butyl INOV fastlift boa pink Women

butyl INOV fastlift boa pink Women 1
Using the latest technology in the field of lifting loads, fastlift 370 BOA provides stability, support and proper structure of the shoe underneath and in the center through patented EHC and Power-Truss technologies.

At the same time, it provides flexibility and comfort in the front of the foot thanks to the Meta-flex system, known from the other inov-8 shoes. In tests of pressure in deadlock is an obsolete swata record holder! Fastlift sets a new standard in weight lifting as the lightest shoe of this type. The BOA system allows you to quickly adjust the shoe to the foot or adjust its fit even in the middle of a quick workout.

All you need is one hand movement and the shoe is on the foot.

The photo of the shoe is also fast.


Sole type-fastlift


– Standard Fit-the last wide

– Women’s Last-hoof

Type of rubber-sticky

Additional soles:

– ehc

– power truss


Ground-Asphalt, city, hall

For whom-Womens and unisex

With studs-No


– Functional training

– Lifting loads

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 370 BOA Cross-Training Shoe

inov women fastlift boa cross training shoe

  1. Boasting the same grip, power and flexibility as the Fastlift 325, the 370 BOA takes stability to the next level with the addition of a dual BOA dial system for a secure, customized fit.
  2. Athletes can lift more with confidence and transition quickly before, between, and after workout.
  3. I have only worn them a couple of times, since my other lifting shoes are still working fine for me.
  4. The self tightening function is easy to figure out and does make slipping in and out of them easier.
  5. The actual fit and feel of the shoe is similar to the 315, so I may try switching to these now and maybe I’ll PR some of my lifts.
  6. I use them during Crossfit WODs that feature Olympic lifting as well as when I am squatting.
  7. I’ve used them for three lifts to try and one of my feet is tighter than another, which doesn’t happen in my normal sneakers.
  8. It’s a little uncomfortable and makes my toes feel like turf toe.
  9. I’m going to see if they stretch out or if I can adjust and souls as I have custom orthotics but I may need to look into switching sizes.
  10. When you squat down, the knob at the top sometimes makes it uncomfortable for your ankles.
  11. I do really like the ability to change them out quickly it is simple to tighten and loosen with the knobs on the top and side.
  12. You just turn them to tighten and pop them out to loosen.
  13. I LOVE the no tie laces – it makes putting these on so much easier and they don’t lose tightness over time.
  14. I would recommend this shoe to any one – the pink is VERY bright though so if you are not ready to be super neon try another color but I personally love it.
  15. Shoes are made for cheap material which casing pain to my foot in the folded area when I do split jerks or lunges.
  16. I wore the shoes for about a month and switched to my old lifters.
  17. Snug fit, my toe is at the end, but I’m told they are suppose to be snug.
  18. The Boa technology is awesome to get on and off and give me a secure fit.
  19. Performance wise since this is my first pair of lifters I have nothing else to compare them too but gave me great footing on my lifts.
  20. Looking forward to greater PR’s in the future with them.
  21. I added an insert for my high arch and they are just perfect.
  22. They are my first pair of lifters, however I am not disappointed.
  23. I have gotten so so many compliments in the gym on the bright color!!<
  24. I like the solid plastic heel lift, gives me solid support in squats and olympic lifts.
  25. The soles are a bit stiff and not the most comfortable.
  26. The dial does seem to hinder me from getting the shoes as tight as I’d like.

Buy Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 370 BOA Cross-Training Shoe here $179.95

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