold, wind and rain


– Optimal panel design project

– Nose elements cut three-dimensional technique and are perfectly matched to the shape of a bicycle shoe

– Neoprene with a waterproof PU coating too cold and rainfall

– Reflective elements for visibility in low light conditions

– Sealed seams

– Material: 78% Styrene Butadiene Rubber, 22% Polyamide

Brand: Shimano


Shimano SHMT34B Multiuse/Touring Shoe Men’s Mountain Bike

shimano shmt multiuse touring shoe men mountain bike

  1. This is a ruggedly built shoe, with sturdy uppers and durable sole that offered really good grip, even on wet rock and soil.
  2. The shoe performed flawlessly for me; they clipped in easily (Shimano SPD clips) on inclines, and gave sure-footed support when I stepped off the bike.
  3. These shoes gripped all surfaces really well, which made for more confident dismounts on steep descents.
  4. On uphill hike sections, they stayed on my feet and had a sufficiently flexible sole that didn’t tire my feet.
  5. I have such feet that a slightly wider shoe works best for me and do not pinch my little toes.
  6. I had tried a 42 but the length was more than I like so returned them.
  7. The 41’s fit great/comfortable and give me the room I need.
  8. The laces allow me to fine tune the fit all the way from the bottom of the tongue to the top.
  9. In the shoe I did add some spacing material on top of the 4 hole cleat nut.
  10. With it being recessed that after a period of time the ball of the foot will compress the inner sole making it uncomfortable.
  11. I don’t look like one of those dorks walking around in road shoes either.
  12. They do not produce the “penguin effect” or sound like tap shoes on hard surfaces.
  13. The color is a little wild for my taste but what the heck.
  14. I don’t intend on wearing these all day long at work or running a marathon in them.
  15. I wanted something for my MTB when I hit the trails and looks like shoes, not tap shoes or flip flops.
  16. They remind me of the 80’s when I was a kid and my parents made me wear those dorky Velcro shoes.
  17. I like the firm bottom of the shoe and the extra width in the toe box.
  18. The recessed cleats allow you to walk like a normal person should you have to go to the store or just walk around the block.
  19. I highly recommend this shoe for comfort touring and all-around use.
  20. I bought this to commute to work, instead of using my road bike use that when I walk, seems like I am walking with a very loud woman’s high heels.
  21. I bought a size bigger since I want to get in and out the shoes without untying the lace.
  22. I was to buy some ebay shoes, but I coudn’t resist the look of this.
  23. The only thing would add on the future, is more air vent.
  24. It does a great job of air vent, its not as better than my running shoes.
  25. I hope this shoes is still available if I need to replace mine.
  26. Model 45 was definitely too tight, 46 were fine but these shoes came in a bit bigger than the other Shimano 46 I had tried.
  27. It is not really bad as I’ll get a plant sole or thicker socks and everthing will be resolved.
  28. Besides this, the shoes are awesome, really confortable to walk and have the perfect weight for both MTB and Spinning.
  29. I got a bit scared from all the negative feedback about not being flexible enough but from my experience these are the most flexible biking shoes I’ve owned.
  30. I use these with time atac 6 pedals and the combo is awesome.
  31. I use them for my cycling class for extra arch support.
  32. I wouldn’t never go back to regular sneakers for cycling.
  33. They seem to be holding up well after a few months and at least 3 cycling classes a week.
  34. I can’t quite wear them all day, but I can usually make it through the work day in them.

Buy Shimano SHMT34B Multiuse/Touring Shoe Men’s Mountain Bike here $69.95 – $74.95

