butyl INOV arctictalon yellow black

butyl INOV arctictalon yellow black 1
Arctictalon 275 is a new lightweight model from inov-8 collection created for running in the most difficult winter conditions.

Spiked sole gives maximum grip on icy paths, deep snow and frosted underfoot.

Spikes made of a tungsten-carbon mixture do not add weight to your shoes, so Arctictalon can easily be recommended for faster workouts or winter competitions. PROTEC-SHANK used in the sole protects the srodstop against the impression of sticking the spines from the bottom, and at the same time allows flexible bending of the sole. The inov-8 upper used its clamping system for stuptuts-these are special hook holders, so you do not have to put under the sole.

– Catalog weight: 275 g (8UK)

– Drop 4mm

– Hoof-narrow (precision)

– Model: male.


Cushioning-1 strzalka

Hoof-Precision Fit-The Last Groom

Type of Rubber Tread –

– tri-c,

– ice-tec

Additional soles –

– spikes,

– protec-shank

Type of sole-arctic-talon

Surface –

– Trails, mountains,

– Deafness, BnO

For whom-Male and unisex

With spines-Yes

Activities –

– Running,

– Weddings

Drop-4 mm

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

inov-8 All Terrain Gaiter

inov all terrain gaiter

  1. Clips onto the attachment points found on the ARCTICCLAW 300, ARCTICTALON 275, X-TALON 212, TRAILTALON 275, TRAILTALON 250, ROCLITE 305, ROCLITE 305 GTX.
  2. Also comes with a strengthened rubber O-ring, so it can be fitted to any other shoe.
  3. Stretch material offers unrestricted ankle movement when running.

Buy inov-8 All Terrain Gaiter here $25.00

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