butyl INOV bare xf gray black orange

butyl INOV bare xf gray black orange 1
First shoes designed specifically for CrossFit training.

They have a very thin and flexible sole, which gives a great feeling of the ground and does not cause energy loss during dynamic exercises. Plastic reinforcements on the sides of the upper improve the grip when approaching the rope and prevent damage to the shoe. In comparison with the competition products, they are characterized by excellent stability. During barbell exercises, you know how the load is distributed and you can control it. Similarly, in the case of jumps on the chest, which is done very confidently and sensitively.

The sole that can be folded into the scabbard in no way interferes with the natural movement and also allows the development of the muscles of the short foot. More about the parameters of these shoes-check the technical data. Male.

Hoof broad (standard)

Drop 0mm. Produced in sizes 6-12UK with halves and 13-14 (EU 39.5-47, 48 and 49)

The inov-8 brand appeared in the world of crossfit a few years ago, when this way of training was still not very popular in Europe. The competitors were looking for low-soled shoes that did not swim while lifting the bar, giving a good feeling of the ground necessary when making jumps on the crate. Important was also low weight and stability during sudden turns.

The British were then the only producer offering such equipment. Before the dedicated models appeared-the most popular were inov-8 f-lite 220 and f-lite 195.

The shortest definition is: exercises of high intensity, using functional movements of large muscle groups. But something more. It is a great general development training performed most often in a group and focused on rivalry or on reaching the maximum result. Uses simple instruments and intensity?

This one can be really big when the fight between the players starts on the same level. Functional movements are those that we encounter in nature, so squats, skins, lifting, climbing, running, jumping and jumping off, pulling up. No machines insulating working muscle. Exercises are performed on time or trying to perform as much as possible (AMRAP-as many repetitions as possible)

Crossfit is also a community and training philosophy. When the competition comes into play-we give everything, but we respect each other, we support partners, we help our colleagues. We are not ashamed to sweat, stain, press barbells, clap, cry, shout, or graze into the ground without breath.

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

Inov-8 Men’s Bare-XF™ 210 Cross-Training Shoe

inov men bare cross training shoe

  1. Rope-Tec™ grip provides supportive protection and 360 degree durability for rope climbing.
  2. A sticky rubber outsole offers a stable platform when lifting weights.
  3. The 210 is an all round ideal shoe for functional training.” – Inov-8.
  4. Whether running, lifting, climbing or any form of intense exercise, the Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 Women’s Fitness Shoe is a trainer designed to withstand it all.
  5. Superbly durable and with features tailoring it as the ideal gym shoe, this can be the difference between having to stop, or breaking your personal best.
  6. Featuring a Zero-Drop height, this shoe is ideal for short runs, providing minimal support to allow for fast, flexible forefoot running.
  7. The Zero-Drop also enhances weightlifting prowess by giving you a flat, solid contact to push up from.
  8. An ultra-grippy rubber outsole also ensures you get optimal movement from your shoes, reducing the risk of falling, slipping and injury.
  9. Based in “England’s last wilderness,” the North Pennines, inov-8 is a British company that is passionate about specialist off-road running products and creating the lightest weight, most flexible footwear on the market.
  10. Since the company’s launch in 2003, it has become one of the fastest growing off-road running brands in the United States.
  11. From the footwear to the hydration packs, inov-8 products are created to complement the natural functions of human body biomechanics.
  12. Inov-8 designs its athletic gear to meet the demands of various environments and terrains at a peak level of performance.
  13. This is the ideal parkour and freerunning shoe: minimal padding, lightweight mesh top, single piece of rubber for the sole with just the right amount of grip.
  14. I wore my last pair of these Inov-8 Bare-XF 210s so hard, that my big toe started poking through the bottom.
  15. I feel like I am in very firm control of my strides and precision jumps in these shoes.
  16. Only cons would be that they don’t do super well on wet cement, as I slipped in them (it was mostly my fault with bad technique; I was also still breaking them in).
  17. They also aren’t so super sticky on strong plywood, which I sometime climb up in my parkour gym in Brooklyn, NY.
  18. I have used KOs, New Balances and another custom martial arts shoe (solid rubber sole) and these are far and above my favorite.
  19. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who is interested in taking their athleticism to the next level.
  20. The shoes lasted about 9 months with regular to heavy use for me, and Inov-8 says they’re good for 600 miles, which I don’t think sounds like a lot, but again, my last pair lasted the better part of a year.
  21. Please don’t ever drop the 210s from your line, or give us a heads up if you do.
  22. From the feel, I was worried that if I wore it a couple of days, it would fall off.
  23. This teplacement size, however, was extremely tight and had a crinkle in the front for some reason.
  24. I don’t know if that is normal, but I had to send it back.
  25. The size differences are extreme, but I would suggest going with the UK and Europeans sizes with these over the US sizing to match your feet.
  26. Also, if you wear several different sizes between brands, you may want to find a different manufacturer than inov-8.
  27. I gave them a go for awhile until I finally had to swap them out.
  28. Now I literally get stopped all the time by people asking me what shoes I’m wearing.
  29. I’ve had the Vibram Five Finger shoes (several iterations), the Merrell Trailglove, etc.
  30. I like the Inov-8 Barefoot more than the Merrell Trailgloves, which used to cause blisters on my feet from where several points of fabric met, and would cause rubbing.
  31. Love my 180’s but these are heavier, stiffer and narrower.
  32. Although they claim to have a large toe box, my feet have a lot more freedom to behave like bare feet in the 180 of the same size.
  33. Unfortunately I can’t find the 180 any more so my have to get this one size up.
  34. These are my first pair of sneakers that are this thin on the foot to feel like you are almost bare foot, it takes getting use to but I like it a lot and the quality seems to be pretty good, but I only have like 5 workouts so far.
  35. They make running feel so effortless, and feels quite different.
  36. Deadlifts and squats feel better and more correct without that heel raise from other shoes.
  37. A fore warning DO NOT run a long distance your first couple times wearing these.
  38. These definitely engage your calfs a lot more, and you will be feeling it the next day.
  39. The front of the shoe is a little wide to allow for the splaying of your toes, and the heal is extremely sturdy, which makes sliding them on easier than most sneakers.
  40. Highly recommended for anybody looking for an extremely minimal barefoot shoe.
  41. I had a similar pair several years ago, and so psyched to come back to these.