Shimano SH-SD66 SPD Cycling Sandals

shimano sd spd cycling sandals

  1. Wide rubber sole offers just enough flex for walking ease while the reinforced shank plate enhances stiffness for pedaling efficiency.
  2. Breathable, natural leather upper with mesh layers keep your feet cool and contoured footed offers support for longer rides.
  3. First off, I normally wear a women’s size 9, so I ordered a 39-40 in the Shimano sandal.
  4. The shoe fit lengthwise, but the footbed felt all wrong, with a hump of sorts in the arch that was untenable.
  5. I returned them, and tried a pair of the Nashbar Ragster II sandals instead.
  6. I found it bit gaudy, however, so I used a sharpy on all the white thread, which helped a little with that at least.
  7. However, the Ragster is just not stiff enough, nor would it allow me to position the cleat far enough forward.
  8. When riding with them and standing on the pedals they would flex and my heel would drop.
  9. It was already awkward enough because the cleat was not able to be positioned under the ball of my foot.
  10. So despite their overall comfort I had to abandon them as cycling shoes.
  11. I already own a pair of Keens, but they just don’t work well for my wide feet, being difficult to get into, and really not comfortable on or off the bike.
  12. I also considered the Exostar sandals, but they look so much like the Ragster I was afraid that their sole too would not be stiff enough.
  13. So I decided to give the Shimano sandals another try in a larger size to see if that made any difference in the footbed feel.
  14. They are a bit long for my women’s size 9 foot, but with sandals that’s not a huge deal.
  15. The larger size didn’t give me the same footbed discomfort the smaller size did, and I’m happy to report that their soles are stiff enough to stand with.
  16. Also I am able to position the cleats where I need them.
  17. The larger size is comfortable, though the jury is still out as to how long I will be able to walk around in them while doing RAGBRAI this year.
  18. They’ve been used just once thus far, on a day I rode 10 miles into work, spent 6 hours in meetings, and then rode back home.
  19. There were also some numbness issues in the toes on my right foot that led me at one point to move that cleat backwards, even though I had thought while riding it was in the perfect position under the ball of my foot (just like my mtn bike shoes).
  20. Anyway, another ride or too will let me know what the true situation is, and I can update this review after that.
  21. It was a day that didn’t get above 80 degrees, and I noticed some small amount of sweat on the footbed, which doesn’t have any channels in it like the Ragster.
  22. There’s also a good deal more coverage with this sandal than the Ragster, despite there being fewer straps on this one.
  23. Over all this shoe covers more of the foot, so it’s usefulness in keeping the feet cool remains to be seen.
  24. The Shimano sandal is definitely not getting high marks in the looks department.
  25. The Ragster wasn’t either, but it has a more “sandal” look going on than the Shimano, which is heavier by about 40 grams per shoe, and already seems like it will be hotter, but who knows.
  26. The material that touches your foot is comfortable and securely encases the foot.
  27. I liked that the cover plates for the cleats were removable with screws, unlike the Ragster, which requires you to cut away the rubber in order to install cleats (a dicey procedure, and I’m mechanically-inclined, so I’d hate to see someone who wasn’t trying to cut away that covering).
  28. Cons: Sole too flexible for standing, cleat positioning too limited, gaudy (white thread on black, no other color options), tough to install cleats.
  29. First off, I’m a woman, but I have giant feet, so I ordered these.The sizing seemed right on.The soles were soft but supportive enough that I ended up wearing this all day, both on and off the bike.
  30. I did significant walking in these (several miles at least) and my feet felt great.
  31. I would definitely take the time to break them in before a big trip though.
  32. New leather shoes are bound to rub in some spots, so its better to get those areas softened before you are stuck wearing them for days.
  33. They may very well be the ugliest things I have ever put on my feet.
  34. I would never wear these if they weren’t so insanely comfy.
  35. I’ve owned many pairs of shimano sandals over the past 20 years and they’ve all been GREAT, with various differences in design, strap number and color, amount of coverage etc.
  36. These new 2017 sandals are being RETURNED due to a VERY SOFT SOLE that results in hot spots as the pedal deforms it and obvious pressure points on my feet.
  37. I mountain bike off road well over 1000 miles each year and used to road ride 5000 miles each year.
  38. The fabric was durable, it fit lots of feet, and it was still quite airy.
  39. Regrettably they transitioned to a much bulkier, less comfortable design, without increasing any performance.
  40. Now this current iteration seems to have much more of a middle road approach between the two.
  41. It is airy enough for those long touring rides, and the sole seems stiff enough for decent performance.
  42. It’s comfortable off the bike, and the cleat has just enough recess to be walkable and still engage some tread on the sides of your pedal.
  43. It comes with the standard SPD covers if you don’t plan on putting a cleat on it, too.
  44. The lower strap (closest to the toes) has a soft stretchy bit underneath the velcro strap.
  45. I’m not yet sure how this will hold up in the long run (I’ve only put on ~500 miles as of this writing), but for now it seems quit nice.
  46. You can have this bottom strap just a little more loose and it will move just a bit with your foot, or you can tighten it down some for those hilly routes.
  47. People with a wider foot may have a bit of a tough time with these, if you are in between sizes, go up one.
  48. I hope to put many more miles on them, and my initial outlook is good.
  49. Knowing the sandal comes in a medium width I knew there might be an issue and there kind of is, it’s a little narrow for me.
  50. This sandal is pretty bomb proof which I like and I’ve used it on blue/black mountain bike trails and it did just fine, even with my toes right at the edge of the sandal.
  51. Since the straps are a little short it’s easy to over tighten the sandal which means digging into the top of your foot.
  52. After some riding time I’m sure it will break in a little and become a little more comfortable.
  53. The sandals are very well built, can be cinched just right with the toe and ankle straps.
  54. No need for a third heel strap.I wear a pair of regular bike socks with the sandals and my feet are much more comfortable for a longer period than my enclosed biking shoes in this oppressive Phoenix heat.
  55. Replaced with Keene biking sandals that never fit correctly.
  56. My toes don’t go to sleep like with other more narrow spin shoes.
  57. Plus the clips don’t stick out so they are easy to walk in.
  58. They work fine for cycling, very happy – they look good, and are comfortable.

Buy Shimano SH-SD66 SPD Cycling Sandals here $76.78 – $120.00

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