butyl INOV Solid black gray

butyl INOV Solid black gray 1
New generation f-lit-F-Lite 235! Designed specifically for functional training! With zero slope and increased flexibility, this is a matter of DFB. Very light shoes in which you can easily get on the road and go out to the city.

As in all inov-8 shoes, the stabilizing elements were eliminated in them.

The foot moves freely.

The low profile gives natural stabilization.

This is a new model for strength and crossfit training.

Additionally, it was secured against damage when approaching the rope (ROPETEC).
 New in this shoe is a stronger heel to improve weight lifting.

Super fast cross -fit and running shoes. Weight: 235 g (size 42)



Hoof-Standard Fit-wide last

Rubber type of the tread-sticky

Additional soles-dfb

Sole type-f-lite

Vehicle-Asphalt, city, hall

For whom-Mens and unisex

With studs-No

Activities –– Running

– Lifestyle

– Functional training

Drop-0 mm

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Trainer Shoe

inov women f lite cross trainer shoe

  1. Supreme stability: The same high density Power heel technology, zero drop proprioception, and new heel lock construction delivers maximum stability when lifting weights.
  2. An ultra secure fit: ADAPTERFIT Met-cradle adapts to the natural movement and swells with the foot when in motion during fast, hard lateral and medial movement.
  3. New welded overlay construction reduces weight while maintaining ultimate fit and flexibility.
  4. Unrivaled grip: The unbeatable grip expected in all inov-8 models with 360 degree Rope-tec extended onto the shoe’s upper for traction and durability on rope climbs.
  5. Now even lighter and more durable with a snugger more secure fit than the original model.
  6. Built for the best performance in weightlifting, gymnastics, rope climbs, box jumps and burpees.
  7. These shoes only come in one size for womens (E) and one size for mens (D).
  8. This is a “standard” fit in Inov-8 shoes (more room in the toe box).
  9. I have the f-lite195 shoe and the fit is precision and I loved the fit for running.
  10. So my recommendation would be to size down if you do not have a longish foot or if you are in between sizes.
  11. I hope this helps because it truly is frustrating deciding on which size to buy since standardization of sizes among like brands just doesn’t exist anymore.
  12. This shoe is sturdy, well-built and obviously a new generation of cross-trainers.
  13. I will never buy a nike running shoe again because their shoes are cheaply made (in China) with cheap materials!<
  14. She does Crossfit and prefers Inov-8 over any other shoes.
  15. They took a little getting used to because they are so flat.
  16. They’re a little bit roomier than I expected, widthwise.
  17. I’m used to wearing Nike street shoes or Asics for running, so I’m used to a snugger fit.
  18. Only downside for me, is I prefer a more snug fitting toe box for these workouts.
  19. A size 9 normally always fits, but there’s a ton of extra space in the toe end of the shoe & I feel like that takes away from my workouts.
  20. If they were for running or day to day use it wouldn’t be a bother, but when I’ve gotta be quick on my feet I don’t want to feel my foot flopping around.
  21. Some might prefer more space, but it’s just not my preference.
  22. The shoe has more arch support than I expected which I love because I notice when shoes have none or too little.
  23. Use these for weighted cardio and they really help keep the weight in the heel rather than putting pressure on the front of the foot.
  24. Overall, the shoe is very comfortable, and like most other reviews, it does run longer than my previous Inov8s.
  25. The fact that they have a very fine mesh on the sides, I doubt they’d last a single rope climb.
  26. I order these shoes because I have very narrow feet and the reebok shoes are too wide.
  27. I was nervous since these were minimalist shoes and don’t have much padding, but that has been an issue.

