skateboard playlife vinyl blue
Skateboard from the Playlife collection for 2016. It is suitable for children and young people, intended for classic riding and jumping.


Wheels-60x45mm (PU)

Bearing-ABEC 5

Board size-22.5″x 6"

Brand: Playlife


Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

rimable complete skateboard

  1. Rimable Skateboard not only is a extrem sports,Which is a necessary for the Children Growth,A Environmental Transport and New culture of Campus!<
  2. Rimable’s 22inch board is available in a variety of colors and designs.
  3. These boards are a popular fashion accessory for teenagers and young adults, influencing clothing styles, music and street culture.
  4. They are often seen in places frequented by young people, such as university campuses and skate parks.
  5. They are the perfect transportation, to replace walking.
  6. Durable Material make it become the whole family skateboard.
  7. Solid 3inch Aluminium Truck,Thick 100% Fresh Material Deck and Smooth Bearing and PU Wheels.All these make it easy to Ride.So the beginners have a Good Choice,Children and Parents Can play it together,Even can make a Family Race!<
  8. Every one have a skating dream,The high cost make it only is a dream.Rimable have broken the constraint,help more people to try this sports.
  9. Before I got this penny style skateboard, I owned a traditional “trick” skateboard to get around, but I hated lugging it around because of it’s size, and I’m not a fan of the loud rolling noise the hard wheels make.
  10. To me it sounds obnoxious and I’m not looking to attract attention while I ride.
  11. The Original Penny Board
    I’ll be honest, this board had the smoothest and longest cruise of all three boards.
  12. Riding it was like gliding through a wave of butter, being spread across a stack of fresh, hot pancakes.
  13. The reason I didn’t go with this one was because it was too flexible under my weight.
  14. Just by standing on it, I could feel it flex under my weight, and while I wasn’t worried it would break, I was more concerned that it would interfere with my riding.
  15. The ride on the Rimable and High Bounce were close, but that doesn’t matter when you weigh as much as I do or more, and have the board bend under you.
  16. The board could hold my weight as well as the Original Penny Board, and was only a tad-bit less smoother, but I forgot about it once I returned the Penny Board.
  17. At a fraction of the price, this also felt like a steal.
  18. Unless you absolutely have to have the Original, you can’t go wrong with the Rimable.
  19. UPDATE: 5/14/2106
    After having this board for over 5 months, I’ve come to love everything about it and am bumping up my review to 5-stars.
  20. The main reason I kept my previous rating to 4-stars was because, when compared to the Original Penny board, it doesn’t glide as far, but as the weeks passed, glide mattered less to me, especially since I used it more for outdoor travel.
  21. I’ve had more than my fair share of trip-ups, spills, and falls on it, and in the end, my board is just as reliable as when I first purchased it.
  22. Overtime, it has gained a number of scuff marks because of my clumsiness, but that hasn’t compromised the stiffness of the board.
  23. The wheels and metal “thingies” (Shows how much of an amateur I am) are still working well.There’s no rust on the metal because it is aluminum, and the rubber wheels will get dirty if you’re looking to ride it outside (just a heads up).
  24. Note: Because of it’s short length, it’s stability does becomes harder to control when riding really fast, like down steep hills.
  25. Although some say it really resembles the ocean, it certainly stands out from the rest of the pennyboards out there, For a fraction of the price of a real pennyboard, you get a really nice looking board with a sturdy deck, good bearings and trucks.
  26. Firstly, I would like to point out rimable’s customer service.
  27. They were quick to replace the broken pennyboard that I received in return fora review at quickly and at no cost.
  28. They responded quickly, politely and very thoughtfully.
  29. This is a major indication of why you should consider buying from Rimable.
  30. It can and has taken lots of abuse without getting damaged even slightly.
  31. The graphics are printed with high quality colors, and they do not wear out.
  32. The wheels are a sweet dark blue, adding to the look of the board.
  33. Overall I recommend this board to anyone looking for a cheap alternative to a penny.
  34. My 5 year-old son was pushing and riding within 30 minutes.
  35. Lightweight but durable, nice fat tires to help prevent crashes from tiny rocks and great color.
  36. I’m not really sure what anyone would have a problem with unless they were a professional or their kid was extremely skilled (and even then I still think it’s pretty solid).
  37. If you’re just a regular family with a kid interested in skateboarding and you don’t want to break the bank, this is your board.
  38. Yesterday the board just completely snapped in half when he dropped it down to try riding.
  39. It’s passed return now so left with a broken board and a sad kid.
  40. I bought the galaxy board thinking it would be alright with the size and age I am (15 130 lb.), but no it broke in HALF when I was riding.
  41. This is a safety issue that should be fixed or just avoided.
  42. PROS:
    The deck has enough grip, and the shape is somewhat attractive.
  43. Wheels spin pretty good after loosening the nut just a bit.
  44. CONS:
    The turning could be smoother, but this could be fixed by loosening the trucks till it suits you just right, or replacing the bushings.
  45. The screws that connect to the trucks are hexagonal so you need the right type of tool for that, but this is pretty much all of the cons I have.
  46. These run great, just make sure to loosen the wheels a bit before riding.
  47. I plan to take them when I travel internationally so I can bring a board as they are easy to put in luggage or even carry on.
  48. It smelled like cigarette smoke when I got it though, so that was very disappointing.
  49. My son is so disappointed as that was the reason he wanted this type of board.
  50. Its not quite on the league of Penny boards but still really good.

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Stereo Skateboards Vinyl Cruiser Complete Skateboard

stereo skateboards vinyl cruiser complete skateboard

  1. Each cruiser comes with a free pair of sunglasses that match your new rides color scheme.
  2. Each box also includes a pack of stickers so you can customize it even more.
  3. The wheels function well, however, they are fairly soft which is good for a smoother ride.
  4. Harder wheels are better for speed, but wheels are all about preference and i like these wheels.
  5. When i was putting in new bearings, i noticed that the axel of the truck seemed to be welded odly which caused the washer and bearings to fit crookedly.
  6. I would recommend this board for anyone who wants a portable, cool looking, functional, affordable mini cruiser.
  7. Just get bones reds or whatever bearings you prefer and thats really it.
  8. The bearings say abec 7, but that doesnt mean they are good.
  9. The board is good as it is andrides really well no complaints on that, you might want to check the wheel nuts and loosen the bushings.
  10. I ordered the Tiffany/Orange version and got the correct color.
  11. The wheels were very smooth, and I didn’t have any problems with how they rolled.
  12. The board material is very good quality, and the flex will probably increase the more you ride it.
  13. It is very stiff for now (I’m about 155 pounds.)
    I didn’t see any problems with the trucks either.
  14. Overall I think its perfect and would recommend this over any off-brand penny style board.
  15. The deck is milky white (not green like the picture) – typical of glow in the dark material.
  16. Does not roll easily, but it may just need to be broken in a bit more.
  17. Bought for my 5 year old nephew and he enjoys it, so no big issues.

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