butyl INOV roadtalon yellow black blue

butyl INOV roadtalon yellow black blue 1
Catalog weight: 240g (size 42)

The new Roadtalon 240 model for asphalt routes.

Also suitable for the "urban" trail, park paths, gravel, dirt roads. It can be a favorite shoe for everyday training as well as a start-up in park-runes.

Soft, flexible and light. Low shock absorption gives the foot protection on a hard surface and at the same time does not pick up speed. POWERFLOW technology is a special shock absorbing foam, which gives 10% more protection and 15% more energy return from the substrate. The new ADAPTERWEB lacing provides better support for the heel while allowing you to freely work on your fingers when bounced.

A new type of sole made of TRI-C rubber components gives you great grip and durability.

The solution used in the Dynamic Fascia Band construction gives reflection resilience. More about the parameters of these shoes-check the technical data. Drop, i.e. pieta fall-4mm fingers Meskie.

Hoof broad (natural / standard).
Produced in sizes: 6-12UK and 13-14 (EU 39.5-47 and 48-49)

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

Inov-8 Men’s Roadtalon 240 Running Shoe

inov men roadtalon running shoe

  1. No matter how rugged the road, the road talon is the master of its terrain.
  2. Things were tight in the toe box (width) so I had to go up a 1/2 size (which means there is more room than usual in front of my toes).
  3. Will update the rating after I’ve gotten to run in these for a while.
  4. Bummer because these shoes look very cool and I really loved my other inov8s.
  5. I had to order a 1/2 size up after running several hundred miles in the original 240s I bought a few months bacl.
  6. Roadtalon 240 are surprisingly comfortable, fit to size, and offer plenty of room in the toe box.
  7. The shoes are breathable, thus my feet stay dry throughout the run.
  8. Hence, I’m a bit disappointed and decided to wear the 275 for the marathon event.
  9. Even though the 275 is heavier compared to the 240, it has more support and cushion for long distance running.
  10. I was wrong – the toe box is smaller and my toes almost reach the end of the shoe.
  11. Width and support felt good though so I decided to keep them hoping that after break-in they would be fine.
  12. I have worn them three times now: first time just around for initial break in.
  13. By around mile 10 the tighter toe box really did start to become noticeably distracting and I was looking forward to getting the shoes off.
  14. Today (the day after) my feet are not sore at all so that is a sign to me that they fit ok.
  15. I will keep them but I won’t run any further than a half in these at this size.
  16. No major arch support, which I’m happy with and is what I like about Inov-8’s.

Buy Inov-8 Men’s Roadtalon 240 Running Shoe here $54.44 – $121.00

inov-8 Women’s Roadtalon 240 Running Shoe

inov women roadtalon running shoe

  1. Ultra smooth ride: Run effortlessly over any road conditions as POWERFLOW delivers 10% better shock absorption and 15% better energy return than standard midsoles.
  2. Run fast with confidence: Weighing just 240g and with a 4mm drop, this is a flexible and responsive shoe that allows quick running while still delivering comfort, protection and support.
  3. Maximum power transfer: Iconic inov-8 outsole grip optimized for road running.
  4. Every ounce of energy generated by the body is transferred to the road through the outsole, with TRI-C outsole delivering traction throughout the gait cycle.
  5. They don’t fit the right way and they tore my feet to pieces.
  6. My feet haven’t healed enough to try wearing them again.
  7. They arrived on time, as expected, and at a fair price.
  8. The sneakers fit as expected, are lightweight, and have been comfortable to run in thus far.

Buy inov-8 Women’s Roadtalon 240 Running Shoe here $45.12 – $110.00

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