Buy inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Trainer Shoe here $24.23 – $130.00

Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235-m

inov men f lite m

  1. An even stickier rubber outsole and extended use of Rope-Tec™ onto the shoe’s upper makes this the best gripping functional fitness animal in the box.
  2. I SCOURED the internet for reviews on all kinds of different shoes and options that might work for me.
  3. Since I was not a huge fan of the colors available for the women’s models I opted to purchase the men’s version, figuring this might also be the best bet for my wide-duck feet.
  4. From the comfort level, to the color and design, I’m STOKED about these shoes.
  5. I’ve been wearing them (only for Crossfit) for about a month now and I’m very please with my purchase.
  6. Not only are they light, roomy, comfortable and stable, but I LOVE the Jekyll/Hyde color split and I get compliments all of the time on them.
  7. My ONE COMPLAINT is the fact that the yellow is SUPER hard to keep clean – especially during rope climbs.
  8. I did treat mine with shoe protectant before wearing, but even still, keeping that highlighter yellow free of dirt is a daily challenge.
  9. But it’s a trade off I’m willing to take considering how please I am with my Inov-8 F-Lites.
  10. I had been holding off on buying new shoes for cross-training and light running so aside from weightlifting shoes for my lifts I have been doing everything else in Nike running shoes.
  11. The stability and snug fit are nice and I am so happy to being able to perform lateral movements and run off concrete without feeling like my feel are floating in the glom of cushion that’s ready to slough off your feet at any moment.
  12. Standard warning: if you use these for running and you don’t wear minimals, EASE into it.
  13. No regrets so far, I will update if there any drastic changes in my opinion.
  14. I put ‘no’ to good arch support because they have minimal arch support by design.
  15. By “perfect” I mean that they are snug yet comfortable.
  16. They provide excellent traction outdoors but also on courts and at the local gym with hardwood floors.
  17. The heel-to-toe differential is almost zero and there is hardly any arch support which suits me well, but might be a problem for people with high arches.
  18. Get lots of compliments every single time I wear these shoes.
  19. I am a big fan of minimalist shoes for exercise and wanted something to use on the days that I wasn’t wearing my Vibram Bikila LS shoes, as those are hard to keep clean and non-stinky.
  20. The sole feel small under my feet even though the shoe itself seems plenty big enough.
  21. Almost like the heel doesn’t sit squarely under my heel.
  22. I’m gifting them to a friend who’s not as challenged to see if it was just me.
  23. Being of a flat nature, it will strengthen your foot including your arch over time with regular use.
  24. This is a ‘crossfit’ type shoe, meant for lifting heavy weight and agile movements.
  25. Edit: Do note that if you are doing extreme lateral type movements or climbing objects with these shoes, your toes may begin to breach the edges of the shoe.
  26. While climbing up a relatively small rock, the front sides of my feet would be pushed into the sides of the shoe and not completely stay perfectly within the sole.
  27. I’d been using running shoes for crossfit/plyo workouts and these provide MUCH better lateral stability and grip.
  28. I haven’t run more than two miles in them but they’ve been great so far.
  29. Wouldn’t recommend running in them if you’re a heal striker.
  30. I still have a pair of F-LIte 240’s (I think that’s the model) and I love those shoes.
  31. I use them every now and then along with a few others when I exercise.
  32. I thought the F-Lite 235, being geared more towards crossfit, would make a great gym shoe.
  33. I ordered a size up as with all my Inov-8 shoes and the length was fine.
  34. The problem I had with the shoe was there was so much leftover material in the toebox.
  35. It’s definitely wider that most Inov-8 shoes, but it’s too much room from the top to bottom if that makes sense to you.
  36. I felt like they weren’t locking me down as much as I required.
  37. If the shoe provided a more locked down feel in the toe area I’d be all over them.
  38. They preform very well in crossfit and weight lifting sports/excecise.
  39. I used these shoes until there was a hole beneath the sole.
  40. These are minimalist shoes, so expect little comfort from them.
  41. Most zero drop running shoes have thin soft foam soles and dont last too long if you run on the road of sidewalk.
  42. Zero drop heel enables full variety of exercises without switching shoes.
  43. I have been wearing Altra onesie the past but hate the new remodel.

Buy Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235-m here $40.94 – $129.95

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