Buy Inov-8 Men’s Bare-XF™ 210 Cross-Training Shoe here $124.63 – $124.95

Inov-8 Men’s Bare-XF 210 V2 (M) Cross Trainer

inov men bare m cross trainer

  1. Lightweight natural fit: Updated materials, now lighter with better breathability and more room for toe splay and a pure feel.
  2. Flexibility: Meta-flex technology allows natural flexing in the forefoot and the new Adapter web cradle lacing system holds your foot secure in the shoe- both ensuring the shoe moves naturally with the foot.
  3. Durability and Protection: Updated 360 degree Rope-tec delivers traction and durability on rope climbs while the Italian blown rubber toe bumper provides protection.
  4. Offering a natural fit and improved Rope-Tec protection, this shoe delivers superb grip and durability on ropes.
  5. Comes with 3mm and 6mm POWER FOOTBEDS allowing you to fine tune your fit and underfoot cushioning.
  6. In my opinion, it is one of the best, zero drop “bare” shoes out there.
  7. However, I prefer the first version of these shoes more.
  8. My V1’s lasted 3 years with near-daily use before the sole just barely started to separate.
  9. I decided it was time to get a new pair when the shoelace loops started to separate.
  10. With the V2s, they changed up the way the laces attach, so I dont expect the separation issue.
  11. They kept the sole the same, though the V2s feel a bit thicker and not as maliable (though that could be because I had worn down my V1s so much).
  12. They added a beefier heal loop/support so the shoe really cups the heel nicely.
  13. One thing I’m not a fan of is that they’ve added a significant amount of padding on the top of the shoe (as compared to the V1s).
  14. It feels cushy and comfortable but my feet definitely sweat more in these than the V1s.
  15. Perhaps it adds marginally more protection from dropped weights.
  16. I liked the V1s better because they didnt habe this extra cushion (and the fit was just a little more precise).
  17. The toe also uses a rubber material instead of the fabric like on the V1s.
  18. Finally, though looks have never been a huge deal for me, the black and green just flat out look cooler than the V1s.
  19. All in all, this is an amazing shoe and I highly recommend it.
  20. I just wish they would have kept the sizing the same and didn’t use that thicker material on top of the shoe’s toe box (but maybe it’ll grow on me).
  21. I have tried putting it back and gluing it but that didn’t help.
  22. They are a downgrade from the previous version which I just had to start using again because these gave out on me after only a few months.
  23. Starting a search for new shoes 🙁 Wish I could just buy new version 1’s since they are epic.
  24. I bought these v2’s with a lot of doubts they would hold up against the original XF-210s.
  25. I wore my original shoes almost every day for the past year and a half.
  26. They have seen MANY miles but all around the city and maybe some light hiking.
  27. It feels like normal shoe liner that is going to tear quickly but I will update if that happens.
  28. My application is light treadmill running and Crossfit-style workouts.
  29. I have been running 5-10 miles a week for several weeks and working out 5x a week now in these.
  30. I used to take off my shoes to squat or deadlift, but I don’t anymore.
  31. It’s rural winter with poorly maintained roads, so I have not tried running outside in these yet.
  32. The treadmill I run on has some shock absorption, and I’ve done as much as 6 miles at a stretch and felt okay.
  33. Lighter runners might do better than me in that regard.
  34. I’m a tank – 5’11” and 220, built to lift heavy things more than run very far.
  35. I think running on pavement in these would be hard on my knees more than a mile or two, though.
  36. He was looking for a versatile shoe for powerlifting, running, and normal gym movements.
  37. He has a wide foot and has problems finding shoes that fit well.
  38. This shoe runs wide and has a wide toe box that allows your toes to spread out when lifting.
  39. The bottoms have a rubber that feels almost sticky and grips the floor.
  40. They are very light and feel like you are wearing almost nothing.
  41. This shoe is really designed for crossfitters but is great for regular gym-goers as well.
  42. Before I bought my 1st pair, these are my 3rd pair I read some reviews that recommended getting one size larger than what you normally get and I have.
  43. This pinched my toes together, I like true foot shaped shoes, ones that let your toes spread out.
  44. It initially felt like the ball of my foot was getting all the padding and heel got none.
  45. But now that I have “broken them in” they are hands down the most comfortable shoes I can wear next to being barefoot.
  46. Would for sure recommend these to those who aren’t big on shoes.
  47. They will last a long time if only using them at the gym.
  48. Problem is show too small but he did not let me know until return window closed!
  49. However, one of the eyelet loops blew out my second time wearing them.
  50. For the past 5 years, 80% of my running has been in Inov-8 shoes, both trail and road.
  51. The tow box was not wide enough and my feet were squished.

Buy Inov-8 Men’s Bare-XF 210 V2 (M) Cross Trainer here $96.21 – $110.00

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