butyl INOV Solid chill green

butyl INOV Solid chill green 1
Weight: 235 g (size 42)

Sole thickness: 9mm back, front 9mm

Pieta drop / fingers: 0mm

New generation f-lit-F-Lite 235! Designed specifically for functional training! With zero slope and increased flexibility, this is a matter of DFB.

Even more breathable upper. Very light shoes in which you can easily get on the road and go out to the city.

As in all inov-8 shoes, the stabilizing elements were eliminated in them.

The foot moves freely.

The low profile gives natural stabilization. This is a new model for strength and crossfit training.

Additionally, it was secured against damage when approaching the rope (ROPETEC).
New in this shoe is a stronger heel to improve weight lifting.

Super fast cross -fit and running shoes. More about the parameters of these shoes-check the technical data.

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 V2 Chill Sneaker

inov men f lite chill sneaker

  1. Supreme stability: The same high density Powerheel technology, zero drop proprioception, and new heel lock construction delivers maximum stability when lifting weights.
  2. The zero drop midsole features power heel™ technology giving a stable platform for lifting as well as Rope-Tec™ durability when climbing.

Buy Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 V2 Chill Sneaker here $82.87 – $150.00

Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 V2 Sneaker

inov men f lite sneaker

  1. If you compare pictures, the heel box seems to look the same on the 210s and the 232s versus this 235, however, this 235 shoe seems to fit and hold my heel more securely than the other 2 shoes ever did.
  2. There is also more room in the toe box portion in the front of the shoe, something that I’ve always wanted from the old shoes.
  3. I have wide feet, and the 210s and the 232s took a while to “stretch” out to fit my feet, but the 235 felt fine from day 1 of use.
  4. Although the toe box is bigger, I never get the feeling that I’m losing grip in the front, or having unnecessary movement.
  5. Finally, the design of the grip pattern on the bottom of the shoe always gives me confidence when performing heavy olympic lifts or compound movements.
  6. The deeper groove pattern leads me to believe that they’ll last longer than the other 2 shoes did.
  7. Overall, I’m very pleased with this 235 V2 shoe, and will surely purchase another pair in the future.
  8. This shoe is designed with a wider toe box, which was why my husband was interested in these shoes.
  9. The shoe design is a low profile minimalist design, so they have quite a bit less cushion than other trainers and running shoes.
  10. My husband wears them for Kickboxing and Krav Maga and they seem to work very well for this application.
  11. In his words: “The rear of the shoe rubbed me raw the first time I wore them, but I did just hit them hard with a full exercise program without proper break-in time.” He did run in the shoes (sprints and around a 1 mile run) and has had no issues to speak of.
  12. He said that the heel feels pretty hard but nothing that is a real problem.
  13. He felt that the shoe is very secure and supportive, and he thinks they would work well for cross-fit type exercise as well as in the Krav Maga and Kickboxing I mentioned.
  14. For comparison, I’m a long time wearer of Vibram 5 Fingers, and other Inov8 shoes for Crossfit and running.
  15. I’ve been wearing them 5x/wk for about 2 months now for all workouts and sometimes to just walk around in.
  16. Compared to my previous experience with minimalist shoes, they’re not as comfortable for running/walking for more than 5 miles at a time.
  17. My feet are definitely more tired/sore the next day if I do anything longer.
  18. Maybe I’m wrong, but I equate 5-Fingers as having less support and less cushioning than the F-Lite, so I’d assume they’d be more comfortable over longer distances.
  19. I’m certain that my feet/legs are strong enough and used to minimalist shoes since I’ve worn some kind of minimalist shoe for the last 7yrs.
  20. However, I had to return the first set of shoes and ordered my normal size.
  21. I have wide feet and Inov 8 shoes fit me nicely and comfortably.
  22. Seems to be some extra room in the toe area, but it didn’t hinder activity any.
  23. No place on the box/packaging or on the tongue of the shoe does it say 13E or Wide.
  24. I can’t tell if the seller sent me the correct one or not.
  25. My foot is somewhat wide, but I’ve never had to order a wide shoe.
  26. Plenty of room in the toe, and the length is good, though.
  27. I’ve had the first pair for five months with minimal signs of wear and tear.
  28. I’ve had 4 other pairs of inov-8’s and love their shoes in general.
  29. My husband has wide foot and this shoe accommodated his foot.

Buy Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 V2 Sneaker here $37.47 – $143.00

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