colic to skateboard pivot pu art Spokey
The original Spokey lugs.


Dimensions-52×30 mm

Hardness-100A PU.

Set-4 pieces.

Brand: Spokey


Ten Toes Board Emporium The Drops Drop Down Longboard Dropdown Skateboard

ten toes board emporium the drops drop down longboard dropdown skateboard

  1. This unique board features a symmetrical drop-through shape for added balance and improved push-power without the risk of wheel bite as you carve.
  2. The Drops’ deck is lower in the center, helping to secure your feet to the board while keeping your center of gravity low, which provides you with unsurpassed stability and control as you reach greater speeds.
  3. Secondly, the grip tape was not completely secured to the top of the board upon opening the item; not a deal breaker but just poor quality.
  4. Third, the bottom of the board smudges and scratches incredibly easily so if youre buying this bc it looks cool you should keep looking- still not a deal breaker but not ideal either.
  5. Finally, THIS BOARD BROKE WITHIN 6 HOURS of moderate riding- poor quality, snapped on the front right before the front truck.
  6. I liked this board and was able to ignore its imperfections right up until the moment it broke and threw me into a wall.
  7. I live in ASU campus where there are overpriced skateboards everywhere and none compare to the simplicity of design that is this skateboard.
  8. It was loosely packaged, imo (they could have used more cushion inside), but luckily mine arrived with no damage.
  9. I believe they’re steel or some other inexpensive metal- not a problem for me.
  10. The wheels are kind of soft- I imagine for a smoother rider and designed for like a wooden coast path or smooth pavement.
  11. I dont see that as a problem, again I’m skateboarding, not trying to off-road in coal and sulfur the thing.
  12. The screws are all in tight- which is a plus because I didn’t buy a ratchet.
  13. The wheel screws are nice and tight but not too tight that slows speed.
  14. BTW, the wheels are kind of soft, so expect to purchase new wheels in at least 5 months if you are a ROUGH rider.
  15. The wood is a very deep dark brown and the blue is a dark navy blue.
  16. These colors are so chill you could probably get away with riding this thing in a suit.
  17. If a competition of looks are concerned, this wins hands down- especially considering sometimesthere may be dirt on the ground- and we all know those lighter boards are hideous when dirty, we may not have that problem with this board.
  18. Overall I give the board a 5/5 for presentation, mechanics, and time of deliever.
  19. It will literally eat you, be careful if you’re like me and carry your board behind your back.
  20. The deck is pretty firm, it seems way sturdier than my other deck of the same shape.
  21. The concave is perfect, it gives you a good idea of where your foot is on the board.
  22. I rode this around on uneven shifting sidewalks and the wheels get over sticks, rocks, and cracks really well.
  23. I don’t hill bomb so I can’t tell you how this does at high speeds, but for a cruiser around normal hills this does really well.
  24. One of the kingpins broke in just 2 months of moderate riding.
  25. The bushings weren’t very good, but that comes down to taste really.
  26. They are far too thin and when I tightened the trucks to my liking it warped and bent them, which made loosening them back up a nightmare since none of my tools could properly bite on the nut.
  27. I had to replace the bushings out of necessity, not preference which is annoying.
  28. The trucks actually seem fine (other than the kingpin snapping) but it appears like they are slightly bending.
  29. I’m not sure if they come like that, so I’m not sure if that’s an actual issue or not.
  30. I only weigh 165 so if they are bending than that is just absurd.
  31. They are a strange mix of soft and hard at the same time.
  32. They didn’t roll particularly well and they didn’t slide at all, the square lip isn’t even the cause of that, I can kick out square lipped wheels all day, these ones just were just irradic and had no consistency even after the skin was gone.
  33. They also got hung up on bad patches of road and could get completely stopped by a measly rock that any good wheel would go right over.
  34. The wheels tore just after a month, forcing me to replace them out of necessity, which is again, super annoying.
  35. They rolled smooth, but the internal lube was far too thick and it caused a lot of resistance and made pushing an un-enjoyable experience.
  36. It has a little bit of flex, but not a bouncy, reassuring flex, more like a “this could snap at any moment type of flex.” The nose and tail both chipped after being lightly curbed just once.
  37. I initially gave this board a 3 star review, but after today, i’ll never buy from Ten Toes Board Emporium again.
  38. If you want an enjoyable board that isn’t more work than it is fun, go for a reputable brand.
  39. The drop-down deck is great for my college campus where there are gently sloped sidewalks and a few hills.
  40. It’s very stable and holds me on well enough that I feel confident.
  41. The trucks can get very loose, which is good for making tighter turns to weave through people.
  42. I would recommend it either to people who are just learning or who are confident in their riding.
  43. I replaced the bearings with Bones Reds within a day of getting it.
  44. The stock bearings would be fine for someone just starting out longboarding, but they didn’t give me the speed I wanted.
  45. The only complaint I have is that the grip tape was not installed correctly when I received it.
  46. Rather than following the shape of the board, it went straight across the curves, leaving large bubbles that I couldn’t work out, and after a month or so of riding it’s starting to come off.
  47. It’s not the end of the world, for the price, I’m just as well off to buy new tape and replace it, but it is a minor annoyance.
  48. I had my test pilot, 21 YO daughter, check it out for me as well as do a brief video with voice over.

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