dumbbell soft kg Spokey
Velcro adjustment allows you to adjust the dumbell to your hand. Made of a pleasant material. Purpose: Dumbbells for fitness training, aerobics, jogging as well as general exercise and rehabilitation. Dumbbells are designed to strengthen the muscles of the upper body parts, above all the cancer.


Material-cast iron, covered with soft foam

Clasp-with velcro, adjustable

Set-two dumbbells

Weight-2 x 0.5kg

Brand: Spokey


Gymenist Set of 2 Chrome Dumbbell with PVC Rubber Ring and Soft Padded Cushion Handles, Pair of 2 Heavy Dumbbells

gymenist set chrome dumbbell with pvc rubber ring and soft padded cushion handle

  1. FEATURES: A Great Set of Dumbbells, For Home and commercial use, Great For Everybody who needs weights You can choose from lighter weights for cardio or any kind of workout that needs Light to heavier weights.
  2. The extra comfort when it comes to the grip makes the extra cost of these worth it to me.
  3. I really like these nice looking dumbbells, and recommend them.
  4. Really like the foam padding on the handles as I purchased 10 lb set and the weight is heavy enough to bother my hands without the padding.
  5. I put them in my modern furnished office, as pieces of art!<
  6. I have improved my arms, neck, and shoulder muscle strength so much.
  7. I am thinking about moving up to 10lbs part time, for more improvement with my arms!!<

Buy Gymenist Set of 2 Chrome Dumbbell with PVC Rubber Ring and Soft Padded Cushion Handles, Pair of 2 Heavy Dumbbells here $17.99 – $79.99

Gaiam Walking Weights

gaiam walking weights

  1. For over 25 years we’ve been making fitness part of our lives.
  2. And that’s why each Gaiam product is designed, sourced and produced with your needs in mind.
  3. We were there for your first ‘rollup’, and we’ll be there for everything that comes next.
  4. I have tried now to give them away to several women, who all said “no thanks – they are too big”.
  5. I bought them for an added arm work out when I do Just Dance at home.
  6. Also take them when I walk and I really enjoy the added arm benefits.
  7. I wish they Incorporated a rigid structure inside to squeeze on and hold its shape rather than just sand squishing around.
  8. Had I known they were only 2 lbs each I could’ve purchased one of the more inexpensive options in a color I like.
  9. I also use them when I do core work and the bit of resistance helps elevate my workouts.

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