butyl Shimano shr white

butyl Shimano shr white 1


– hard, tensile synthetic and breathable mesh

– finely adjustable buckle and offset relative to each other, double straps for the best fit

– very durable shoe, which transfers power to the pedal and provides comfort to the rider

– Shimano Dynalast secures the foot in a perfectly ergonomic position, which increases the pedaling efficiency

– Shimano Dynalast soles technology

– low-profile, lightweight outsole made of glass-reinforced polyamide

– fits the SPd and SPD-SL

– blocks available with a wide upper

Brand: Shimano


Shimano Multi-Use Flat Mountain Bike Pedals – PD-GR500

shimano multi use flat mountain bike pedals gr

  1. On the PD-GR500 Pedals, the pins screw in from the back of the platform keeping the heads well protected from pedal strikes and the shoe’s soles.This ingenious design prevents pin damage and still allows you to adjust the height, and on this pedal, the pins’ highest setting is 5mm taller than the PD-MX80.
  2. Three degrees of concave places your foot closer to the axle and improves grip.
  3. Its large openings help shed mud so your footing is always secure.
  4. The Shimano PD-GR500 Pedals are available in Silver and Black and will survive the park and shuttles for years to come without breaking the bank.

Buy Shimano Multi-Use Flat Mountain Bike Pedals – PD-GR500 here $55.95

Shimano Women’s Bicycle Shoes Shwt60

shimano women bicycle shoes shwt

  1. Too often, though, you’re forced to one extreme or the other — comfort over stiffness; stiffness over breathability.
  2. However, we’re here to tell you that Shimano has made your life easier with its new SH-WT60 Women’s Shoes.
  3. Now, you have one of the fastest entry/exit systems in existence, an anatomic, customizable fit, and an outsole that toes the line between rigidity and comfort.
  4. In the world of Shimano, it simply doesn’t get any better.
  5. In its SH-WT60 shoes, Shimano answered your requirements for a pair of triathlon shoes.
  6. Starting at the outsole, the WT60s feature a carbon composite construction that strikes the ideal balance between rigidity and comfort.
  7. Now, we’re all raised to believe that stiffer is better, and in some cycling applications, this is absolutely true.
  8. However, it’s crucial to remember that the cycling leg isn’t the last thing that you’re doing on race day.
  9. So, as to not limit the circulation to your feet, Shimano developed what it calls its Dynalast technology.
  10. This outsole system delivers power to the pedal, while still allowing a calculated level of flex.
  11. This is possible due to the sole’s variable stiffness and density that accommodates the movements of the arch.
  12. So, when you reach T2, your feet will feel like they just got out of the water for a seamless transition to your running shoes.
  13. And on the subject of transitions, let’s move on to one of the WT60’s coolest features — its closure system.
  14. Somehow, Shimano has managed to simplify the simplified with its new take on the burrito strap closure system.
  15. However, the WT60 only requires the one burrito strap for a secure closure.
  16. So, with fewer straps to fuss with, your transition time will decrease.
  17. I just got speedplay clipless pedals put on them today!!<
  18. Very easy to get on and off which is great for racing triathlon.
  19. It is very comfortable and easy to put on and take off, no socks necessary.
  20. My feet are on the wide side and this shoe provides plenty of room and comfort for my toes.
  21. Very comfortable and easy to get on a off during your triathlons.

Buy Shimano Women’s Bicycle Shoes Shwt60 here $150.00 – $199.95

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