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Single drawer handle TSD13 Made entirely of steel-and not as in competition products on plastic straps which after a short period of time are rubbing.

Our handle is indestructible-it consists of two plates with a thickness of 3mm and a steel tube with a diameter of 28mm.

Handle powder coated in two colors of anthracite sheet, while the handle is matte black.


LIRISY Tactical Single Pistol Mag Pouch | Inside The Waistband IWB Mag Holder | Single and Double Stack Magazine Holster for 9mm/.40 cal/380

lirisy tactical single pistol mag pouch inside the waistband iwb mag holder sing

  1. It features steel belt clip on the back which gives you the inside the pants carry use for quick and easy re-holstering.
  2. Also fits most single stack 9mm models such as Glock 43, M&P Shield, Ruger LC9s, Springfield XDS, Sig p239.
  3. Soft Material

    Made with soft neoprene and leather to give you a comfortable experience.

  4. Rapid Removable

    The smooth low friction surface allows for a rapid removable and easy one-handed insertion of the magazine.

  5. Comfortable IWB Carry

    Perfect for those who are looking for a concealed carry magazine holder for IWB concealed carry.

  6. Note:

    Please see image with Size and descriptions to find the right size for your Magazine.

  7. I’ve had it for about a month and a half now and I can’t complain about it at all.
  8. If I had to nit-pick something it would have to be that there isn’t any retention to it.
  9. If you hold it upside down with a magazine in it then it will probably come out.
  10. That being said, I’ve never had a magazine come out while I was carrying it.
  11. I used the product with a double stacked 9mm 15 round Glock magazine.
  12. It also fit my Sccy 9mm 10 round magazine

    After my partner made a few reasonable requests over the last few months, I finally submitted and decided to search for an affordable mag pouch.

  13. I needed it to be well made, fit a double stacked Glock magazine and most importantly, fit a small budget.
  14. This mag pouch connects to your belt using a simple metal clip-on system.
  15. The clip is so tight that I have actually had to break it in.
  16. The product is to be placed on your belt or waistband, with the metal clip facing away from you.
  17. Once positioned, the flat soft side should sit against your abdomen.
  18. The magazine should sit securely in between your pants and your lower stomach.
  19. It should feel secure but not too tight (tip: if it is too tight or becomes uncomfortable through out the day, simply move it along your pant line until you find a more comfortable spot).
  20. Frankly, I was worried that the magazine could fall out because there is no closure.
  21. I am pleased to report that neither my partner or I have not had it fall out in a weeks use.
  22. The product works because of the tension created by the force pressed between your pants and your body which keeps the magazine in place.
  23. In fact, I took note of one major tactical benefit of no closures- 1 less step while reloading your weapon!<
  24. I’d give it 5 stars but I’d like them to put just a little more squeeze on the mag so when you drop em to squat you can be sure the mag won’t dump as well.
  25. Held my 15 round factory glock mag with proper retention with out giving myself a wedgy trying to reload or remove it.
  26. I’m a larger bloak and not so little in the middle but can EDC this mag carrier all day long.
  27. As you can see from the pictures, it holds mags and knives equally well.I have always avoided carrying any knife larger than a pocket-knife, because some people frown on knives on your belt.
  28. Nobody even notices the knife when worn inside the waistband (IWB).
  29. There’s no retention strap, but it’s really not needed, for your waistband puts enough tension on the holster that your mag or knife will not fall out.
  30. The inner side of the holster is smooth and comfortable against your body.
  31. Glock 19 magazines fit with about 1 inch protruding from the top.
  32. The leather backing allows the edges of my magazine to dig into my side.
  33. After wearing for a couple hours in the 7 O’Clock position, I had to take it off and clip it inside my pocket.
  34. If you want to carry additional ammo you need one of these mag holsters.
  35. I initially bought this for my extra Glock 27 magazine (see attached pic), but after playing with it I will mostly use it to carry my Leatherman Wave.
  36. The pouch is a little too long/deep to take the Wave in and out easily, so I put a single dice in the bottom of the pouch.
  37. Wish the clip was covered with some material or fabric to keep the rough edges from snagging my clothing.
  38. It did not even hold on my belt when trying to pull my mag from the pouch.

