butyl INOV fastlift black white

butyl INOV fastlift black white 1
A new look of ultra-lightweight shoes for lifting weights. Utilizing the most modern technologies in the field of lifting loads, fastlift 325 provides stability, support and proper structure of the shoe underneath and in the center through patented EHC and Power-Truss technologies.

At the same time, it provides flexibility and comfort in the front of the foot thanks to the Meta-flex system, known from the other inov-8 shoes. In tests of pressure in deadlock is an obsolete swata record holder! Fastlift sets a new standard in weight lifting as the lightest shoe of this type.


Hoof-Standard Fit-the last wide

Rubber type of the tread-sticky

Sole type-fastlift

Additional soles –
– ehc

– power truss

Ground-Asphalt, city, hall

For whom-Meskie and unisex

With spikes-No

Activities –
– Functional training

– Lifting loads

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 325 Fitness Shoe

inov women fastlift fitness shoe

  1. The Fastlift 325 offers unmatched versatility in the performance training category with its superior flexibility and grip paired with inov-8’s powertruss heel system for stability.
  2. This seriously makes a HUGE difference in your leg’s day workout and if you lift regularly and do squats, you for sure need to get these.
  3. For a long time I used minimalist weight lifters or just went barefoot and had trouble with balance on my heavier lifts, but these provide the most stable platform allowing you to achieve those PR’s!
  4. I can also now do a pistol squat since my balance has so improved!
  5. I’m almost embarrassed to say how long it took me to buy a pair because I wish I would have sooner.
  6. I usually wear a half size larger in gym and running shoes and went with the size I usually wear.
  7. I have only wore these shoes once so far for lifting on leg day.
  8. I originally ordered an 8 but they were too snug, so if you wear Nanos, size them based on that.
  9. I figured there might be some cosmetic issues, like maybe an outlet pair and there were but absolutely nothing noticeable unless you are literally holding the shoe up to your eyeballs.
  10. I would take a picture but honestly you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.
  11. These are very comfortable and the lift is just enough to get the balance I needed to help me with some OL workouts that I had been struggling in.
  12. I’m actually going to try another shoe from this brand to check it out as well.
  13. UPDATE: after wearing these shoes for about 2 wks I must say I feel a little bit more confident when doing my squats and one of my coaches says my posture looks much better( I’ve been doing Crossfit for about 1 year 1/2) …
  14. Tried Romaleos first but got the wrong size and ended up selling them.
  15. The thing about Romaleos was they were heavy and kind of clunky.
  16. They’re made for dedicated Olympic weightlifting whereas this shoe is for weightlifting but can also be worn for some workouts.
  17. I like how light they are on my feet but the heel still feels really stable and sturdy.
  18. Normall my feet slide a little inside my show but not with these.
  19. I was really able to drive from my heel and go deeper in my squat.
  20. I have had a difficult time with barbell back squats -not because of strength- but because of stability & depth issues.
  21. These shoes are rockstars & had me squatting with insane depth, stability, and comfort on my first try.
  22. Comfortable toe box and even makes room for my hammer toe.
  23. Great stability too as i don’t feel like my feet are collapsing.
  24. I spotted these on a participant at a crossfit competition.
  25. Thet look great and fit well in my usual workout shoe size.
  26. Change shoes before you push the prowler, because these have no give!<
  27. I am doing low bar squats and was having trouble with my heels coming off the ground.
  28. I went for this pair as I thought the colors/design were a bit less obnoxious than most others.

Buy Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 325 Fitness Shoe here $89.90 – $160.00

Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 325 Cross-Trainer Shoe

inov men fastlift cross trainer shoe

  1. Flexibility: meta-flex technology in the forefoot provides more comfortable movement, allowing transition from Olympic weightlifting to other functional movements in the same workout.
  2. Incredible stability: external heel cage and power-truss technology deliver lateral stability and a stable base for lifting.
  3. The fastlift™ 325 offers unmatched versatility in the performance training category with its superior flexibility and grip paired with Inov-8’s powertruss™ heel system for stability.
  4. I’m fine with that because, my feet swell during squats anyway.
  5. They are elevated and firm in the heels which is exactly what you want for weightlifting shoes.
  6. Regular running shoes should not be used for squats, deadlifts, etc.
  7. They have plenty of support and are also stylish unlike many others I’ve seen.
  8. If you’re not sure of the fit, get the same size as your normal running or walking shoes.
  9. If they don’t have that size, go up a half size like I did.
  10. Honestly, when I’m walking around the gym, they don’t stand out like others I’ve seen.
  11. The material, stitching, etc look like they will hold up for the long haul.
  12. I moved and put my Adipowers in storage and duh, still needed them.
  13. Instead of rummaging through every item I had, I bought a new pair – these.
  14. Comfort:
    Fastlift: Very comfortable
    Adipower: Comfortable
    Winner — Fastlift, I usually go in to gym and switch from tennis shoes to the Fastlifts and wear them the whole time and have no discomfort.
  15. Adipower is comfortable, but more rigid which makes them a less comfortable.
  16. Durability: (I haven’t worn either long enough to tell, so this is just a guess)
    Fastlift: Seems well made
    Adipower: Seems
    Winner — Adipower, seems slightly, very slightly better made.
  17. I don’t do full olympic lifts, which is what I’d guess abuse any shoe the most (I do mostly compound moves – squats, deadlift, bench, rows) as those movements have more bending of the sole and have more “stomp” than a simple squat.
  18. I use both pairs for standard deadlifting (not sumo) without issue.
  19. Sumo deadlift causes bad issues when you have a heel cup in my experience.
  20. Innov-8 Fastlift is a great pair for half the price of the Adipower.
  21. If you’re a Crossfitter I think that the Fastlift is a no brainer between the two as it is far more flexible and will let you do more of your workout with them on instead of swapping out (although, if you are doing Crossfit I’d suggest something even more flexible than the 325 such as the Innov-8 F-lite 250, not that I’ve tried that shoe, I’m just judging on it still having a little of a heel cup, but is more flexible than something like the Fastlift/Adipower/Romelos.
  22. The only reason IMHO you should go for the Adipower is if you’re hellbent on a certain color/look/brand or maybe you’re more serious about Olympic lifts and the durability of the Adidas pair would be better due to more rigidity.
  23. Whenever I get the Adipowers back out of storage I’ll have to do a more proper side-by-side comparison.
  24. I do all kettlebell lifting but also include some crossfit in my workouts.
  25. Totally stable for snatch and jerk / clean & jerk style lifts even with heavier double bells (24 – 28kg each).
  26. Very comfortable and stable for bodyweight exercises and exercises involving rapid foot movement, although obviously they’re unsuitable for running.
  27. At the same time, I never bother changing shoes when shifting to aerobic workouts on the rowing machines, and they also work great for that.
  28. The laces and velcro closure are secure and comfortable with no spots digging into the top of the foot.
  29. If you’re looking for a solid platform for deadlifts, cleans, snatches, squats, jerks, etc.
  30. As is comes to shoes I am not the most picky, but I thought I would give some “lifting” shoes a shot considering I work in power lifts to my routine on a regular basis.
  31. Coming from mainly Reebok Nano’s it was fairly easy to transition into these shoes.
  32. Relearning to adjust your center of gravity is the most crucial in succeeding with these shoes.
  33. At least for me keeping my weight over my heals has been a slight challenge with these, but with practice it will become second nature.
  34. The platform is very sturdy with an exception to the toe box which has some flex.
  35. I tried the BOA 370 fastlifts which couldn’t hold a candle to these as far as support.
  36. This may benefit others but not me seeing as I tend to pronate my left heel.
  37. The materials seem nice so far and I do like the Velcro strap.
  38. The 370’s didn’t seem to be as comfortable when tightened.
  39. I wouldn’t use these for any other activities, but I am hopeful they will allow me to better my form and yield heavier more productive lifts.
  40. Overall I am satisfied with these shoes and I would recommend them to someone in the market for a “lifting” shoe.
  41. I was having issue blowing out my running shoes squatting over 450lbs in them.
  42. These shoes are much more steady and reinforced in areas that regular gym shoes are not.
  43. However, I would not do much else in these other than lift because there is pretty much no padding and a solid plastic sole.
  44. The heel height could be a bit higher, but these will work fine.
  45. My feet are average width to “very slightly” wide and flat.
  46. Shoe is flexible enough for most exercises but not running walking long distance; it is a lifting shoe.
  47. Much greater felt stability over regular athletic shoes.
  48. I immediately felt more comfortable squatting after using these.

Buy Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 325 Cross-Trainer Shoe here $74.99 – $160.00

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