shorts braces length corte male
Cycling shorts with braces. Length to half of the calf. Made of LYCR® elastic fabric.

They breathe well and sweat away. It dries quickly.

Antibacterial insert with side panels to prevent abrasions.

Brand: Accent


Brandit Men’s Industry Vintage 3/4 Shorts Black

brandit men industry vintage shorts black

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    Gore Bike Wear Men’s Oxygen Partial Thermo Bibs 3/4+ Shorts

    gore bike wear men oxygen partial thermo bibs shorts

    1. Almost unnoticeable bibs and a wide, non-cutting hem combined with a seat insert especially designed for long distance rides.
    2. While watching the weather and worrying that it would be cancelled snow, I purchased these bibs in a panic.
    3. Like all bibs, they are tight, but fit more comfortably than my Castellis.
    4. Starting in the town of Durango at about 6000′, it was a beautiful sunny day and in the mid-fifties.
    5. As we started to climb the first pass, it started to snow.
    6. I don’t know for sure, but at 10,500′ there was probably a foot of snow on either side of the road and in the high 20s, low 30s.
    7. Those that started in shorts and plain jersey’s were miserable.
    8. Descents were a breeze, both literally and figuratively but I was comfortable the whole ride using these bibs, a base layer, windbreaker, and shoe covers.
    9. The ride was fifty miles and I probably could have benefited from a little more padding in key areas, but overall the chamois kept me comfortable.
    10. As with all bib tights and shorts, you want a tight fit without material gathering.
    11. These knickers feel too small as you pull them on, but that’s just due to the brushed fleece lining that makes them thermal.
    12. It doesn’t slide up unshaven legs as easily as bare lycra.
    13. It’s important to note that all Gore bibs are cut to fit you best when in the bike position.
    14. When standing, the straps tug down on my shoulders noticeably.
    15. Same goes for my 4 pair of Gore Ozon bib shorts.)

      I don’t like this chamois as much as the Gore Ozon Man chamois, but it’s still nice.

    16. Feels a tad narrow for my sit bones, but I do ride a 158mm wide saddle.
    17. For the average male rider with a bit narrower sit bones, I think it will feel perfect.
    18. They are just okay overall but the fabric below the abdomen, through the crotch and hips does not flex or give at all and makes for an uncomfortable, distracting ride.
    19. Compared to every other brand I own, the shoulder straps are the thinest and least thoughtful and have a tendency to roll over themselves and not sit flat or flush over the shoulders.
    20. I would rate them appropriate in the 35-50 F temperature range.
    21. Like all Gore products, they are well sewn and solid, a real improvement over the leading European supplier, Castelli.
    22. They are quite warm, good, really, for temperatures in the 50s to lower 60s.
    23. Hardier riders with more body fat than I have might be able to wear them down into the 40s, but will find them too warm in the upper ranges.
    24. The “chamois” is very thick and comfortable for long rides.
    25. For my money, there is no better manufacturer of cycling clothing than Gore.
    26. The pad is the best ive found as it is a near seamless transition from pad to spandex – great for fighting saddle sores.
    27. I did wear a hole in the inner thigh where my thigh was rubbing my saddles wide nose – the saddle also suffered.
    28. These medium bibs are a little tight around the thigh area but I have 10 lbs of winter weight on right now.
    29. They should be perfect in the spring and fall once I’m in shape again.
    30. They do well in temps down into the 20s and aren’t too hot on days that start cool and may creep into the 50s or 60s.

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