butyl INOV bare xf black white unisex

butyl INOV bare xf black white unisex 1
First shoes designed specifically for CrossFit training.

They have a very thin and flexible sole, which gives a great feeling of the ground and does not cause energy loss during dynamic exercises. Plastic reinforcements on the sides of the upper improve the grip when approaching the rope and prevent damage to the shoe. In comparison with the competition products, they are characterized by excellent stability. During barbell exercises, you know how the load is distributed and you can control it. Similarly, in the case of jumps on the chest, which is done very confidently and sensitively.

The sole that can be folded into the scabbard in no way interferes with the natural movement and also allows the development of the muscles of the short foot.



Hoof-Natural Last-hoof with natural, wide front

Rubber type of spool-sticky


Drop-0 mm

Sole type-bare-x (f)

Ground-Asphalt, city, hall

For whom:

– Women’s and unisex

– Meskie and unisex

With spikes-No


– Running

– Lifestyle

– Functional training

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

Inov-8 Bare-XF™ 210 Unisex Cross-Training Shoe

inov bare unisex cross training shoe

  1. Their website illustrates the difference and pupose of each design they make.
  2. I made the same mistake as others in regard to sizing and fit by ordering the WRONG shoes.
  3. I returned three pairs before checking out the INOV 8 website.
  4. Once I understood the sizing, fit and ordered the correct pair of shoes, I was amazed.
  5. After reading reviews and discovering what the problem was, it compelled me to write this review.
  6. I’m not getting a free pair of shoes or compensation for doing this review.
  7. I’ve been a loyal Merrell fan ever since their inception and continue to be so for walking boots only.
  8. Their soles and foot bed design is not suited for running on loose gravel or skipping on wet rocks.
  9. I remember watching a contestant on Survivor wearing a pair of Merrell Moab’s jumping onto wet rocks and I was saying to myself, “he’s going to slip like I did.” Sure enough, he fell and was out of the show.
  10. SIZING
    Because these are British designed shoes, the sizing will best suit you if use the EURO chart.
  11. FIT
    INOV 8 are available in two fits: Precision (P) and Standard (S).
  12. To be precise, check out the “features section,” it will either state Standard or Precision and if it doesn’t, you’re rolling the dice.
  13. Go on to the next seller or ask questions and hopefully they have the correct answer.
  14. Precision – fits snug and is designed for regular or narrow feet.
  15. They fit people who are accustom to wearing Asics or Adidas.
  16. Standard – has a wider toe box, allowing the toes to splay.
  17. They are suitable for people with wider feet; however, a person with regular width feet can also wear these at the gym or doing an activity not requiring a snug fit.
  18. If you wear New Balance and find Nike’s to be slightly snug, you’ll like these (That’s me).
  19. If you’re into doing heavy gym work outs, crossfit, trail runs or climbing, you’ll enjoy your Inov-8’s.
  20. I like the XF-210 better than my New Balance Minimus, especially after the new awkward-non functional burrito tongue design (they ruined a great shoe).
  21. The XF-210 has an additional feature allowing unrestricted, frictionless rope climbing and desending.
  22. The soles have just the right amount of traction, flex and stability for poly work.
  23. They are a little bit narrow for a wider foot, but not so narrow that I can’t wear them.
  24. I bought the minimalist shoe because most shoes cause my feet to supinate and these seem to fix that as it appears my feet are not rolling to the outside.
  25. My use is predominately gym (weightlifting), walking typically around a mile at a time and everyday.
  26. After about 5 mins of walking, I have to stop and re-adjust the insole to put it back into place (it slides to the back of the shoe).
  27. In theory, I could superglue it to make it stick but I shouldn’t have to do that.
  28. So, perhaps I have a defective shoe but wanted to point it out in case people are looking for this shoe.
  29. The first photo is what the insole should look like and the second photo is after 5 mins of wear – you can see how the insole slides towards the back of the shoe.
  30. These shoes do run about a 1/2″ size small so order up.
  31. I am normally a 12 but have to order a 13 in this brand.
  32. Starting out with lots of pairs of Chucks and wearing Vibram 5 Fingers for working out / outdoor activities.
  33. I wanted a minimal shoe to wear day to day and this one has not disappointed.
  34. These are so lightweight and so comfortoable that I am strongly considering ordering a second pair before these wear out just incase they end up discontinued or something.
  35. If you want a shoe with minimal soles that put your foot in what feels like direct contact with the earth these are the shoes you want.
  36. I also have the Merrell Trail glove, nice for rocky places.
  37. Replace the laces with shock cord (stretchy laces) and you basically have a slipper/shoe/sock hybrid that perfectly hugs your foot.
  38. People complain about their feet hurting, not getting arch support, but they should’ve done more research before buying an amazing athletic shoe that is the closest thing to barefoot you can get.
  39. Feet hurting is called muscle soreness, it means you have weak feet like many people who wear normal shoes, and you have to let your feet adjust.
  40. I can run in them, as well as carry heavy packs in them.
  41. Plantar fasciitis problems, if they occur, are probably because you don’t properly take care of your feet.
  42. That means strengthen your legs/feet, walk in the barefoot shoes often, and do stretching, massage, and mobility work regularly.
  43. It takes a couple minutes before bed to massage and lengthen your arch tendon, eliminating pain.
  44. No arch support and flexibility is why I bought the shoe.
  45. Form is key and you may have to teach “new” muscles how to work properly.
  46. They don’t separate your toes in a weird way like Vibram 5 fingers.
  47. You can wear normal socks in them, and they look great, unlike the 5 fingers which most people avoid wearing in public.
  48. They could be more durable, however, but I wear them almost all the time, in addition to walking a minimum of 3 miles every day on rough concrete, etc to get to/from campus.
  49. They last longer if you learn how to footstrike properly, and not heelstrike and drag your feet.
  50. I have walked on broken glass and had no problems with these, but still wise to watch your step in sketchy areas.
  51. I have used it for rope climbs, and it breaks just as well as combat boots.
  52. For those not used to bare footwear, this will take some adjusting.
  53. Has taken away all knee pain that I have had with squatting and lunging.
  54. The inov8 logo is completely covered on the shoes that I received.
  55. Super wide toe box which is found in practically no other training shoe.

Buy Inov-8 Bare-XF™ 210 Unisex Cross-Training Shoe here $69.99 – $99.99

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