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The leggings have a special anatomical cut and a flat seam.

They ensure maximum sock adhesion to the foot.

High-quality material (polypropylene)

provides comfort of use and gentle cushioning of the foot. Products made of Prolen® fibers are an innovative solution, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of sweat.

The Prolen® water absorption indicator is close to zero (only 0.01% at 65% air humidity and 20 ° C temperature).
Prolen® transports moisture to the outside or to another absorbent of the tract from which it gradually evaporates. Prolen® direct contact with the skin eliminates sweating, leaves the skin dry and odorless and provides excellent balance between temperature and humidity, even in the most extreme conditions. Proper air flow through the unrelated capillaries creates an optimal microclimate between the skin and socks.

Thanks to the effect of the wick, Prolen® transfers moisture from the surface of the body to another absorbing layer and gradually transports it to the air.


Material composition: Polypropylene-95%


Properties of Polyamide:
– Very good high tensile strength

– Total biological resistance to bacteria and molds

– The products are light but durable

– It has a high elasticity, perfectly adapts to the leg, thus does not cause pressure.

– The przedza is certified by the OTO-TEX institute

Brand: Iskierka


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