shoes INOV fastlift boa red black

shoes INOV fastlift boa red black 1
Utilizing the latest technology in the field of lifting loads, fastlift 370 provides stability, support and appropriate structure of the shoe underneath and in the center through patented EHC and Power-Truss technologies.

At the same time, it provides flexibility and comfort in the front of the foot thanks to the Meta-flex system, known from the other inov-8 shoes. In tests of pressure in deadlock is an obsolete swata record holder! Fastlift sets a new standard in weight lifting as the lightest shoe of this type.The BOA fastening system allows you to quickly adjust the shoe to the foot or adjust its fit even in the middle of a quick workout.

All you need is one hand movement and the shoe is on the foot.

The photo of the shoe is also fast. iframe width = "560" height = "315" src = "" frameborder = "0" allowfullscreen / iframe More about the parameters of these shoes-check the technical data. Male.

Hoof broad (standard).
 Produced in sizes 6-12UK and 13UK (EU39.5-47, 48)

The inov-8 brand appeared in the world of crossfits nice few years ago, when this way of training was still not very popular in Europe.

The competitors were looking for low-soled shoes that did not swim while lifting the bar, giving a good feeling of the ground necessary when making jumps on the crate. Important was also low weight and stability during sudden turns.

The British were then the only producer offering such equipment. Before the dedicated models appeared-the most popular were inov-8 f-lite 220 and f-lite 195. The shortest definition is: exercises of high intensity, using functional movements of large muscle groups. But something more. It is a great general development training performed most often in a group and focused on rivalry or on reaching the maximum result. Uses simple instruments and intensity?

This one can be really big when the fight between the players starts on the same level. Functional movements are those that we encounter in nature, so squats, skins, lifting, climbing, running, jumping and jumping off, pulling up. No machines insulating working muscle.

Exercises are performed on time or trying to perform as much as possible (AMRAP-as many repetitions as possible)

Crossfit is also a community and training philosophy. When the competition comes into play-we give everything, but we respect each other, we support partners, we help our colleagues. We are not ashamed to sweat, stain, press barbells, clap, cry, shout, or graze into the ground without breath.

Brand: inov-8

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