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BLACKHAWK! Double Mag Pouch

blackhawk double mag pouch

  1. When I first got this mag pouch it was set up and it easily fit the Glock magazines without any adjustment.
  2. There is an adjustment screw in the front center between the two mag pouches that allows you to adjust for the thickness of the magazines that you will be carrying.
  3. This pouch is designed for double stack magazines so do not buy this for a single stack or even a 1 ½ stack magazine.
  4. There is no spring in the mag pouch and the tension on the magazines is supplied by the natural pressure of the molded plastic of the pouch and the tension can be adjusted but using the tension screw.
  5. Some magazines may be way too tight to fit into the pouch when you first get it but just loosen the screw and push in the magazines.
  6. Let the pouch set over night and it will loosen up to fit the mags well.
  7. Plastic is easily stretched and reformed and the tension screw can always be tightened.
  8. Some people complained that they could not insert two mags facing the same way and that is also not a problem.
  9. I have had no issues with multiple types of magazines and for different gun manufacturers.
  10. To me that is important as you want to draw the magazines out and have them facing the proper direction for you to quickly insert them into your weapon and reload.
  11. I own a set of both so I know the difference between the two and to me it is not worth the extra money.
  12. The pouch holds both magazines tightly and they are properly held into place during your activities and I have no complaints.
  13. When I inserted the Sig 226 magazines into the pouch they were so loose it was ridiculous.
  14. I simply had to tighten the tension screw until they were securely held into place.
  15. The only problem, and I show this in my video, is that I have to tighten the screw a lot and it protruded out the back of the pouch into the area where your belt would fit.
  16. It sticks out so much that it would interfere with your belt and perhaps even fray an expensive tactical belt.
  17. If I were using this pouch for only Sig magazines I would cut off the excess length of the screw so it would not rub on or touch the belt.
  18. On the back side of the pouch is a belt flap that is held into place with two screws.
  19. You also have two belt slots through the main body of the mag pouch so if you want to remove the belt flap you can.
  20. The slots are wide enough to support the use of a 1 3/4 inch tactical belt.
  21. The belt flap does have an adjustment to allow you to use belts of varying widths up to 2 inches.
  22. The flap does have a nice hooked tip on it and it helps to lock the flap underneath your belt if you are not using the belt slots.
  23. The pouch is curved to fit the shape of your hip or back and to make it more comfortable.
  24. I wanted something that would work with 7 round 40 caliber magazines and allow me to carry two extra mags.
  25. When I first got this mag pouch it was very tight on the magazines even though the tension adjustment screw was loosely installed.
  26. When I say tight I mean very tight, almost to the point of not being able to easily pull the magazines out of the pouch.
  27. This pouch is designed for single stack magazines but it does work for 1 ½ stack magazines.
  28. It works well with the S&W Shield 9 mm or 40 cal)

    Some people have stated that this magazine pouch will not work with the Shield magazines but that is not true.

  29. You should note that there is no spring or latch in the magazine pouches to hold the mags in place.
  30. The tension is provided by the elastic property of the molded plastic.
  31. Just make sure that the adjustment screw is loose and press the mags into the pouch.
  32. Let the magazine pouch set for a few hours or overnight and you will find that the pouches have stretched and the magazines now fit nicely.
  33. You should tighten down the adjustment screw and set the tension that you want the mags to be held at.
  34. The magazines will be held securely and yet you can easily withdraw them when needed.
  35. The pouches adjust to fit better as they will stretch with the force of the magazine pressing on it and the adjustment screw is your setting to control the retention force.
  36. In an urgent or stressful time that is a problem you don’t want to have.
  37. The magazine pouch in the video is the carbon fiber finish version with the fancy carbon fiber look.
  38. The belt flap does have an adjustment to allow you to use belts of varying widths.
  39. Using the belt flap, and not the slots on the side of the body of the pouch, you can use a belt up to 2 inches wide.
  40. Looking at the first photo, you can see how they look like they should face each other, with the backs of the magazines facing out.
  41. However, if you do that, (the second photo), they can’t be drawn cleanly.
  42. When installed as pictured, and as I would carry them, and the retention screw is adjusted so that the rear magazine fits nicely, the front is then too loose.
  43. If it is then adjusted, (tightened), so that the front magazine fits nicely, the rear is too tight.
  44. I have adjusted the retention screw several times, but have not been able to obtain equal tension for both magazines.
  45. Other mags, like those for the GLOCK might work fine, but not those for the S&W M&P.
  46. Wish I had bought the paddle design instead of the belt clip, BUT it’s great and I’m not trading it.
  47. Actual holder you get has clip ammo facing each other other than same way.
  48. On the holder I got, the lower heel of the clip are pointing at each other.

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